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Comparison of the best grooming tables for dogs

For a professional, the grooming table is an obligatory element, but even for a single master who wishes to maintain his animal, it is useful to have his own table.

We have made for you a comparator of the best dog grooming tables. They will prove to be ergonomic, safe, solid and adapted to the space available in the room where you groom the animal.

Foldable grooming table with large shelf


  • sturdy table suitable for all dog weights
  • department store
  • Slip-resistant coating
  • quick settings

This large grooming table is proposed for the maintenance of small dogs as well as big dogs. Made of stainless steel, it resists to 150 kg of loads. So you have the possibility to put any breed on it.

The table is resistant to static water. Its material is a bit like what you can find next to swimming pools and prevents the dog from slipping if you have just bathed him (always recommended before grooming).

The legs of the table fold up so you can carry it if you are a dog groomer at home or if you just want to store it after use.

The table is 76 cm high, measures 90 x 60 cm, is 2 cm thick and weighs 15 kg.


This is the best grooming table in this comparison. It is large, which leaves the master or groomer all the necessary space to work. The dog is not compressed in the center of the table.

Even though they are thin, the two straps, which are placed at neck and belly level, are strong and easy to adjust. The dog is well maintained during its maintenance without being too embarrassed. Grooming is rarely a pleasure, especially if you take out a noisy lawnmower, but as much as possible limit the nuisance. You can also add more straps if you feel the need or if the existing ones get damaged.

The weight of the table, 15 kg, is a little heavy, but it is small in relation to its size and functionality. We appreciate the ease with which the height of the bar holding the straps can be adjusted.

The small basket underneath doesn’t look like much, but is a very good addition. When you’re in the middle of grooming, it’s handy to be able to slide products onto this basket, rather than cluttering up the table or putting everything on the floor.

Its strength and load capacity make it perfect for a professional because, with one table, you can take care of any dog. You no longer have to worry about leaning on the table during your work, because you know it won’t let go.

Milo & Misty Portable Grooming Table


  • large area
  • folds quickly
  • easy cleaning


  • heavy

This transportable grooming table is very large as it measures 110 x 55 cm with a height of 76 cm. If this is too big for you, you have the possibility on the product sheet to change the size to a small (78 x 49) or medium (91 x 61). It supports up to 150 kg.

The table has two 50 cm straps with rings to attach the dog to the grooming table. It has a small basket underneath the board to store your accessories such as the grooming scissors that should be left out of reach of your doggie.

The covering is non-slip and rubberized for easy cleaning.


Like the previous dog grooming table comparator product, this one is very good for all breeds thanks to its dimensions and load capacity. If you are a private individual with a small animal, you can even take a smaller size.

The table folds easily. In a few seconds you can put it away in a cupboard and it takes only a little longer to get it up and running. However, it is a bit heavy for transport if you don’t have a lot of strength and have to carry it for 300 meters. For a few meters, the effort is within everyone’s reach.

The solidity and quality of the board are excellent, as well as the two gallows.

The surface is ideal for cleaning after maintenance. The bristles are quickly removed since the surface does not stick and stains can be wiped off without any difficulty.

Adjustable grooming table


  • high quality
  • ergonomics
  • sufficient space on the shelf


  • capacity limited to 60 kg
  • no basket

This table also measures 91 x 61 cm. It has a board with a black rubber coating that prevents the dog from falling down while you are brushing him. The two straps attached to the gallows reach the height of the dog.

It supports a weight of 60 kg and folds for easy transport.


The quality of this table is once again satisfactory. It is solid and ergonomic. The size of the table is sufficient for the groomer and the dog to have some space.

However, a disadvantage of all grooming tables is that the height is only 70 cm. As soon as the person in charge of washing and trimming the dog’s hair is more than 1.80 m tall, the task becomes more complicated.

For most dogs, this is a very good grooming table. For larger dogs, the limited capacity of 60 kg becomes a brake. Indeed, don’t forget that there is the weight of the dog, plus a part of yours when you lean down to groom the dog. Therefore, we recommend this table for all dogs weighing less than 40 kg. For others, prefer another one.

We would also like to have a basket under the table for your grooming accessories.

Dog grooming table Femor


  • easy to transport
  • non-slip surface


  • too small for large dogs
  • only one strap

This cheap grooming table measures 80 x 46 cm. It has a capacity of 100 kg. Its table top is non-slip.

While the other comparison tables have two arms, this model has only one with a strap.


This table, with its small dimensions, is intended for mobile groomers, professionals going to trade shows or private individuals. It is sufficient for small and medium-sized dogs, but for a large dog it is too narrow.

However, the permitted capacity is high. This is a strong point. Another advantage is the storage basket and a surface that does not slip and ensures the safety of the dog during brushing or mowing.

A single strap is highly regrettable. Your dog must be accustomed to grooming and not move, otherwise the support will be more complicated than with a grooming table with two.

How to choose your table for grooming your dog?

All the tables presented in this comparison are proven to be solid and safe for your companion. This is an obligatory quality that you may not find on the low end models.

Is it us or does he look happy to be groomed on his table? If so, this cute guy is an exception!
The size is a first differentiating element, as well as the possible load capacity. Make sure you have enough space to work. It is inconceivable to imagine grooming where the dog barely stands on his table, while you do acrobatics to succeed in trimming his paw hairs while preventing him from exceeding the limits. It would be even worse to cut the claws…

The straps remain another criterion for choosing a grooming table. We always prefer when there are two. The support is better and we avoid tightening the animal’s neck too much, which, as you can imagine, may not like it.

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