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Comparison of the best painkillers for dogs

Dogs are easily subject to stress. For a master, caresses are not always enough to soothe them. Help is then necessary.

We have made for you a comparison of the best painkillers or calming products for dogs and cats.

Patches to calm the dog

Patches to calm the dog


  • the reference for dog tranquilizers
  • no side effects
  • regular intake possible


  • fairly liquid shampoo

Dog Pain Away is known to provide the best dog tranquilizer. Many veterinarians prescribe it to anxious dogs who are experiencing a high stress level or to relieve their difficult everyday life.

The bottle contains 90 sedatives. There is one reference for dogs over 20 kg, another one for dogs between 10 and 20 kg and the last one for dogs under 10 kg or cats.

The calming Zylkene has a molecule called alpha-casozepine which is guaranteed without side effects for the animal.


There is nothing more effective than a Zylkene capsule to reduce your dog’s stress. Its molecule allows a long-lasting treatment. For example, if your dog is stressed more than necessary during your absences, regular intake of sedatives is possible and considerably improves his behaviour.

The results are quickly noticed by the owners. Since the product has been on sale for so long, it can be said that there are no known side effects, which is very reassuring since everything and anything can be found in food supplements for dogs.

On the other hand, make sure to follow the dosage indicated by the manufacturer on the package insert. There is no question of knocking the dog out to prevent him from barking.

Small tip if your veterinarian prescribes you a Zylkene anti-stress, buy it by following our links and you will often have a price lower than 30% compared to those displayed in a veterinary office.


NutriVet calming agent for dogs

NutriVet calming agent for dogs


  • correct efficiency
  • natural products
  • an ebook offered giving canine advice


  • no positive effects on some dogs
  • no different vials depending on the size of the dog

This large box of canine tranquilizers contains 75 tablets. Made in the United States, this anti-stress is made from natural products such as taurine, vitamins B7 (also called inositol), chamomile, passionflower…

If your dog has trouble swallowing them, break it in half or turn it into powder before putting it with kibbles in his bowl.


This tranquilizer is much less well known than Zylkene. It works on a majority of dogs, but not all. We can see some owners disappointed with the result. However, this remains a minority.

The anti-stress is sold with an ebook that gives you some advice related to the dog’s behavior in order to reduce/prevent stress with situations such as separation anxiety. This is a welcome addition.

The amount of sedatives in the bottle is high, but it must be nuanced by the fact that there is no segmentation according to the size of the dog. For heavier dogs, 3 or 4 daily pills are required. In the end, you end up with a purchase of doggie tranquilizers that lasts as long as a box of 30 Zylkene capsules.


Anti stress Essentiel Pet gums

Anti stress NaturVet gums


  • natural products
  • ideal for dogs who do not like the classic pills


  • instructions in English
  • several erasers at each grip for large dogs
  • limited effectiveness on large dogs

This anti-stress does not look like an ordinary tranquilizer since it is an eraser. With the anti-stress collar, it is the other alternative for anxious dogs. The jar includes 180 gums made from natural products.

Depending on the size of your dog, it will be necessary to give between 1 and 6 pieces at each intake. The manufacturer recommends it for events such as trips on a plane, in a car or other situations that are very stressful for the animal.


This product is shipped from the United States. He has collected many reviews on Amazon with more than a thousand comments for a score of 3.5/5.

The gum is not necessarily better accepted by dogs than the classic sedative. Some specimens take the time to chew it while others swallow it all at once or refuse to eat it.

However, the composition of the gum leaves a lot of room for traditional foods such as potatoes or vegetable oil. It is therefore not a bad gum that he will spit out for sure.

It is better to have products made for large dogs than to multiply the pieces. For example, a dog weighing 25 kg will need to be given 4 pieces for each dose, whereas with the tranquilizer Zylkene, he only takes one piece. There have been some negative reviews for this product when it is intended for large dogs. It does not seem to be effective every time.

The instructions are entirely in English. You must therefore be able to understand it.


Anti Stress food supplements

Anti Stress food supplements


  • herbal


  • not very effective
  • high cost due to the dosage and duration of treatment

This bottle of 40 tablets of food supplements to fight against the stress of the dog is also made for all dogs. For a 35 kg dog, 3 or 4 tablets are necessary per day.

The tranquilizer is based on traditional healing plants such as lavender, hops or St. John’s wort.


Given the small amount of pills in the bottle, you will quickly run out if your dog is not a small size. In addition, the manufacturer recommends 4 weeks of taking because the effect of the plants takes time.

Let’s do the math. If you have to give 30 days of anti-stress treatment at a rate of 4 sedatives per day, we arrive at 3 vials for the treatment. Given the price of the vial, this doubles the cost compared to a product as well known and recommended as Zylkene . So, in which situation should this product be preferred?

Good question and the answer is not easy to find, especially when you consider that the effectiveness on your dog’s anxiety is hazardous. Take it only as a last resort. If you have the possibility of choosing another sedative from our comparator, go ahead.


How to choose your dog stress reliever?

A stressed dog is never pleasant for all parties. It saddens you to see him in this state and it often leads to nuisances: he damages equipment in your absence, he barks, he urinates in the house, he becomes aggressive…

Note that it is important to differentiate between stress and pain (which is then treated with an anti-inflammatory for dogs).

For him, it’s even worse since he never thrives during these stressful periods. His health can suffer in the short and long term.

Stress episodes are multiple: alone in the house, travelling, outside noise, presence of other animals, guarded by someone other than his master, visits to the veterinarian…

To reduce anxiety, some people turn to products such as Bach flowers, but they will never have the effectiveness of a real tranquilizer.

The most important criterion in choosing a calming agent for your dog is to look for those that really work. This simple sorting allows to eliminate 90% of the products including all those who advocate 100% organic products.

On our comparator of anti-stress for dogs, Zylkene calming agents are by far the best. The veterinarians strongly recommend it and it is not for nothing. If you find it too expensive or it is unavailable when your dog needs a quick treatment, go for the second choice. But don’t go any further down the comparison list!

Remember that a tranquilizer is a help for your dog, but is not a miracle solution. In order to treat your dog’s anxiety thoroughly, it is essential to understand the source of his fears and look for a way to treat them. You will find in our category dedicated to education and behaviour many tips to eliminate stress in your companion.

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