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Comparison of the best dog poop bags

When it comes to picking up poop on the street, there is often only one solution: the poop bag.

Whether you pick up manually or with the help of a pooper scooper, good bags are essential. We’ve put together a comparison of the best dog poop bags for you.

540 biodegradable poop bags

540 biodegradable poop bags

These large Pogi’s plastic doggie poop bags come in 50 rolls, or 540 bags. Biodegradable in less than 18 months, the brand that makes them is known for its environmental values. The poop bag is large and measures 23 x 34 cm.

They come with two manual dispensers. Depending on the model of your leash, it is possible to attach a dispenser to it, so you don’t always have to remember to put a bag in your pocket when you go for a walk with your dog.


These dog waste bags are by far the best. Particularly resistant, you don’t have the impression when you catch a poop that the plastic is going to break and that you will have it all over your fingers.

The size of the poop bag allows you to use it for both small and large dogs. Since they are waterproof, your hands are also completely safe in case your pooch gets diarrhea.

A nice feature is that the poop bags smell good. The manufacturer of dog accessories has added a “fresh powder” scent. So when you hold the bag to pick up the poop, the first scent is pleasant. Then once the bag containing poop is in your hand, the powder struggles so that you mostly have a pleasant scent coming off of it. Sure, you won’t drop it in your living room, but you won’t have any trouble breathing until it’s deposited in a trash can.

Hand-held bag dispensers are far from being an extra gadget. Get into the habit of putting it around your leash or belt with the carabiner and you’ll always have a bag on hand to pick up your dog’s poop.

The price of these poop bags is relatively low considering the quality and quantity. A very good buy for sure.


900 poop bags with a dispenser

900 poop bags with a dispenser

This Amazon Basics reference is selling very well. The bags are quite large as they are 22.9 x 33 cm. They are sold in rolls of 15 bags.

You also get a little black dispenser that comes with it that hooks onto the handle of your leash.


Very simple, these bags meet your needs perfectly. If they don’t have a nice smell like the previous bags in our comparison, they have all the qualities you are looking for.

Large, you can easily catch all your pet’s droppings for greater hygiene and cleanliness. The thickness is sufficient and the great resistance avoids bad surprises.

The large quantity delivered ensures you material for 300 to 500 days of walking according to your dog’s habits. As the rolls are only composed of 15 bags, you can easily store them without taking up too much space.

The bags are opaque and can be folded quickly by holding the ends.


420 bags for dog waste

420 bags for dog waste

This lot of 420 bags (that’s 36 rolls) is quickly noticeable by its color since the manufacturer chose a dark green color. This is clearly not the most important criterion when choosing your dog poop bags, but I bet you saw that first too.

They also come with a small dispenser and measure 23 x 33 cm.


These bags are the counterpart, in green, of the previous product. They have the same qualities as the previous product, namely the resistance, the large capacity, the presence of a dispenser that attaches with a carabiner…

This last one is also a very good protection to avoid that the bags do not pierce while being dragged in your entry or while being in a pocket.

Biodegradable, they are destined not to pollute the earth for decades. However, why would they end up in nature? We count on you to use them and throw them in the garbage in the process.


600 poop bags

600 poop bags

The price of these poop bags is interesting. They are sent via small rolls so you can easily store them at home.

But, let’s not beat around the bush, they suffer from a major deficiency; the thickness of the bag. While the manufacturer is pleased with the lightness of the rolls, you as the owner may be praying every time you pick up your pooch’s poop.

In your fingers, the thinness makes you fear at any time that the bag will let go. Moreover, it is particularly unpleasant, even more so when the poop is soft, to feel the shape of the poop so much.

Some owners’ opinions also point out failures in the making of the rolls with the reception of badly bound bags. Don’t tempt the devil, poop bags are not accessories where there is a lack of choice.

Turn directly to better poop bags to avoid disappointment. With fingernails full of poop, you’ll quickly regret saving a couple of bucks to end up in this position…

Disposable paper poop collector – 160 bags

Disposable paper poop collector - 160 bags

Disposable poop bags are very practical. I turned to this type of products because they are ecological and hygienic. Moreover, they allow to pick up the poop in complete safety. Made of cardboard and kraft paper, they are single use.

These disposable bags are perfect if you want to make your city a little cleaner while remaining environmentally responsible. Easy to use, they are available in a variety of packages, but they are also economical.

With dimensions of 11 cm x 16 cm, you have the capacity to carry them everywhere, every time you go out with your dog.

Finally, disposable doggie bags are economical due to their low price, and are more durable than many competing brands. They are available in a variety of sizes and you can purchase up to 240 units. This will allow you to order a new batch every week…


How to choose your poop bag accessory?

No need to spend ten hours on the qualities of a good poop bag! The sizes are similar and the only point of attention concerns the thickness of the bag. It is essential to have a bag that is dense enough so that it doesn’t get holes in it or feel the shape of dog poop.

Then, it is true that the scented side of the first model of this comparison is very appreciable.

How to choose your poop bag accessory

You don’t always have to use a pooper scooper. For Jodie or her sister, I do it by hand. However, for a very large dog, the scoop is a good accessory to avoid getting dirty.

I advise you to use the dispensers that come with the rolls. Of my last four homes, only one had a public poop bag dispenser nearby… and most of the time it had been emptied by the previous owners!

As a result, I quickly learned the proper reflexes to always have one or more (as some dogs love to relieve themselves several times in one walk – especially when they encounter strong odors from other dogs) on me. I constantly leave the dispenser on the leash and refill it every weekend.

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