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Soothing dog bed : function, advantages and choice

The soothing bed remains a must-have accessory for your dog’s comfort at home. It’s the perfect place for your pet to rest. It brings him the serenity he needs to sleep well and soothes him when you are not at his side.

You want to buy a soothing bed for your dog, but you don’t know which model to choose? In this article, we present you the criteria to study in order to make the best choice of bed for your dog.

The 3 best soothing beds for dogs

Calming bed for Dogs


Soothing bed with removable cover


Comfy calming & self-warming bed for dogs


What size should I choose for a soothing dog bed?

Dogs often take long naps. The bed that should accommodate him must be adapted to his size. This way, your dog will be able to relax perfectly. If you offer him a soothing bed that is small, he will not feel comfortable because he will be in a narrow place.

Dogs often alternate positions between a fetal-like gesture and lying down completely. It is therefore best to choose a bed that is at least his size in length.

On the other hand, he may feel destabilized on a bed that is too big. So, you need to provide your dog with adequate space to lie down completely.

As a general rule, small dogs and puppies will feel comfortable on beds with a diameter of no more than 80 cm. A bed with a diameter between 80 and 100 cm will be perfect for a medium-sized dog. Finally, large dogs will be comfortable on soothing beds with a diameter greater than 100 cm.

Should I choose a conventional soothing bed or an electric one?

How comfortable do you want your dog to be? The classic soothing beds are very soft to the touch. You can place them anywhere in your home. Your dog will have a great time napping on them.

However, there are other soothing beds that are more sophisticated: electric beds. They incorporate advanced technology. These beds give off heat and work by plugging an electric cable directly into a power outlet.

When purchasing this type of bed, you will need to make certain checks. It must contain a device that prevents overheating. It will also display the moisture protection rating.

Surprisingly, when comparing owners’ opinions, simplicity seems to win out. Dogs love the classic soft beds. For electric beds, they can be a real inconvenience, especially when you have a pet that has a habit of chewing on all the wires when stressed or bored…

How to make sure the bed is comfortable?

soothing bed for dogs

To choose a comfortable soothing bed, consider checking the bed’s filling when purchasing. There are many models on the market that contain memory foam.

This type of filling allows the bed to easily adjust to your dog’s body shape. Some models even have the property to adapt to the dog’s temperature.

These latest soothing beds have excellent reviews on websites like Amazon.

How to check if the bed is resistant?

A quality bed is very durable. Consider looking at the different materials used to make it. Also consider reading the reviews of those who have already used it. On the net, there are many cheap “Made in China” soothing beds…

This quick check will give you a clear idea of the quality-price ratio. For a better hygiene, choose a bed with a removable cover. You will be able to wash it in the machine and you will have no difficulty in replacing it when it is damaged.

These are the criteria to consider when buying a good bed for your dog.

Where to put your dog’s soothing bed in the house?

Behaviorists often recommend not putting dog pads in areas where they may feel like they are controlling the home. For example, a dog that has its bed in the hallway might feel like it is the dominant one.

Personally, with two Cavaliers King Charles who are completely crazy about my little family and have zero desire to dominate anyone, I don’t ask myself this question.

I have 3 beds in the house. The first one is next to the sofa. So, in the evening, they come to rest there. The second one is in my office where they do the same thing while I sleep. The last one is in the bedroom. They sleep quietly at my feet.

When I go to visit family, I take a soothing bed with me when I can so that they can feel comfortable during their stay.

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