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Comparison of the best dog cages

To transport your dog or keep him for a few moments in a confined area, you may need to purchase a dog carrier.

Many models exist on the market with very distinct qualities, disadvantages and features. To help you, we have made for you a comparison of the best dog cages.

Metal Folding Dog Cage

Metal Folding Dog Cage

  • many sizes
  • two doors
  • folding cage
  • handle for the door
  • easy locks

This basic model exists in four different sizes. This variety makes it possible to find a crate for a big dog as well as a small dog. Each entrance has two locks so that the door does not open.

This crate is fully foldable. There are hooks on the elements so that they fit together easily.


I know this model very well because it is the one I bought for my dogs. So for this cage, I do not make you a synthesis of the opinions but give you mine. At the beginning, I had taken two, but finally, Jodie and Mookie (my two dogs) cry if they are not together. They would rather sleep on top of each other in the cage than have room …

I am very satisfied with this model for several reasons. First of all, the assembly and disassembly is very simple. I take it with me every time I go to a rental and have to leave my dogs alone for a while, otherwise they destroy what they find in the living room. I put a cushion in it so that they feel comfortable and the crate even served as a dog basket in my old apartment. They liked to come and crunch their toys on a blanket put inside.

If the crate is heavy enough, it is easy to carry thanks to a handle on the top. Moreover, once folded, it is compact and can be stored in a closet or a trunk without any difficulty. I took a two-door model.

Remember to fold the locks down as much as possible when you close the cage door otherwise they may open. They don’t jam at all even though I have had the model for almost two years. There are two per door.

The cage is very solid and has never been damaged despite a few shocks. The price of the cage being low, it is a very good value for money, especially since the variety of sizes allows to find its happiness for all breeds. The double door is interesting if you use your cage in many places. Indeed, it is possible that the configuration of a room obliges you to put it in a way where a door is blocked on the width.

If you want to take it for car trips, I would recommend a car seat for small dogs or a seat cover for larger animals, as the crate makes a little noise when it vibrates. Also, it’s better to tie your dog up with a leash like a real backseat passenger rather than putting him in a crate that moves with the movements.


julien labadiotIT’S OUR EDUCATOR’S CHOICE!

“Such a crate offers great visibility to the dog. It reassures him and it’s easier to teach him to go inside.

I like the solidity of this crate, but also the fact that it makes little noise despite the metal walls.

If necessary, the doors can be removed so that the dog can go in and out as he wishes. It “s a good idea to do this the first few days he discovers his crate. ยป

– Julien Labadiot, behaviorist in France

Big Metal Dog Cage

Big Metal Dog Cage

  • very large cage
  • light weight considering the dimensions
  • solid locks
  • handles for easy carrying

Do you have a very large dog? Finding a suitable crate for him is not always easy… I saw my mother-in-law is having great difficulty finding a crate the size of her Golden Retriever.

This cage sold on Amazon measures 48 x 30 x 33 inches. Despite this imposing size, it remains light and you can transport it without difficulty.

The dog has two entrances to go in the crate. The doors close quickly with two strong locks.

Bulky when on the floor or in the car, the crate folds up for easy storage. It is really a great crate for large dogs. You won’t make a mistake by taking it for your companion.


Metal cage for animals

Metal cage for animals

  • removable tray
  • one or two doors
  • six different sizes
  • a little heavy
  • no door handle

This model is very similar to the previous cage tested on our comparator. However, it is proposed with more sizes available (six) and with one or two doors.

The cage does not have a handle for the reach. The bottom tray can be removed. Of course, we do not recommend removing it when your dog is in the crate because he would hurt his pads by walking on wire mesh, but it is convenient to be able to clean the tray.


Between the opinions of the masters and the similarities with the cage seen above, there is no reason to think that this cage is bad. Buyers appreciate the variety of sizes available.

A handle would have been a good idea because the cage is quite heavy, especially if you take a large size. The wire mesh may give you a solid grip, but it is not as comfortable for your fingers as a real handle.

Choosing this cage is a great idea for hygiene because the tray can be removed. We recommend the two-door model. For a few euros more, it really makes your life easier and avoids the hassle of placing the crate so that the dog can go out through only one door.

The finishes are quite good on the cages. Be careful that there are no sharp edges. If you see any, shave them off so your dog doesn’t get hurt. If he tries to stand up out of excitement and cuts himself with a sharp end, or even worse if he gets it in his eye, it would be very annoying.

With so many positive opinions on this dog crate with wire mesh, it can only be a good product. You won’t make a mistake by ordering it.


Aluminum dog carrier

Aluminum dog carrier

  • ideal cage for transport
  • large size
  • large openings for the dog
  • medium strength
  • mounting a little hard
  • not as good as a folding crate for a simple home guard of the dog
  • only one size available

This transport box is very different from the other two cages on this page. First of all, its style has nothing to do with it since it is not a mesh, but bars that leave large openings. On the top or at the bottom on the sides, “full” protections are present.

The cage is offered in one size (91 x 65 x 72 cm), which is sufficient for most dogs since a companion of 30 kg fits in without any problem.


If cages with wire mesh are a little too noisy for car journeys, this one is made for it. It is ideal in cars with a large trunk. The cage is heavy (approx. 15 kg) and therefore moves quite little despite the fact that you are driving. It is a good alternative if you need to put your large dog in the trunk of the car with a few things, whereas with a simple trunk protector, he could have fun with the material while driving .

The dog has no difficulty to see or breathe thanks to the large openings. If you put a small animal in it, it will be a bit ridiculous considering the size available, but for many dogs (example: you are going hunting with three medium size dogs), it is a good solution.

The material is not fragile, but it is not very solid since some masters pick up a few twisted pieces after several trips with the crate. It’s a pity for the price. So remember to wedge it well to prevent it from hitting itself too much, without putting a lot of weight on it. If this happens anyway, with a few tools, you will be able to straighten the damaged parts of the cage.

The assembly takes a little time if you are not manual, contrary to a folding dog crate that can be installed in a few seconds.


How to choose a crate for your dog?

Cages are very practical accessories for a dog. Far from the image of a dirty and despicable crate as we sometimes see in shelters, it can turn into a perfect cosy nest for your pet. That’s what I’ve done for my bitches and frankly, they’ve never been reluctant to stay in them.

a dog cage

Start getting them used to the crate first by trying to get them to eat a treat inside, leaving the door wide open before locking them in for the first time. This is less traumatic. As mentioned above, I only do this when I’m in rentals and I have to leave them (for a maximum of two hours at a time) because I know that my bitches are very anxious and could destroy material if they are not in their crate.

But, a cage is also used in many situations depending on your animal: daily basket, protection with other animals, visit to the veterinarian…

The first criterion to choose your crate is the size since it must be adapted to the dimensions of your dog. A dog usually likes to lie down in a ball to sleep in his crate, but plan for more space because he also likes to stand up to look around.

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