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Beagle or Jack Russell: which breed of dog to choose?

Having a dog is a happy event for the whole household. But before adoption, all future owners wonder which breed of dog to adopt and hesitate.

This may be the case with the Beagle and the Jack Russell, two breeds of energetic little dogs.

In this article, we present the Beagle and the Jack Russell to help you make a choice between these two breeds of dogs. What do they have in common and what are their differences?

About the breed of Beagle

With origins that remain unclear until now, the Beagle would be a breed of dog from Great Britain. Very appreciated in France, it is a medium sized dog which is often tricolor (white, black and fawn coat) and sometimes bicolor (brown and white coat). With dense and short hairs, a Beagle has rather large and drooping ears. Its body is well muscled and vigorous.

As far as character is concerned, the Beagle is a very affectionate dog, a good hunter and he likes to bark vigorously to signal anything abnormal. Very loyal, he is a good companion for children and other animals.

He has a docile character and shows great intelligence. These natural qualities unfortunately make him the favorite animal of researchers who want guinea pigs… But this is also what makes the Beagle a great dog to adopt and cherish!

The Beagle prefers life in the countryside, because it is a dog that likes to exercise itself. However, he can sometimes adapt very well to life in the city, if he has a small garden to let off steam.

This breed of dog has an average life experience of 13 years and is generally in good health.

About the Jack Russell breed

With a very strong personality, the Jack Russell Terrier is a breed of dog whose origins date back to the nineteenth century in England.

At the time, he was used as a hunting dog because of his endurance. With short and resistant hairs, the Jack Russell has small dark eyes and large, floppy ears. His color is dominated by white, but with black or fawn spots.

jack russel

Very quick-witted, it is a dog that is intelligent, courageous and energetic. Passionate about family life, it is an excellent companion for children and tolerates the company of other pets. He is able to play for hours with the youngest ones.

To succeed in his education, his master must show firmness, but also gentleness. Also, rewards should be favoured when you want to have his full attention.

Jack Russells, especially when they are young, are full of energy and are sometimes little monsters indoors. This is even more the case if you don’t give them their daily dose of activity.

To allow your pet to thrive, it is advisable to live in a house that has a yard. He has an average life experience of 14 years.

Beagle and Jack Russell: Similarities and Differences

These two breeds of dogs are similar in many ways. For starters, the Beagle and the Jack Russell are both hunting dogs. This has disadvantages; they bark and howl more often than other breeds.

Also, both breeds of dogs are adapted for new owners and are suitable for families with children. Their energy does not mean a lack of listening or incompatibility with children, on the contrary!

Small advantage: these dog breeds do not require much maintenance. Their short hair falls out, but needs little brushing.

As far as points of dissimilarities are concerned, the Beagle does not like solitude, it is stubborn and loves its master’s cuddles. As for the Jack Russell, he is more energetic and requires a lot of exercise. He likes to make his master happy and will not hesitate to do anything to please him.

In short, if you are looking for a dog that is soft, playful and a little bit calm, you should opt for the Beagle. However, if you are looking for an energetic dog with whom to do a lot of exercise, the Jack Russell is more adapted.

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