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The Cavalier King Charles: what is his temperament like?

When looking to adopt a dog, the Cavalier is often one of the first breeds given. Rather popular, this breed has serious assets to be the first dog in the family.

A particularly simple education

The Cavalier’s docility is recognized. If, as with all puppies, he has a tendency to run around, to multiply foolish actions and to test the limits, he quickly understands what he must or must not do.

He doesn’t feel a constant need to test the hierarchy and accepts your dominance. His biggest goal is to satisfy his master. When he does something stupid, argue with him and you will see him, sad-faced, lying in wait with his tail wagging all over the place, that you call him back. I

t is not necessary to acquire the best electric dog collar to teach him the right behaviors or to punish him…

An indoor dog that thrives outdoors

A Cavalier King Charles lives very well in an apartment. He likes to play, but is satisfied to stay in an interior. On the other hand, if you have a garden or can take him to a park, you can see him running for 30 minutes with a funny madness to see.

Then, once exhausted, he lies down on the ground and follows you without reluctance to go home.

A great player

While at first glance, many people consider him to be a heavy sleeper, the Cavalier loves to play. If you listen to him, he can even bring the ball back and play for hours.

For children, it is a great pleasure, especially since he is gentle with them. With very little aggressiveness in him, he shows understanding with children’s clumsy gestures. At their side, he is happy and loves to observe with great curiosity his family.

He also likes to lie down while looking at them with one eye. His desire for protection is completely expressed with them.

A dog not made for loneliness

The Cavalier is considered a sponge for feelings. If his daddy ou mommy is happy, he is happy too. If they are depressed, he suffers and shows an air of sadness.

This dependence is expressed every day. For this reason, he experiences loneliness very badly. A Cavalier who spends his days may end up less cheerful and develop great stress.

It is necessary to try to always have people with him. You can also adopt a second animal. It was my choice, with my two Cavaliers (Jodie and Mookie). His presence reassures him and he finds another playmate. Even so, he needs you.

When you come home, don’t give him a big party for his own good (otherwise he’ll end up waiting all day for that moment), but take care of him in the evening by taking him out and playing.

Finally, some Cavaliers feel excessive fear. That’s what happens with Mookie. She submits easily in front of other dogs, but this can have negative effects, such as taking refuge in my feet as soon as she comes across another animal or barking.

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