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Comparison of the best ball launchers for dogs

To thrive, a dog needs to play. If you don’t have the ability or inclination to throw the ball for hours, buying an automatic ball launcher is a great idea.

We have put together a comparison of the best automatic ball launchers for you and your dog.

Petsafe automatic ball launcher for dogs

Petsafe automatic ball launcher for dogs

I do not present anymore the Petsafe brand which is already present in the majority of the comparators of Lily Sanctuary. This recognized brand offers here a ball dispenser that is suitable for all dogs weighing more than 4.5 kg and measuring more than 28 cm.

The automatic launcher allows several settings to choose the distance of the sendings. It can go up to 9 m. You also decide the angle of the throw. These two options are ideal for the accessory to adapt to any place. No matter what your garden and its size, you can program ball throws that won’t go to the neighbor’s house or into your window…

Within the Petsafe package, there are already two tennis balls, but I recommend you to buy some others so that you don’t find yourself without any ball the day your nice doggie has lost them. A little side note: Jodie is the specialist in this. She runs after the ball and when she’s thirsty, she stops in a corner to eat some grass and comes back without knowing where her toy is…

This automatic ball launcher has a welcome safety feature. If your pet is within two meters, a detection system understands it and does not send the ball. This is great for preventing the dog from getting hit in the eye or any other painful or dangerous part of his body with the ball at high speed.

An automatic ball launcher requires good training of the dog because, in order for the device to send the ball, it must put it back into a dispenser hole. Many owners complain that their dog doesn’t understand it, but it’s up to you to teach them. Jodie does it very well, as does Mookie, who is not very receptive to training techniques.

The device makes a little noise when it turns on, but remains quiet when it’s not throwing, so your dog is normally not afraid of the accessory and can go put the ball in the right hole.

The manual provided explains in a succinct and effective way how to use the automatic ball launcher. Within a few minutes of installation, your dog will already be running after his first ball. A great thing for his development, his weight and his health!

The price of the Petsafe automatic ball launcher is quite high, but don’t forget that this is an accessory that will last for years. It is better to choose quality from the start rather than multiplying low-end accessories that do not last…

Automatic ball launcher for small dogs

Automatic ball launcher for small dogs

This device is designed for small dogs only. The balls provided are about 4 cm in size, so they are not the same size as real tennis balls. This is perfect for smaller breeds that struggle to put a large object in their mouths.

However, if you have a medium or large dog, don’t get this launcher because he might just take a bite out of the balls.

The launcher sends out at 10, 20 and 30 feet, or 3, 6 and 9 meters. That’s a long distance that your small dog will try to cover with his tail wagging in all directions. Sometimes it’s better to make 30 or so 30-foot throws than to make more short ones. Your dog’s excitement is reduced a bit and he is more active.

The machine works on battery or plugged into an electrical outlet. The cable is included in the purchase, as well as five balls.

The hole to put the ball is very large compared to its size. This gives your dog a better chance of success and avoids those moments when he drops the ball and wonders what he is doing wrong.

Small dogs and puppies, who have a great opportunity to experience first training lessons, love it. The price is close to the Petsafe launcher, but the quality is also there. And it’s rare to find products like this that are actually made for small animals.


Automatic ball machine for dogs

Automatic ball machine for dogs

Made by a brand that is not well known in the dog world, this ball launcher has three throwing distances (3, 6 and 10 meters). The last level is a very nice length and if you have space and a sporty dog, it will have plenty of time to exercise as it should. A display on the accessory shows you the set distance.

Three balls are provided and are compatible with the device. They are quite small and not very strong. Real tennis balls are much better for the dog. The device works either with batteries or by being plugged in, which is ideal if you don’t have an outside electrical outlet or if you want to take the tennis ball launcher to a park for the dog to play with.

The machine feels solid. The pitches are straight. It’s a good product to discover ball throwers, but obviously there are several shortcomings compared to the Petsafe, which remains the reference: no dog detection system, no possibility to change the angle of sending.

The price is obviously a strong point of the launcher and if you only have a small budget, then it is a good choice.


Hyper Pet K9 Ball Thrower

Hyper Pet K9 Ball Thrower

If your pet loves to play ball, this Hyper Pet K9 ball launcher for dogs is just what you need. It is very practical and offers hours of fun and enjoyment with your furry companions.

Made of a very resistant plastic material, this ball launcher is easy to carry and does not hurt the shoulder. Plus, it doesn’t tire quickly, so you can play for hours with your dog.

It comes with one ball and is compatible with all balls up to 5 cm in diameter. Moreover, it can store several balls. So no more worries if the first ball gets lost or the dog can’t find it: the replacements will allow you to continue the game session!

With a range of 22 meters, the strength of this ball launcher makes its specificity. With a modest size (51×18×6 cm), it is easy to use. The Hyper Pet K9 ball launcher is an ideal toy for all dogs, from small to large.

Chuckit ball launcher 25m

Chuckit ball launcher 25m

The Chuckit Original Dog Ball Thrower is an accessory that is used to easily play with pets. It is a product made of plastic, manufactured by the Chuckit brand and can be used to play with all breeds of dogs. The plastic gives it a strong resistance to shocks and makes it an ecological accessory.

Designed for ball throwers, the Chuckit Original Ball Thrower is perfect for sports, educational and play games. It is available in three sport-training models and a fourth contoured model (Pro 25). Choose the model that fits your pet and your outdoor environment (the bigger it is, the farther the throw goes).

We highly recommend this equipment because it provides the comfort you need to play effortlessly. No need to resort to uncomfortable positions during your moments of distraction with your dog. It’s so powerful that it fits any playground and you have total control over the direction of each throw.

How do I choose my automatic ball launcher?

While I don’t have a ball launcher at my current home (I live in an apartment and can’t let my dogs play outside alone), I do enjoy using one when I go to a friend’s house who has a home. Their big Golden, Dario, pictured below, is a real fan of the thrower and enjoys it.

dog is running after a tennis ball

Jodie and Mookie who tested it quickly understood the system of the pitcher. If your dog has some difficulties at the beginning, accompany him during the first sessions and never take the ball by hand. Show him where to put it in the ball dispenser and congratulate him as soon as he does. He will understand by himself that it is this gesture that allows him to see his little ball in the air.

Concerning the choice of the launcher, the Petsafe presented at the beginning of the page is really the best tennis ball launcher. The negative opinions are all related to problems of understanding the animal, not to the quality of the accessory.

It is safe, solid, throws well. Indeed, few pitchers offer free trajectory customization. It is however perfect to avoid the ball going into the bushes or damaging something.

Pay attention to the size of the dog. For any dog of 4.5 kg and more, go to the Petsafe launcher. Below, choose the ball launcher presented second on our comparison.

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