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Comparison of the best dog backpacks

It is always convenient to have a backpack to take your dog out. I find that this accessory allows us to go for walks as long as we want without worrying about the fatigue of our little companion.

However, I also find that it is very important to choose a dog backpack according to the comfort offered, which is why I tested different products before preparing a comparator for you!

Compact and sturdy dog backpack

Compact and sturdy dog backpack

  • compact and sturdy bag
  • several colors
  • several openings
  • good visibility for the dog
  • folds for easy storage
I start this comparator article with an article that was a pleasant surprise! It is this compact and sturdy dog backpack, I even gave it a 5/5!

It exists in several colors, this is really very nice to choose the model according to personal preference. But that’s not all, this dog backpack is ideal in terms of features.

I will tell you about it right away! It has several openings, one at the top and one in the middle. So your dog can fit in the backpack by itself or be positioned inside by passing it through the top. I find the openings of this model really nice, because it gives your dog a great visibility. Personally I validate!

And my surprises did not stop there, I found the quality of this backpack exceptional. The finishes are ideal, the composition makes it possible to propose a breathable article which remains pleasant for the owner and the dog.

And when you come back from a walk, you will just have to fold this dog backpack quickly before putting it away very easily. So I have only one thing to say to you: fall for this really perfect model!


Nylon Dog Backpack

Nylon Dog Backpack

  • comfortable interior
  • solid
  • several openings
  • easy maintenance
  • bad ventilation
Here is the second backpack I selected and gave it a score of 4.5/5. I found it almost perfect. It is solid and the material allows you to offer a comfortable interior to your dog, I find it a real advantage.

Again, the model has an opening on the top and an opening on the front, so it is very well thought out to put your dog in the bag while keeping an easy access to his little fur ball.

I also find it very practical in terms of maintenance, the removable bottom is very well designed! But it also remains a high quality item, because its design can support up to 12 kg, but you will have to be careful with his back if the dog is too heavy.

But you may have noticed that I did not give it the maximum rating, I find that there is not enough ventilation for the dog, the top has no ventilation and it can quickly become uncomfortable for medium sized dogs.

I still find this backpack to be a very good model, so I highly recommend it, especially as a bag for small dogs.


Capsule backpack for animals

Capsule backpack for animals

  • big bag
  • soft and comfortable interior
  • several air inlets
  • original design
  • heavy bag
I will now tell you about a model that has been very popular for some time among canine carrier bags. The capsule backpack for animals is adopted by many dog owners. So I wanted to test it and I appreciated this discovery.

The capsule backpack is quite large which allows you to enjoy a large capacity. Although the shell is rigid, the animal has access to a soft and very comfortable interior, your dog will really love to travel in this capsule backpack.

There are breathable rings on the side, they provide good ventilation. The dog can therefore breathe well even when it is hot.

But the benefits don’t stop there. I found the transparent capsule very original and it brings a plus for the animal. Dogs look outside very easily and it reduces their stress, crying or barking…

This model is therefore very practical, I appreciated its use and the full opening really helps to position the animal inside by limiting handling. I can only recommend this product.

However, I find it a bit heavy, which explains my score of 4/5. If the bag is worn by a resistant man or woman, it is not a problem. But, if you have muscle weakness in the shoulders, back pain, multiplying the kilometers with the dog in the bag can be difficult.


Sporty dog backpack

Sporty dog backpack

  • light bag
  • you can attach it at your belt
  • small capacity
  • not convinced by the opening of the head
Here is the last backpack presented, the sporty dog backpack. I gave it a 3/5, there is good and bad on this article.

Concerning the advantages, I appreciated its lightness, and the breathing capacity of the bag. It also brings comfort to the dog and this is a very important detail for me.

One element I particularly liked when using it is the possibility of attaching it to the belt. So it is possible to walk actively or even run with your dog on your back! This feature also allows for better weight distribution, which is never trivial on long walks or uphill.

However, I found that it only supports a small capacity, so it can be used for a very small dog or a puppy weighing less than 9 kg.

I am also skeptical about the head opening, it can quickly get in the way of the dog or make him want to jump out of the bag to inspect the surroundings.


How to choose a backpack for your dog?

Before buying a dog backpack, I strongly advise you to look at the capacity to make sure that your dog’s weight corresponds. Most models accept a weight of around 10 kg, but some do better and some do not.

Then, you will have to look at the comfort offered to your dog, because he will spend time in this bag and should not experience it as a chore in preference. Comfort includes the material, the shape of the bag, but also the ventilation to make it easier to breathe or if it is worn on the back or front.

Finally, if you hesitate between different models, the possibilities of openings and the fastening system, this will help you to decide between different models. But avoid taking the lowest price without thinking about all the criteria mentioned before. You would then risk choosing a poor quality bag and you will have to quickly reinvest in a new model!

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