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Comparison of the best 3-wheel dog strollers

Do you want a 3-wheel stroller for your dog? These particularly ergonomic models are a joy to push.

We have made for you a comparison of the best 3-wheel strollers. Read it before ordering to make the right choice.

Top of the range 3-wheeler stroller for large dogs

Top of the range 3-wheeler stroller for large dogs


  • finally a stroller for big dogs!
  • ergonomic and adjustable top handle
  • stroller that folds
  • comfortable for the animal

This stroller is one of the few that is adapted to large dogs. Indeed, most of the time, the maximum weight is around 15 lbs and this one accepts all animals up to 50 lbs.

If you have a large dog, it is a rare chance to finally have a 3-wheeled stroller adapted to large breeds. It is also possible to put several smaller dogs in it.

The handle is consistent with a high weight. You can see just by looking at it in the picture that it is solid and wide. The person pushing the cart has no difficulty in moving forward or turning. This handle is adjustable in height. Do not forget it and you will avoid backache.

Underneath, a small basket is welcome and allows you to store some accessories like water for your dog or some toys.

Open or close the stroller according to your wishes and those of your dog. It is recommended to do this when the weather is not pleasant for him. But, it is also good to open it regularly because every dog loves to observe the surroundings.

The comfort of the dog’s seat is remarkable. It has a soft carpet that can be machine washed. This is perfect if you’re taking a puppy out or a sick dog who sometimes gets forgetful.

The stroller is bulky, but that’s relatively normal considering that it accepts large dogs! It folds up, but you still need some space in your closet to fit it.

If you have a small dog, a smaller stroller will suffice and save you some money. If you have a large dog and want to take it out in a stroller, then this model is a unique opportunity!


“Manufacturers too often forget about large dogs. However, they are the ones who suffer the most from bone problems!

This stroller offers you the possibility to continue long walks despite their difficulties. It is good for their development.

I have seen it in action with patients and it is functional for both the owner and the dog.

I recommend it 100%!”


Stroller for small and medium dogs

Stroller for small and medium dogs


  • no feeling of confinement for the dog
  • great maneuverability
  • light and easy to store
  • very nice model


  • not suitable for large dogs

Made of waterproof nylon, this stroller has all the qualities to walk your small and medium size companions. It supports up to 30 lbs.

The three wheels are quite large. They make it easier to move around and it is sometimes easier to get over obstacles with 3 wheels rather than 4.

The classic slide on top works like the others: it goes up and down depending on whether you want the dog to be in the open or protected. What I find more interesting is the large window in the seat.

Indeed, your dog benefits constantly from a strong air supply, ideal for him to breathe as well as possible, and a very nice view on the surroundings. When he lies down and rests during the walk, he has no feeling of confinement. This is really excellent!

The rear wheels have brakes. So you can stop the stroller when you stop on the way down or keep it stable during your breaks. The 3-wheel stroller folds and stores quickly.

Its dimensions and weight, only a few pounds, make it usable by all. A child, an elderly person or a convalescent has no particular difficulty to move it.

If you have a big dog, the previous 3 wheels model is the only solution, but if you have a smaller dog, I recommend this one. Less expensive, the stroller is still a very good product.


3 wheel stroller for dogs under 15 lbs

3 wheel stroller for dogs under 20 lbs


  • perfect slide system
  • beautiful stroller
  • two colors available


  • medium quality wheels

This 3 wheels model has already been widely presented on my stroller comparison. This small and inexpensive buggy is suitable for all dogs weighing 15 lbs and less.

The materials used offer a long life to the stroller and a quick cleaning. The slide opens and unfolds in a snap. Dogs can have a vantage point by keeping the top folded, which is an ideal solution when facing the sun in summer.

There are two colors available, red and grey. Being very beautiful, this stroller is a source of amusement for passersby. It’s not every day that you see a doggie in such a beautiful stroller!

Inside, the seat is padded. The dog is comfortable in its 3 wheels stroller. I put a small downside on the latter which are rather thin. Combined with a rough handlebar, they don’t make it easy to move around in inconvenient places (e.g. cobblestone road, grass).

This stroller is therefore a good choice for strolls on flat roads like seaside sidewalks. For outings on more difficult terrain, choose another model.

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