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Comparison of the best dog diapers

Recently operated or suffering from incontinence, your dog needs a diaper. Don’t worry, this is quite common and there are many dog diapers available.

I have compared several models for you. Discover them in this dog diaper comparator.

Washable dog diaper – several sizes available

Washable dog diaper - several sizes available

  • set of 4 layers
  • reusable models (more economical and ecological)
  • easy to put on and take off
  • no leaks found
  • does not slip when wearing

So much choice with this set of 4 layers (3 full color and 1 in imitation jeans) available in sizes XS, S, M and L.

The diapers are easily adjustable thanks to several elastics. As the glued strips are wide enough, they hold perfectly and the diaper doesn’t slip every time your dog or bitch moves.

I was worried that I would have some difficulty holding it on Mookie (my youngest bitch) when I had a urinary tract infection, but I had no problem. Although she seemed a bit confused at first, she quickly got used to the diaper and didn’t try to remove it at all costs.

There were no allergies or red marks after wearing it. The fabric is rather soft. During peeing, no leaks were noticed and fortunately, since during a urinary infection, the dog very often urinates in small quantities.

This allowed me to leave her the day with Jodie in the house without worrying that she would make drops of pee on the couch and everywhere under the floor.

A big advantage of these diapers is that they are washable and reusable. It’s more economical and ecological than disposable diapers. Of course, if your dog has a huge diarrhea, you won’t feel like cleaning the diaper, but for a few small peeings, it’s ideal.

After washing, I haven’t noticed a less comfortable fabric or a shrinking of the diaper size. So I kept the diapers among my dog accessories and would take them out again if I face such a situation again.


Washable / Reusable Dog Diaper – 3 pack

Washable / Reusable Dog Diaper - 3 pack

  • machine washable diaper
  • elastic bands that hold in place
  • no creaking noises
  • perfect absorption of urine
  • not a fan of patterns

Here is a second pack of reusable low temperature machine washable dog diapers. Also available in 4 different sizes, these diapers have a special design with animal patterns. It looks like a real diaper for kids.

Personally, I don’t like this style as much, but this is only my opinion and doesn’t indicate anything about the quality of the diaper, because indeed, it is good.

The absorption of the diaper is ideal even for big pee. You will find similar fasteners to the previous diaper model of this comparator. Large, with wide bands, they guarantee a holding of every moment despite the movements of the bitch.

Made of fabric, the diaper keeps its shape constantly and does not make noise like many disposable diapers. This increases the chances that your companion will accept the use of the diapers.

The inside is a little padded and this doesn’t seem to displease dogs. For incontinence, it’s an excellent choice.


Disposable diaper for dogs

Disposable diaper for dogs

  • no washing
  • easy to put on the dog
  • he keeps a total freedom of his tail
  • less economical for long-term use
  • ventral layer (not a diaper)

The big difference between this diaper and the previous ones is that it is disposable. If the price of a packet is lower (about $1/diaper), it may become less profitable in the long run because you have to buy new ones regularly.

Nevertheless, for the owner, the comfort of the disposable dog diaper is not in question. You don’t have to wash the dog’s diaper, so you don’t have to put your hands in the pee, put it in the machine before drying it.

The absorbent performance of a disposable diaper is remarkable. As for a baby, the urine is well sucked up by the accessory and when you take it off, there is very little leakage.

The appearance of the diaper is different from disposable diapers. Indeed, it does not look like a panty, but rather like a bandage wrapping the dog’s body. The application is disconcertingly easy and the dog keeps all his freedom at the level of the tail.

The ventral strap layer can nevertheless move a little with the most active dogs if you squeeze it wrong. It can be frustrating to come home and see that the dog has managed to pee on the floor because he has moved the layer forward on his body. So I prefer the “panty” model of the two previous layers on the page.


How to choose a dog diaper?

Choosing a diaper starts by selecting the right size. On the product page, manufacturers often give measurements. But, overall, you can get by without having to go looking for the owner. For example, for Mookie, when she only weighed 4 kg, I guessed that she needed a size S.

The other big choice is whether to go with a disposable or reusable diaper. From an ecological point of view, I always prefer accessories that can be kept. For an exceptional use, I nevertheless conceive to take disposable diapers so as not to be bothered.

When to use a dog diaper?

A dog diaper is used more often than you might think. Thus, veterinarians may recommend its use for :

  • Fighting incontinence (common in older dogs)
  • During the treatment of a urinary tract infection (as I did with my dog)
  • During heat so that the bitch does not get blood everywhere.
  • Fighting the mictions of territory marking
  • Solution of the frequent excitation urine of very active or anxious dogs.
  • Helping the dog relieve himself when he is recovering from surgery and cannot move as he wishes

This list is obviously not exhaustive.

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