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Comparison of the best water fountains for dogs

For the well-being of your dog, you must ensure that you provide him with the water he needs. If the food needs to be limited because the dog sometimes eats too much, it is not the same for the water, which must be provided in unlimited quantities.

We have made for you a comparison of the best water fountains for dogs and cats.

Automatic water dispenser for dogs

Automatic water dispenser for dogs


  • several modes of distribution
  • large capacity
  • reasonable price
  • quality equipment
  • low consumption

This water fountain for cats and dogs from the Iokheira brand has three different modes :

  • Smart mode: water is dispensed when the drinker detects, via an infrared sensor, the presence of an animal.
  • Intermittence: it distributes water for one hour and then stops for 30 minutes.
  • Continuous: water is served continuously.

The water dispenser has a capacity of 2.5 liters. It contains a carbon filter to sanitize the water. Its electricity consumption is a maximum of 2.6 kWh per month.


After its dispenser model, HoneyGuaridan is once again at the top of the table with this superb water cooler. However, it is not obvious how much the Drinkwell fountains are appreciated (and rightly so). We’ll see them right after.

The three modes are ergonomic. It’s a pleasure to have your hand on the water distribution. They can be adjusted quickly with a simple button and the color indicates which mode is in progress. There is also an indicator light that comes on when the water starts to run out. A glance tells you if you need to put water back in the fountain and you don’t have to open everything to see it. A real time-saver that reduces the chances of your dog running out of water.

The capacity is interesting. With 2.5 liters, you have a few days before you have to refill it.

The filter is not too much. Healthy water prevents many urinary or kidney infections. The package received will only contain three filters, so don’t hesitate to buy a refill now.

The fountain is relatively compact and takes up little floor space. At the same time, the area where the water flows is restricted, which prevents the dog from getting water everywhere when drinking or soaking his ears too much.

This is often the problem with fountains with jets. Here, it offers the comfort of a classic bowl, but with a larger capacity and a limited level that prevents the dog from soaking half his head.

Practical, solid, interesting features and a small price, it can be hoisted as the “best water cooler” of our comparator!


PetSafe Drinkwell Water Fountain

PetSafe Drinkwell Water Fountain


  • very large capacity
  • adjustable jet
  • amuses the dogs
  • silent pump


  • can help dogs to put water everywhere…

Petsafe’s Drinkwell water coolers are by far the best known on the market. As you will see, there are several high quality models. We start with this first Cascade model.

It has a capacity of 2 gallons. The flow of the cascade is adjustable. Rubber feet are present under the fountain so that it does not slip, even if your dog pushes it a little.

There is a charcoal filter inside to remove bacteria and also to limit hair since it will not wait to collect quickly as soon as the dog tilts his head.


The first strong point of this Drinkwell water trough is its capacity: 2 gallons. This is an important quantity that allows you to hydrate your dog for almost a week while giving more weight to the accessory, a useful detail to guarantee its stability.

The pump is quite silent, even if it works continuously. The water jet amuses dogs and they love to come and drink from it. If your dog sometimes forgets to drink, this can help him to do so.

On the other hand, the jet, even though it is adjustable, is not always controlled by the animals. Some doggies spill some everywhere. They put water all over their face and even over their ears, and the whole thing drips onto your floor afterwards.

However, the jet fountain is also what made the Drinkwell famous and brings all its elegance to the models.


“But, I love the Drinkwell fountains from Petsafe.

They are safe, with a good amount of water and hygienic. It’s perfect for providing a continuous source of clean water for your dog.

Plus, they are simply beautiful. When dog accessories become an added value to your home, plus an extra mess, what more could you ask for?”


360° Drinkwell fountain for animals

360° Drinkwell fountain for animals


  • number of adjustable jets
  • ideal for several dogs drinking at the same time
  • large capacity
  • steel model available


  • change of mouthpieces not simple

This water fountain resembles, in miniature, the magnificent fountains that we cross in the cities. It has five jets that all go from the top of the fountain to a tub. The number of jets can be adjusted by changing the spouts (the upper part from which the water flows).

Its capacity is 128 oz. It also works with carbon filters. Remember to change them so that the water given to your pet is always as pure as possible. Ideally, change it every month.


If it is never the most important for a canine accessory, design is nonetheless a decision criterion. We must admit that this Drinkwell model is sumptuous. Choosing this water cooler for your living room or your kitchen will not harm your decoration, quite the contrary.

The 5 jets are a gadget not very useful if you have only one dog. On the other hand, if you have several or even a litter of puppies, it is very practical that they can drink at the same time. Indeed, dogs always have a habit of going to the bowl or the fountain together and then trying to pass in front of their buddy to get water first. On animals that are a bit aggressive or looking for the dominant one, this sometimes leads to loud bickering and growling.

The jet is a little smaller than the previous model. This reduces the chance of your dog splashing around, but with the jet system, expect a few wolves anyway. The rings are strong enough to choose the number of jets, but it may take a little time to assemble or disassemble everything. The capacity remains good.

Petsafe’s Drinkwell water dispensers are made of plastic. But, for this model, you have a second version which exists in stainless steel. The price is higher, but this guarantees a solid, durable product that fits perfectly in place.


Drinkwell Fountain 168 oz

Drinkwell Fountain 168 oz


  • quality fountain
  • elegant product


  • very low capacity

This fountain has a capacity of 168 oz. It also has a water jet and is very similar to the 5 liter model shown above. We let you return to this fountain test if you need to refresh your memory.


The capacity is disappointing. 168 oz is very little. It’s enough for one day, but for two, it’s not much. If you have two dogs, it’s even worse.

The adjustable flow rate and the jet that falls on a sloping face avoids splashing or continuous noise. However, you are once again faced with the problem of water being put aside by the drinking dog.

This is really not the best Drinkwell fountain. Favour the ones above.


How to choose your water fountain?

If you are used to serving water with a simple bowl, switching to a dispenser has its advantages. Indeed, a traditional bowl requires you to fill it at least twice a day, not counting the times you come home from work and it is empty. Your dog’s tongue is hanging out and clearly indicates that he is thirsty.

Buying a water fountain for your dog means allowing him to drink whenever he wants. Of course, you have to think about filling it up regularly, but that’s up to you.

Try to choose a large capacity, at least two liters. More is fine and underneath takes away some of the usefulness of the accessory.

All water coolers worthy of the name have a carbon filter. Don’t neglect it for the well-being of your doggie.

Jets are common, but choosing a dog water foutain like the HoneyGuaridan reduces the risk of its floor turning into a pool. Of course, it’s less aesthetic, so it’s up to you to choose between a beautiful fountain or a cleaner floor.

Then you can let your eyes choose the more beautiful one. You can see that it is one of the few dog products where manufacturers are creative. If you have a kibble dispenser, take a product with a similar design to avoid having two beautiful but not very complementary objects.

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