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Comparison of the best Acana dry food : discover the products!

Still not well known in Europe, where it is mainly available on the web, Acana is nevertheless a reference brand in animal nutrition.

Its ultra-nutritious products, entirely adapted to your dog’s morphology and health, will provide him with all the elements necessary for his daily well-being and vitality.

logo acanaAcana is 4.5/5

Short for Alberta Canada, Acana is the premium eco-friendly collection from the international brand Champions Petfood.

Acana is known for its carefully selected ingredients and offers a diet high in protein, vegetables and meat ingredients (around 60% depending on the product category), organically grown and supplied by local producers. Acana’s goal is to offer your dog products that are as close as possible to his natural diet.

Acana dry food: a quality dog food

Classic Acana dog food for adult dogs

Classic Acana dog food for adult dogs

Advantages: ideal for stomach problems, healthy food, suitable for all ages and breeds

Grass-Fed Lamp is a classic in the Acana Single collection and is ideal for dogs with stomach problems.

They contain only one animal protein, lamb, which activates and facilitates the entire digestive process. Developed according to the rules of organic agriculture, this formula uses only fresh apples, squash and pumpkins. The lamb, raised in semi-freedom and fed on grass, comes from New Zealand farms.

All of these nutrients are essential for the proper development of your dog, regardless of age or breed. The dry food are available in 0.75, 4.5, 13 or 25 lbs packs.

Acana organic dry food for adult dogs

Acana organic dry food for adult dogs

Advantages: keeps the dog in good physical condition, real meats

Wild Prairie, part of the Acana Regionals collection, is inspired by the diversity and beauty of Western Canada’s landscape, where fertile soils and water-filled lakes are ideal for producing the fresh products that form the basis of the brand’s dry food.

Made with poultry, eggs and fish, all from local organic agriculture and/or livestock, Wild Prairie uses 5 different meats for a food that is ultra-high in protein (70% meat) and very low in carbohydrates.

They will help you keep your dog in top physical shape, especially if he’s rather active.

Acana Small Dog dry food

Acana Small Dog dry food

Advantages: perfect composition for small dogs, meat in quantity

Acana Adult Small Breed is specially designed for small breed adult dogs.

With a concentrate of natural animal proteins (free-range chicken, wild flounder, fresh eggs), they contribute to your small dog’s physical condition and general health by providing all the nutrients he needs.

Free of carbohydrates, grains and vegetable proteins that can cause diabetes, it contains up to twice as much meat as other specialty foods on the market (about 60%).

Acana senior dog food for older dogs

Acana senior dog food for older dogs

Advantages: strengthen joints, increase dynamism, prevent diabetes and obesity

Look no further: here is finally a product for dogs aged 7 years or older!

Acana Senior, from the Heritage line, contains more than 65% animal protein (chicken, eggs, wild flounder) to promote the good health of your faithful companion’s joints, give him back all his energy and tone, and limit age-related arthritis problems.

Its special formula also includes low-glycemic fruits and vegetables, such as pumpkin and squash, to help prevent diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

With Acana Senior, you’re ensuring a long and happy life for your pet.

Acana Puppy dry food

Acana Puppy dry food

Advantages: promote the development of the dog, contain fresh meat

Because puppies also need a diet adapted to their activity and morphology, Acana offers Puppy Small Breed dry food for small breed puppies, which can reach up to 9 kilos at adult size.

The aim is to promote your pet’s development and growth from the very first months of life, to guarantee optimal living conditions once he reaches adulthood.

They have all the same characteristics as the Heritage range from which they originate: almost 70% fresh meat and natural animal proteins (eggs, chicken, plaice), no cereals or high glycemic index carbohydrates, and an ultra-limited number of supplements and additives (the Heritage range is only enriched with zinc).

How can I find my Acana dry food at a lower price?

Acana dry food are high quality dry food often hard to find in France. Indeed, they are not as much marketed as Royal Canin or Pedigree. If you want some, don’t count on your usual supermarket.

To get these dry food at the best price, take the bigger packages. This brings the price down.

I also recommend you to go through Amazon. The prices are almost 30% cheaper than in stores. I have trusted this website for several months now to deliver my dry food. The last time, I took a 14 kg Pro Plan sterilized dry food package and I had no problem with delivery while saving $20.


Developed by the Canadian multinational Champion Petfoods, a specialist in high-end pet food, Acana brand products are distinguished by

  • a high concentration of animal proteins (almost twice as much as the rest of the dry food on the market)
  • the use of fresh products of ecological origin
  • a limited presence of carbohydrates
  • an absence of cereals, preservatives and other chemical additives.

The brand’s objective is to get as close as possible to the natural diet of dogs in the wild.

Mainly available on the Internet, Acana is well worth a look, especially for its extraordinary nutritional benefits. Your dog will thank you for it.

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