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Comparison of the best balls for dogs

Do you want to buy your dog a ball for his games? But you have doubts about the choice to make?

I suggest you base your choice on this comparison of dog balls. It will help you enormously to put an end to your hesitations and to make the right choice.

Green dog ball

Green dog ball


  • resistant ball
  • strong and bouncy
  • suitable for all dogs
  • floats on water

This pink color dog ball is the best of dog toys. Very nice, the Jolly Pets Ball Bounce-n Play has a weight of 399 g and a size of 20 cm.

It is a ball with a good solidity. Your pet’s fangs cannot damage it in any way. This is a very interesting quality, especially if you have a dog that can be classified as a “toy destroyer”. Indeed, there are some dogs that shred balls just after a few hours of use and it is not necessarily only large breeds since Jodie (8k on the scale) is a specialist!

In addition to its rigidity, the Jolly Pets Ball Bounce-n is flexible. Your dog can have fun without hurting his gums. Thanks to its color, it is easily distinguishable in the grass. It bounces very well and is ideal for your retrieving sessions after throwing with your pet. It is a real pleasure to hit it and to see your pet catch it on the fly or on the bounce.

It does not require batteries. The other quality is that it floats well on the water. So you can use it anywhere. It will be a great service to your dog and will make him happy for a long time.

In summary, this 20 cm Pink Dog Ball is very resistant. Even with the impacts of the fangs, it can still be useful to your pet as it was in the beginning. It is the best gift you can give to your dog!


“The ball is the favorite game of the dogs. As a behaviourist, I like its usefulness in learning commands such as ‘report’, ‘let go’, ‘don’t move’…

It allows the animal to have fun while working.

With this ball, I love its solidity and the ability to catch the dog in the mouth.”

– Julien Labadiot

Kick Fetch ball size S or size L

Kick Fetch ball size S or size L


  • specially designed to improve the dog’s grip
  • visible
  • good rebounds

If you love to play soccer with your dog, then this dog ball is just what you need. It’s the perfect complement to playing outdoors with your dog. Dogs really love it. It bounces perfectly.

The Chuckit Kick Fetch is easy for the dog or owner to grasp thanks to its unique design. Its specially designed shape allows dogs to catch it with their mouths because of its hollow edges and its 19 cm size is suitable for dogs of size S or L like German shepherds.

The toy floats well on water. So your dog can play with this ball in the river or the sea.

Also, it is very visible with its nice colors. Your dog will be able to run after or with this ball without difficulty. This strong and resistant ball with big teeth is top and will be a big hit with your dog. It is suitable for animals that do not especially like small balls.

Finally, it has a very good price/quality ratio.


Soccer ball for dogs

Soccer ball for dogs


  • ultra resistant
  • inflates itself


  • too big for small dogs

Here’s a great ocean blue soccer ball for happy, healthy and fit dogs. If you have a dog who is used to cutting up all the balls you put back into pieces, the 20.3cm Jolly Pets Football Ball is just what he needs.

Very resistant, this quality dog ball is really fun. It makes good bounces that dogs really enjoy.

Very visible, it can be handled every day without any problem. Moreover, even when your dog puts his fangs inside, the ball will re-inflate itself as it goes along.

For big dogs, the ball is therefore full of qualities. For a small dog, the large dimensions combined with the rigidity may make it hard to grasp.


Sound ball for dogs

Sound ball for dogs


  • ball emitting noises appreciated by the dog
  • many grips on the coating


  • noise can annoy you in the long run
  • does not chew itself under penalty of destruction

Here is a fun ball made of vinyl that is safe for pets. It emits noises and other squeaks that dogs mainly love. These noises make the animals more excited.

If you have a naturally dynamic dog, you won’t need these sounds. But if your dog seems a bit slippery and hard to motivate, they can make a difference and provoke exercise.

The fun sounds he makes are unique and diverse. It can be used both indoors and outdoors. The Wooble Wac Giggle sound dog ball is equipped with 6 holes that allow easy grip for dogs. It has good flexibility and is durable.

Of course, in the long run, the noise emitted can be a little annoying for humans, but dogs are crazy about it. With toys of this type, I like to take them out for a few hours and then put them away. This prevents the dog from preventing you from watching TV or talking quietly.

Often reproached by customers, the ball is fragile. If your dog is the type that tries to chew it like a bone, he can quickly damage it. Keep an eye on your pet if he has the ball to avoid this destruction.


How to choose your dog ball?

Choosing a dog ball is not something that is always easy to do, because there are so many models.

Some people choose tennis balls and other human toys, but they are not made for dogs. We advise you to buy dog balls because they fit your doggie’s needs and yours perfectly.

Also, even when buying a dog ball, you will have to make sure that it is more adapted to your pet’s morphology and fits its jaw. For example, a ball intended for a large dog must be larger or it will be destroyed in less than an hour…

Make sure that the ball is resistant, does not burst or re-inflate itself. For play, a ball that is heavy enough that it won’t fly away is a good idea. Also, make sure it bounces well and has a bright color so you can find it quickly if your dog loses it in vegetation.

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