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Clippers or scissor cutting: what should I do for my dog?

Reducing the size of your dog’s hair is often a good idea, even if your dog is of a breed for which grooming is an option. This is the case with Jodie. As a Cavalier King Charles, her hair may never be trimmed.

However, she is much more beautiful with short hair, and more importantly, she is more comfortable. She doesn’t bring all the dirt in her paws anymore and on my side, I have less hair to pick up on the ground…

The first time I considered grooming, a question quickly came up: should it be trimmed with a dog clippers or cut the hair with a scissor?

Welcome advice from my groomer

At first I thought I was going to mow it, but she quickly advised me against it because when the hair grows back, it gets harder and tends to curl.

The beauty of the King Charles Riders and many other long and soft haired breeds is their coat. I’ve come across riders in the street who were curling a little. After his remark, I can now guess why.

Wanting to go a little further in my knowledge, I asked him a few questions about grooming. Here are his answers.

The clipper: for large dogs or sick animals

The number one advantage of the clipper is its speed. If you are considering buying a dog clipper, it will only take a few minutes to mow your dog after a few uses.

The speed of the clipper makes it ideal for grooming large dogs. In fact, some professionals refuse to use anything other than the clipper for large breeds because it would take too much time.

The clipper is also the first choice for older dogs that have difficulty standing. Indeed, to trim a dog’s hair, he must be on a firm and hard surface (the best being to have a real grooming table) and stand upright. If your dog suffers from osteoarthritis, he may experience severe pain and it is preferable to shorten the session as much as possible by using a clipper rather than a scissor.

Another advantage of a clipper is that it is easy to handle. If you have a tight budget and grooming your dog twice a year at a professional (between $80 and $200 annual budget) is complicated, get a clipper and do it. You will be able to shear your dog without having a grooming diploma, whereas a scissor cut requires real know-how.

Finally, groomers sometimes end up clipping dogs that have too many knots. Since scissor cutting has become impossible, the choice of clipping is mandatory. To avoid this, regularly brush your dog’s coat with a curry comb.


The scissors: for small dogs and sensitive areas

As you will have understood, the scissor is still recommended for all small breeds. The work can take time, sometimes several hours, but it keeps your doggie’s coat healthy.

This is always done with special scissors. If you wish to buy one, consult our guide to buying grooming scissors. A good knowledge of the dog’s morphology is necessary and the breed must be respected. Thus, for a Cavalier King Charles, the hair on the ears should not be reduced to the strict minimum, while the large ears are the charm of this breed.

The scissor is to be preferred for sensitive areas. Even if you use a clipper for large parts of the body (back, hindquarters…), take a scissor for the pads and ears. Thus, you can sculpt the hair of the dog and go in all the zones without hurting the dog or having a miss (ex: cut the ear with the razor of the clipper).


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