About Volunteering

We are always interested in hearing from parrot lovers who are considering volunteer work in this field. We prefer people with some experience and knowledge of exotic birds, especially large ones, but it is not necessary. Whether you are looking to expand your knowledge of the species, are considering bringing a parrot into your home and would like some more experience, or you are just crazy about them, this is the opportunity for you!

It is extremely important that volunteers are cooperative, kind, experienced or willing to learn, and possess a willingness to work together with the people and the animals in a harmonious manner. Parrots are highly intelligent and sensitive creatures and can easily pick up on any turmoil. We endeavor to maintain a positive and playful home environment for them.

Meet the Parrots!


We are located in a private home in Fountain Valley, CA (Orange County). The sanctuary has anywhere between 30 to 35 parrots at a given time. They are mostly large parrots including: Cockatoos, Macaws, African Greys and Amazons. Some parrots are available for adoption, others are permanent residents due to special needs or prior arrangements made.

The atmosphere is loud, crowded and chaotic, but at the same time, it is congenial and upbeat because of our exceptional volunteers and amazing birds. Our parrots are given the highest level of care including time in the sun in outdoor aviaries, daily baths if the weather permits and are fed only the highest quality foods.

Come meet the parrots today!

Volunteer Application


Interested? Send an inquiry using the Volunteer contact form in the website footer.

Volunteers must be over 18 years of age and willing to commit to a four-hour shift every week or every other week. Shifts are afternoons, Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat and Sun beginning at 12:00 p.m. We need at least three volunteers per day to help with the daily routine and maintenance.

Daily Maintenance

Every cage and surrounding area is cleaned daily. Volunteers help with collecting and changing water bowls, collecting and washing fresh food dishes, wiping down cages and scraping poop from perches and cage skirts, changing newspaper and plastic cage liners, distributing fresh food, seed, pellets and nuts. As you can see, the parrots are always willing to supervise meal preparation! Once outdoor aviaries have fresh water, all birds are taken outside to enjoy sunshine, fresh air, showers and playtime. Birds are transported outside by experienced volunteers.

Bird Interaction

Each bird has its own individual personality and some are comfortable being handled while others are not. We have many safety precautions built into our program. It is vital for the safety of the people and the birds that these procedures are learned and implemented. The flock consists of social, playful creatures that love to interact with people. Volunteers are encouraged to participate in as much “hands-on” time with the birds as they wish once they have become familiar and comfortable with proper parrot handling procedures.


We need volunteers who can help us with a variety of outreach activities, such as the annual Pet Expo, adoption fairs, fundraising, and educational training. Help us to find new homes for parrots, educate parrot owners and potential owners, sell products handcrafted by volunteers that generate income for the sanctuary, and recruit new volunteers. We work hard setting up our booth, transporting parrots, and talking to visitors. Most of all we have fun!





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