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Comparison of the best beds for small dogs and puppies

Do you have a dog? Then you have certainly planned the purchase of a dog bed. Personally, I find that it is never easy to choose this accessory. Comfort is important, but so is practicality!

So I tested different products to see which one best suited my dogs, and I took the opportunity to give you a feedback with this comparison. I let you discover it!

* I specify that by “small dog”, we mean breeds weighing 20 pounds and less such as the Cavalier King Charles, Yorkshire, Chihuahua…

Bed in the shape of a doghouse for small dogs and puppies

Bed in the shape of a doghouse for small dogs and puppies


  • bed in the shape of a cute niche
  • feeling of protection for the dog
  • high quality
  • spacious for a small animal



As the first comparator article, I present to you the one with the best mark, a 5/5! It is a bed in the shape of a niche with dimensions of 44 * 48 cm. It is therefore ideal for small dogs and mine were not long in adopting it.

I find that the shape of the kennel is very good to protect the animal and give him a feeling of security when he goes to rest in it. This protection is also associated with the high quality of the bed which brings great comfort to the little fur ball using it.

I did not find any defect in this bed which remains spacious for a small dog while providing him with the comfort and protection he needs. And as a bonus, I really like the kennel shape, it gives an original design (not to mention the paw pattern that gives it a cute side) while allowing the dog to stay warm.

So I highly recommend this item for which I haven’t found a single defect, you can crack with your eyes closed for this bed shaped kennel.


Orthopedic bed for small dog

Orthopedic bed for small dog


  • original bed
  • long service life
  • soft matter

In the second article, I will tell you about a Knuffelwuff bed in the shape of a big leg to which I gave the mark of 4.5/5.

I was immediately seduced by the funny and original design of this bed but I quickly discovered other advantages for my dogs. It is not for nothing that I often recommend this brand on my bed comparators.

It is of a very good quality in addition to being beautiful, so it allows to keep it long enough without having the slightest trace of wear and tear.

My dogs really appreciated this comfortable bed and the extremely soft material seduced them in no time at all. I find it an excellent choice without having to invest in a very expensive model.

However, I didn’t give it the top mark because it has a slight disadvantage. The paw shape can make a dog want to chew on the bed, which will eventually destroy this accessory.

I therefore find it preferable to reserve it for puppies or small dogs that remain quite calm and are not naturally anxious.


Comfortable bed for small dogs

Comfortable bed for small dogs


  • comfortable bed
  • raised edge
  • easy cleaning


  • very classic design compared to the two previous ones

Here is an article that I particularly liked, so I could not exclude it from this comparison. I gave it a 4/5 because it remains less competitive than the two previous articles. But I think it remains an excellent choice.

Its shape is classic but effective, it does not prevent it from bringing great comfort to the dog who lies down on it, and mine loved it from the first try! This bed is very cozy, it allows you to surround the dog with the edges and the soft cushion soon seduces our hairballs.

In addition, our plushies always appreciate being able to put their head on a higher edge when they sleep.

I also appreciated the ability to remove the cushion for cleaning and it also makes it easier to clean the rest of the bed, and I won’t hide the fact that a quick cleaning brings invaluable comfort!

And if you are afraid that your dog might slip with this bed, don’t worry! It has a non-slip cloth underneath, and I found it quite effective.

Its shape is unfortunately very classic but it makes the bed very comfortable and efficient, so it is not a disadvantage. I still preferred the first article, from a personal taste point of view.

So I advise you to choose according to your taste and budget, but this bed is very practical and comfortable for a dog!

My wife and I like originality, the “niche” bed is our favorite.


Bed in the shape of a blanket for small dogs

Bed in the shape of a blanket for small dogs


  • easy to maintain
  • soft matter
  • allows to cover the dog
  • cheap bed


  • support too thin
  • unstable

As a last item, I have chosen the bed in the shape of a dog blanket. I tested this article with my two dogs, but I was much less conquered than with the previous models.

It remains quite pleasant, its size makes it very easy to clean which is not negligible. I also found the material very soft and my dogs liked it too. Without forgetting what makes it special, it allows you to cover the dog with a blanket that is part of the cushion, I found this very pleasant but not essential.

But I only gave it a 3.5/5 because I found that this article had negative points. The design is quite simple, maybe even too simple. It is rather thin which decreases the comfort of the dog who feels the hard floor more easily.

It also tends to move easily. When playing, my bitches would always end up putting it in the hallway.

I find the idea of the blanket original but the disadvantages of the cushion make it less attractive than the previous models presented.

However, it remains cheap and of fairly good quality if you want a cushion in the shape of a blanket for your dog.


How to choose a bed for small dog or puppy?

Personally, when I look for a dog bed, I look at its ease of maintenance because I want my dogs to stay in a clean environment.

Then, I look at the comfort provided to the dog by inquiring about the dimensions, the material and the thickness of the cushion to make sure I choose the best item for my budget.

I therefore advise you to pay attention to the design at the end of your selection if you have to choose between different models offering the same quality in an equivalent price range as this is the least important point for your dog’s happiness.

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