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Comparison of the best lighted dog collars

The luminous collar is essential for night walks. This accessory ensures the safety of the dog thanks to its illuminating power.

In this article we have selected some of the best lighted dog collars.

LED safety collar for dogs

LED safety collar for dogs

  • bright and flashing necklace
  • totally waterproof
  • made of breathable and light nylon

In the dark, dogs can be hit by a car. These accidents are the most common cause of injury to dogs.

To ensure your pet’s safety, the Masbrill LED collar is the right accessory for you. It flashes with light-emitting diodes that greatly improve your dog’s safety.

The animal glows in the dark, and its visibility is improved. This safety collar has several other strong points:

  • It is 100% waterproof;
  • It can be used in any season and at any time;
  • It is made of nylon, breathable and light;
  • It has quality components and an adjustable buckle.

The product works great even after passing a one hour test in water. It is made of materials such as silicone, and stainless steel, which prevents the product from molding or fading. The charger port is protected by a silicone cover to prevent damage.

The collar features a state-of-the-art lithium-ion (rechargeable) battery and an ultra-strong stainless steel ring. Lightweight, yet strong, breathable nylon ensures your dog’s comfort.

I recommend this collar to anyone who has a dog. Why? Because the product lights up perfectly. It is waterproof and easy to use.



“If you take your dog out in dimly lit areas in the dark, a lighted collar is still an excellent protection.

It doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep an eye on your dog, but it does greatly improve his visibility.

This collar model is solid, comfortable for the dog and has good performance. It is therefore an excellent choice.”


Waterproof LED dog collar

waterproof led collar

  • excellent luminosity
  • light that fades when the battery gets tired (no sudden switch-off)
  • adjustable collar width
  • totally waterproof
  • attachment system that can be mastered after a few tries

Nighttime walks with a dog can be fatal for the animal. If he gets lost, he can sink into the dark and disappear, or he can be knocked down. That’s why it’s recommended to put a lighted collar on him.

This model is one of the best products on the market. It offers optimal safety in the dark in the fall and during dark winters. This quality product offers a light that remains visible up to 500 meters.

In the dark, it is a real Christmas garland. In addition, the light does not cut off suddenly when the battery is discharged. It is only the intensity of the light that gradually decreases. It is a good way to anticipate the charge.

This LED collar has a circumference that can vary up to 27.5 inches. It is therefore suitable for small, medium and large dogs. The product also has other qualities that will seduce you:

  • It is waterproof;
  • It is rechargeable by USB port;
  • It is solid and resistant.

This collar is close to perfection: it lights very well, it has a long range… The only problem is that you may find the attachment system difficult. You’ll need a little practice to get it right.


Lighted dog collar

Lighted dog collar

  • flashing and illuminated
    visibility up to 0.5 miles
    accessible to medium and large dogs
  • not made for small dogs (collar too wide)
  • not 100% waterproof

It is often not easy to keep an eye on your dog when you are out walking at night. The only way to keep your dog’s visibility and safety high is with a collar like this model.

This collar can provide a super flashing light to keep your companion highly visible. The product is effective at any time of the day. Your dog stays safe up to 0.5 miles away even when the light is low.

The collar has a circumference that varies from 11 to 15.7”, but another is available on the product page with a size of 19 to 23.6”. So these are sizes for medium and large dogs, not for puppies and smaller sizes.

This lighted collar has a bracket that allows for a comfortable fit. It is made of nylon and ABS material. The quality of these two materials is well known. They are resistant and durable.

The product also offers several other advantages:

  • It recharges via USB;
  • It offers several flashing models (continuous, slow and fast);
  • It has two bands of lights;
  • It is waterproof.

If this collar seduces for its quality, it has some flaws such as the fact that it is not 100% waterproof.


Rechargeable LED dog collar

Rechargeable LED dog collar

  • bright light up to 0.5 miles
  • completely waterproof
  • resistant
  • too big for small dogs or puppies
  • some untimely interruptions of the light

This lighted collar has the ability to provide a very bright light, visible up to 0.5 miles. This allows you and your dog to be visible on early morning or night walks. The collar is also super effective in low-light environments.

In addition, this accessory is waterproof. It is not affected by water or rain. It can therefore be used in all weather conditions.

It is a product that has an adjustable size (xsmall, small, medium, large). Its resistance and durability are a given, thanks to the presence of nylon and ABS material. It is therefore a long-term investment that you make.

The Hongfox collar has other strong points that you will like:

  • It has two charging methods (solar, USB);
  • It can run over 8 hours;
  • It offers 3 brightness models (continuous, slow and fast flashing).

Very bright even in the middle of the day, this collar also offers a solar recharge. It has a good autonomy, but has several defects. The switch is badly placed and as for a GPS collar, it turns on or off when the dog moves.


How to choose a lighted dog collar?

I recommend considering these criteria when choosing a collar for your dog:

  • The size;
  • The power ;
  • The functioning ;
  • The autonomy.

The size of a dog collar is the first thing you should check. If the collar is not the right size, you risk strangling or losing your dog. The models presented here are adaptable.

In order not to lose sight of your dog, it must be visible from a distance. That’s why you need a strong collar that can be seen from 300 meters and more. You must choose a collar with several flashing modes: continuous, slow, fast. You will be able to choose according to the weather and the time of day.

You should absolutely choose collars with a long autonomy to facilitate your walks. Finally, it is also advisable to choose models with rechargeable batteries. They are ecological and easy to use.

What to remember? Lighted collars are essential accessories if you like to walk your dog. You should take into account the above criteria before making your choice. The safety and comfort of your dog are important.

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