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Comparison of the best leashes for canicross

Here you are in the world of canicross? Excellent idea, as doing sports with your dog is a moment of joy. Here are a few tips to choose your leash for this practice.

We have made for you a comparison of dog leashes for canicross practice.

Leash to run with your dog

Leash to run with your dog


  • comfortable
  • ergonomics
  • reflective stripes
  • two safety handles

This leash specially designed for canicross has an anti-shock elastic that prevents you or your dog from feeling too strongly the acceleration or deceleration of the other during the race.

This canicross leash has two handles so that you can control your pet if necessary. Sometimes this is necessary when he comes across another animal or, especially for the first training sessions, is too excited to listen to you.

The leash also has a small zippered pocket on the waistband. Several reflective stripes are present on the entire product.


In our canicross leash comparator, this model looks like the best. It meets all the criteria sought by an owner for his dog: comfortable, ergonomic, secure.

Available in three colors, this elastic dog leash measures 110 cm. This is enough to have some slack without the dog being able to move too far away. The waistband adjusts between 55 and 115 cm, which corresponds to 99% of the sizes.

As it is very light, it doesn’t get in the way during the run. The two handles are a great security to hold your dog. This can be especially useful when you pass a bike on your course and he seems to have missed it.

The reflective stripes provide good visibility for you and your doggie. A very practical addition for canicross in the evening or during the winter.

Finally, the whole is very resistant. Moreover, the manufacturer offers a 90-day warranty, which is very rare for such small canine accessories.


Long jogging leash with dog

Long jogging leash with dog


  • very flexible abdominal belt
  • long length
  • elegant


  • minimum size a little large

This black and green canicross leash has a rubber band that can extend between 120 and 200 cm. The abdominal belt can be adjusted between 70 and 120 cm.

Several reflective strips, corresponding to the green parts of the leash, ensure better visibility.

It is a practical leash for running or hiking with your dog. It comes with a small detachable bag where you can put treats to reward the dog, a bag to pick up his needs if he takes a break during his run or simply accessories such as your house keys.


A very good model! For canicross, this leash is a good idea, especially for the distance allowed at the elastic. Two meters is a great distance that reduces the risk that you will stumble on your dog if he gets in your pass, without it being too much.

The waist circumference is larger than the previous leash. It is therefore a very good canicross leash if you are overweight. On the other hand, for a very thin woman or a child, the minimum size is a bit high. Prefer the previous one which started at 55 cm (against 70 cm for this one).

Elegant and safe, it was not far from being the best canicross leash in our buying guide. Its solidity is also exemplary. Our only brake is this high waist for the belt, but if you have a non slim silhouette then it will be perfect.


Hands-free dog leash

Hands-free dog leash


  • well-thought-out attachment loops
  • easy to put on


  • relaxes quickly with large dogs

Made of durable nylon, this canicross material is worn around the jogger’s waist. To make it more comfortable to wear, the leash is padded with neoprene.

Two fasteners to put your keys and other accessories are on it. It is possible to transform the leash a little to use it by hand, like a traditional leash.

The dimensions at the waist are 70 to 120 cm and the leash extends from 110 to 150 cm.


Features such as tie loops are well thought out. Your jog with your dog is more enjoyable when you can remove the accessories that usually get in the way.

Easy to put on the dog’s canicross harness and to put on around the owner’s waist, this model has great assets to be used with a small dog (weight less than 15 kg).

Indeed, with a big dog pulling, the life of the belt is reduced. After a few weeks, it relaxes.

This Canicross Trixies leash is therefore a good choice for small dogs, but for large dog breeds, opt for the previous leashes.


6 in 1 canicross leash

6 in 1 canicross leash


  • wide range of sizes
  • large distance
  • cheap canicross leash


  • not very resistant
  • no need for handle

The main feature of this canicross leash is that it can be transformed into a classic leash. Indeed, you receive in the packaging a handle that can be interlocked, which will allow you to go out for a classic walk with your companion.

Currently, the measurements are always in inches and not in centimeters in the description. We have converted and this gives between 48-72” in length for this elastic leash.

Two handles are present to restrain the dog and three reflective stripes make the jogger and his dog more easily visible to motorists.


We appreciate the wide variety of measurements that allow many owners to wear it. The distance is also appreciable to give the dog maximum freedom without ever neglecting his safety.

On the other hand, the particularity that was supposed to be a plus is not. The handle is not practical and it is better to buy a canicross leash and another one next to it.

The big snag is the resistance of the product. By reading the comments, you can see that many customers report having problems within a few weeks of the delivery of their leash. Even though the price of this canicross leash is low, this is not a sufficient justification.


Canicross leash for large dogs

Canicross leash for large dogs


  • easy to remove
  • complete lumbar belt


  • not made for jogging

This sport leash for large dogs has an adjustable belt between 70 and 110 cm. It is especially padded at the lumbar region to be able to support the weight of a large dog.

There is a large pocket in the back to carry some treats and objects during your walk.


Black and white, this beautiful leash is practical to put on and take off. The lumbar belt is an undeniable plus and you really feel the difference with the other products.

When you walk with a labrador or a shepherd, these actions no longer affect your back as much. This is also useful for smaller animals if you have regular back pain.

On the other hand, the big downside to appear in this comparison of canicross leashes is that it is not made for jogging! In spite of what the manufacturer says, you will have a lot of trouble if you run with your dog. The leash is attached to the belt on the side, which is rather uncomfortable to run on. As soon as the dog passes you or slows down, the leash has the annoying tendency to move in front or behind and you have to put it back on.

We therefore recommend this good and inexpensive leash for active walking, but for canicross.

How to choose and use the canicross leash?

First of all, you must know that practicing this sport activity with your dog is an excellent thing, but that it is imperative to have a dog that listens to basic commands to avoid accidents.

A dog that doesn’t listen to the recall or isn’t used to walking on foot may pull too hard or get in your way, causing you to fall.

When it comes to knowing which canicross leash to choose, first make sure the size of the belt is right for you. Too big, it will slip off while you run, while too tight, it will become a hell to wear.

As for the length of the elastic leash, it’s up to you to decide what you prefer, between having your dog close to your sneakers or a little far away. The decision also depends on where you’re canicrossing.

Finally, when buying the canicross leash, pay attention to the relevant features, without it becoming your main criterion of choice, such as the attachments, the fluorescent stripes or the color of the leash.

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