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Comparison of the best dog pools

For a bath when you don’t have a bathtub or just to cool the dog when the temperature is hot, the dog pool is ideal.

We have made for you a comparator of the best dog pools.

Swimming pool for big dogs


  • very large swimming pool
  • suitable for all breeds
  • solid floor
  • installs quickly

The dimensions of this dog pool are among the largest on the market. With a diameter of 160 cm in width and 30 cm in depth, any dog can be in it and have enough room to feel good. But even for a small dog, it is always more pleasant for him to have space, so if you can put such a pool in your outside, don’t hesitate.

This model of dog bathtub also exists in 80 x 20 cm (practical measurements for puppies) or 120 x 30 cm (the standard size you find on other products of this dog pool comparator).

This pool, just like the first one, is rigid and foldable.


The size of the pool is a great comfort for dogs. Looking at the owners’ opinions, we can see that they have been able to bathe dogs of 45 or even 70 kg without any problem. Breeds like Newfoundlanders love water and are sometimes frustrated when they are in small wading pools where they cannot play as they would like. With 600 liters of capacity, it’s a guaranteed joy for the swimming doggie!

A little tip, after the bath, use a dog puppy blower to dry the hair and prevent the doggie from getting dirty or flooding your house.

The set is very solid. In spite of the claws and the various games more or less stuffed by your companion, the pool does not pierce itself. This is possible thanks to the different rigid panels that compose it. It is also these same panels that help you to fold and install it quickly.

audrey laforet paris groomerIT’S OUR GROOMER’S CHOICE!

“I have this pool for my golden retriever. The large dimensions allow to wash it inside, but also to play. He loves it.

I’ve seen too many pools deform in a few weeks not to appreciate the quality of this one.

Small advice of groomer, dry well the paws of the doggie at the exit of the bath to avoid that he gets stuck full of sand or earth in the hairs!”

– Audrey LaforEt, groomer in Paris

Foldable dog pool


  • rigid pool
  • can be assembled in seconds
  • solid material


  • a little small for big dogs

This outdoor dog pool measures 120 x 30 cm. It is made of PVC. This model is portable and you can take it everywhere with you.

This pool is not inflatable. You just have to unfold it, lay it down and put the water in.


This rigid dog pool is excellent. Its installation takes only a few minutes at the most. It is therefore very far from the time needed to inflate an inflatable pool. If you are coming back from a long walk and want to wash/freshen your dog, just put it in the garden to get what you want.

The size of 120 cm in diameter and 30 cm deep is sufficient for the vast majority of dogs. Your dog will not swim lengths in such a pool, but it is an ideal wading pool in warm weather.

As the equipment weighs only 4 kg and is foldable, it is quite possible to bring it with you during your vacations. The cap to block and then drain water is easy to put on and looks sturdy. As for the PVC material, it ensures a long lifespan of the pool.

Portable wading pool for dogs


  • very large size
  • simple assembly
  • storage pocket


  • medium quality

This pool model is also large as it measures 160 x 30 cm. Light blue on the outside and dark blue on the inside, the pool is made of PVC.

It comes with a plastic pouch. This way, once the dog has spent time in the pool water, you empty it by opening the cap placed on the walls, fold it and store it in its pouch. Tip: Wait until it is completely dry before folding it, otherwise the stagnant water in the folds can become a nest of bacteria or mold.


This dog pool has similar features to the previous models. In fact, the manufacturers have understood that owners prefer rigid, portable pools that are quick to assemble.

To be able to compare, it is then necessary to look at other characteristics. For this outdoor tub, its large size is clearly a strong point. Any dog can sit in the water and get hydrated.

On the other hand, many customers note a lack of solidity with parts that are a little loose after a few weeks of use. As the price of the pool is higher than the competition at the time of writing (this could change when you read this), we see no valid reason for this rate.

Rigid small dog pool


  • practice
  • standard sizes


  • poor quality
  • too small for big dogs

This dog bath measures 120 x 30 cm. The photo currently illustrating the product (a dog in swimming position) is therefore a bit misleading. Unless you have a puppy, the water will be too low for the dog to start swimming.

Also rigid, the pool does not need to be inflated to be operational. What a pleasure it is to avoid the 30 minutes with its pump to get something right!


This inexpensive dog pool has a classic size allowing 90% of dogs to be comfortable in it. It is easy to assemble and disassemble and is watertight.

Unfortunately, the portable bathtub has one major defect: its resistance. Many owners complain about it. The edges have been pierced or advanced signs of wear seem to be visible within a few months. Since the pool is a canine accessory that is usually purchased with a desire to keep it for a long time, we strongly recommend that you choose another product on this pool comparator.

How to choose your dog pool?

Dogs and water is often white or black. Some dogs love to swim, while others are very scared as soon as they find themselves immersed. You can completely understand them if their first outing in the water is to go into the sea with waves.

A swimming pool is therefore safe, especially since you can adjust the water level. If your dog is not reassured, let the water rise as you go and play with him rather than leaving him alone with his body increasingly submerged.

If the entrance is sometimes difficult, the dog often ends up loving the pool, like this pug.
Choosing a dog pool is often done with the desire to see him cool down in the summer or to wash him. The size of the pool is a priority. There are 3 common sizes: 80 x 20 cm, 120 x 30 and 160 x 30.

It is best to buy the largest pool regardless of the size of your dog. As you can see on this pool comparator, the largest size does not necessarily mean a higher price, so you might as well enjoy it!

Colors vary from manufacturer to manufacturer with, of course, a predominance of blue. It is not the most relevant criteria to decide, but it can make the difference when you hesitate. Don’t forget that it will be in your garden and not, hidden. Try to put it away after use and avoid leaving it full outside for days with your dog swimming intermittently in dirty water.

On the other hand, the solidity of the pool remains an essential point when selecting a model. On some models, the walls wear out too quickly. However, if your pool leaks after two months, it will be money thrown out the window.

Some owners have inflatable pools or shell pools for their dogs. While inflatable pools take a long time to set up, shell pools are often too small for medium and large dogs. The rigid pools of this comparator are therefore by far the best on the market.

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