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Comparison of the best flea collars for dogs

Nothing is more unpleasant than having a dog and a house full of fleas! Putting a flea collar on your dog avoids bad surprises.

We have made for you a comparison of the best flea collars for dogs and cats.

Seresto anti-flea collar for dogs

Seresto anti-flea collar for dogs


  • the reference in anti-flea collars
  • long action
  • suitable for all dogs
  • reasonable price for such a high quality level

Seresto collars are by far the best known when it comes to eliminating fleas and ticks. This classic is available in two versions:

Seresto anti-parasite collar for dogs under 8 kg
Seresto antiparasitic collar for dogs weighing more than 8 kg

It is important to respect this criterion because the intensity of the product is not the same according to the weight of the animal. It can be used for puppies from 7 weeks old.

The Seresto collar treats and prevents fleas for 8 months. It is sometimes recommended for treating dog illnesses caused by flea bites.

It is possible that the installation of the collar does not kill the ticks already present. It is therefore recommended to check the dog’s coat thoroughly after the collar is put on. Then, the collar will repel the ticks that will want to come…


If Seresto has been able to impose itself in flea collars, there is a reason: its products are the best.

The effectiveness of the collar is remarkable. Since fleas can cause significant health problems for your pet, make it very uncomfortable if it is infected and infest your home, it is best to choose the best. In addition, Seresto flea collars are reasonably priced. Its 8-month action makes the purchase even more profitable.

Discreet, the collar is not uncomfortable for the dog. He can even keep it on in rainy weather without affecting the performance of the flea control system.

If Frontline Combo is the reference for flea control, Seresto is the reference for collars. It’s up to you to decide which one you prefer for your dog. In terms of effectiveness, the collars seem to offer more guarantees.

Sobaken flea and tick collar

Sobaken flea and tick collar


  • very high efficiency against mosquitoes bringing leishmaniasis
  • low price
  • two sizes of collar


  • effective only 3/4 months against ticks

Sobaken is a less known brand, but it works very well in the southern European countries. It is a reference in flea treatments, even if Seresto remains the market leader.

These flea, mosquito and sandfly prevention collars measures 25 inches.


Scalibor collars are less expensive than Seresto. The performance of this canine medical accessory is correct, but it is only effective for 3 or 4 months despite the fact that the manufacturer claims 6 months. Some owners even notice the presence of ticks on dogs with a behavior that is conducive to their appearance (frequent swimming, outings in the forest) after a few weeks of use.

On the other hand, it works perfectly to fight against mosquitoes. This is a positive point if you buy this flea collar for a southern region, infested with mosquitoes in summer.

These are responsible for the disease called leishmaniasis. Scalibor is one of the few products that successfully fights against them.

If you don’t want to bombard your pet with treatments, it may be a good idea to use the Sobaken collar in an area with a lot of mosquitoes and to apply a little anti tick spray if you notice that your dog catches them when he swims.


Flea collar for dogs

Flea collar for dogs


  • made with natural oils
  • works for 6 months


  • poor efficiency

This little known brand offers a collar that works for 6 months. This flea collar for cats and dogs is made from natural oils.

The collar is adjustable up to 26 inches. It is therefore suitable for 99% of dogs. Only the largest breeds cannot wear it.


The collar is waterproof and the manufacturer announces a positive action on the larvae and eggs of ticks and fleas. Its design based on natural oils often appeals to owners, because they do not like to imagine their pooch with chemicals on the body.

Unfortunately, natural flea products never work as well as Seresto or Frontline. I experienced this with Jodie who got fleas one week after putting on an organic pipette…

This negative opinion comes up regularly among the owners’ opinions for this collar. It is therefore only interesting for sedentary dogs who take a few daily walks in the city center. For animals that often cross paths with other dogs or cats or that often go into high-risk areas, it is not a guarantee of safety.


Parenda flea product

Parenda flea product


  • beautiful characteristics…


  • far from being verified and confirmed by the owners!

Protecting against fleas, ticks and mosquitoes for 180 days, this pest control collar is up to 63 cm long. It resists immersion and is made from natural products.


This flea control product is another example of how quality like Seresto is needed to control these insects.

The characteristics of the collar are attractive when you read them. The promised action concerns ticks, fleas and mosquitoes, whether in the egg, larval or post-egg stage. The whole thing is verified over six months!

In reality, the collar and its natural oils are not infallible, quite the contrary. Your dog could get ticks or fleas despite its presence.

If it wasn’t for something potentially so serious to your dog’s health, it would just be a shame. Now, it’s very annoying that such quality flea collars are sold…

How to choose a flea and tick collar?

Collar or pipette has each its advantages. The first one is generally more efficient and lasts longer. However, it requires to put it constantly on the dog’s neck.

If you are considering choosing a flea collar for your dog, there is only one criterion that counts: its reliability! As you have seen in this collar comparison, not all products are reliable.

However, fleas or ticks, by transmitting diseases, are particularly dangerous for your pets. Among the products presented above, only the Seresto and Sobaken collars deserve your attention. Your veterinarian, if you ask him, will recommend these brands. However, we advise you not to buy them directly from your veterinarian’s office as they are often much more expensive than on websites like Amazon.

Flea collars based on natural oils are not very intense and therefore, fallible.

Next, don’t forget to choose the right collar for your dog’s neck size or weight. Indeed, if Seresto has models according to the weight of the dog, Sobaken segments by collar size.

Don’t forget to set reminders when you need to change the collar. With a Seresto, following the manufacturer’s instructions, i.e. changing it every 7 or 8 months, is sufficient.



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