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Comparison of the best dog clippers

While he spends his time shedding, the dog has “fragile” hair. If you trim your dog’s hair with the wrong product, you’ll damage his coat for a long time. To avoid expensive grooming in a salon and still keep your dog looking good, use a clipper specially designed for clipping dogs.

We have compiled a comparison of the best dog clippers for you.

Low-noise Focuspet grooming clippers

focuspet clippers

  • suitable for all body sizes
  • long autonomy
  • complete package
  • several speed levels

Focuspet is a brand specializing in dog accessories and offers clippers for cats and dogs of all sizes. Four hoof sizes are available: 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm.

The clipper is low noise and ergonomic. There are 5 speed levels available and it works both via its battery and plugged in. It takes 5 hours to charge for several hours of autonomy.

It comes with a scissor for cutting stubborn hair or localized in sensitive areas, a comb to comb the dog and make the cut hair fall, a scissor to remove the hair, a brush to clean the blades and an adapter to recharge it.


This clipper is a no-brainer! The different sizes allow you to groom all breeds while respecting their hair. You can choose the best length to bring out the dog’s coat as it should be.

The speed levels are appreciated and show Focuspet’s know-how. Indeed, there is no need to be too slow on parts like the back, while on the ears or between the pads, attention to detail is necessary. Do not hesitate to use the grooming scissors more for these areas.

The fact that you can use the clippers in manual mode, without the cord, is another strong point. There’s nothing more unpleasant than having to make ten turns to keep the cord from getting tangled. Plus, if it’s dangling in front of your dog’s eyes, it can make him uncomfortable or even want to chew on it.

The quality of each accessory that comes with the clipper is remarkable. They are not uninteresting additions, but real pluses. The enclosed instructions allow you to quickly understand the operation: how to use the clippers on the dog, how to change the shoe, how to clean the blades…

To realize the quality of the whole, take a look at the reviews of this dog clipper given on Amazon.

The Wahl Show clipper with multiple combs

waahl grooming kit

  • quality clipping
  • fast hair cutting
  • silent
  • long life
  • wired
  • heats up a bit after 2 hours of use

Guaranteed for two years, this pet clipper is corded. The manufacturer of the dog clipper, Wahl, guarantees that the product never overheats thanks to its powerful motor.

It has three different cutting sizes, from 1 to 3.5 mm.

The clipper is delivered with a packaging including a scissor, a comb, a small brush to clean the blades of the clipper, several shoes and a storage box.


Of all the products in our dog clippers comparison, this is one of the best. Owners appreciate the quality of the clipping.

Since dogs don’t like grooming, it’s a pleasure to have an accessory that works easily and effortlessly. There’s no need to strain or go over it ten times. The cutting of the dog’s hair is fast.

It achieves the feat of being silent. For a pet, this is not a detail because the noise of the motor often frightens them and complicates your work as an amateur dog hairdresser.

The life span is high. The blades or clippers are of excellent quality. The price of the dog clippers is not even worth a session at the groomer’s, it is a real money saver.

You can usually use it for up to 2 hours at a time. After that, it gets a little hot. The fact that it is only wired can be a problem, especially if you groom your dog on a grooming table far from the plugs. Moreover, it is easy to tangle the wire around the animal.


Andis dog clippers

Andis dog clippers

  • Andis quality
  • respects the dog’s hair
  • ergonomic clipper
  • long hairs require several passes

Andis is a brand (almost) as well known as Wahl. Specially designed for dogs, it quickly cuts the dog’s hair and respects it for a better regrowth.

It’s still pretty quiet, although not as quiet as the first two clippers in this comparison. It comes with four different cutting heads so you can adapt to the length of hair your dog wants. Nevertheless, it seems to have some difficulties on long hairs and it takes several passes to get the desired effect.

The grip is easy and the different modes can be changed in an ergonomic way. Weighing 500 grams, it holds well during grooming.

This model is a good choice for infrequent grooming (3/4 times a year maximum). If you do more frequent grooming and/or have several dogs, I recommend the Wahl.


Dog clipper and shaver kit

Dog clipper and shaver kit

  • good autonomy
  • silent
  • the hair collects quickly in the hoof

Among the best-selling hair clippers for dogs, we find this reference. Advertised with 50 min of charge, it has an autonomy of 70 min.

There are 4 different hoof sizes to fit your dog’s size and breed. There is also a button to cut even shorter, between 0.8 and 2 mm. The blades are made of titanium and removable. You can change them if they start to cut your pet’s hair as well as before.

When it works, it emits less than 50 decibels so as not to frighten an animal that generally dislikes this activity.


Particularly quiet, this clipper is a good choice for dogs frightened by motor noise.

The choice of cuts is in line with what is found on other competing clippers. The short sizes (0.2 mm) will only serve you for a few areas such as the pads and even then, we prefer the scissors for these specificities. A small drawback is that the hairs pile up too easily in the shoe, which forces you to stop to remove them.

The autonomy of 70 min is verified. This is enough for most breeds once you get the hang of it. However, it takes more than 50 minutes to get a fully charged battery.

The overall quality of this hairy pet clipper is satisfactory. It’s a good value for the money.

Wahl dog clippers

Wahl dog clippers

The Wahl Creativa pink dog clipper has a volume of 178 x 46 x 50 mm³. It weighs only 180 grams, which means it can be used for a long time without tiring the user.

It comes in a kit with all the accessories that allow you to use it better. Among these additional tools, we can mention: 4 plastic cutting shoes, each measuring 3, 6, 9 and 12 mm, a cleaning brush, a cable and a charging base.

In addition, the device has a powerful and solid motor that runs at up to 5,300 rpm at constant speed. In addition, the mower has two lithium batteries that last up to 75 minutes, guaranteeing good autonomy. An LED charge indicator on the unit shows the status of the unit. Such features are ideal for trimming the hair of a large dog. They also explain why the price of this dog clipper is so high.

It is worth mentioning that the clipper requires only low power consumption with the power plug. On the other hand, the device is suitable for both dog and cat. So I recommend it to you, because it is obviously a good value for money.

How to choose and use the clippers?

Before you buy your dog clippers, here are some tips on how to use them.

Be sure to choose a model that makes little noise, because a dog that is used to it will surely be afraid at first. Be understanding and reassure your dog during the clipping process. Go slowly and speed up a little if you feel your dog is comfortable.

dog shaving

If your dog has a lot of knots in his hair, it can be difficult to use the clippers at certain times. You have two solutions: either you do a treatment beforehand to eliminate the knots (brushing the hair for example), or you use scissors for these parts. This will prevent your dog from being in pain or your clippers from having trouble.

Don’t hesitate to take a few breaks to avoid overheating, but also to let your dog breathe. For him, standing still in a situation he doesn’t like is no fun. At the end, give him a small treat to reward him for his patience during the grooming.

Don’t forget to remove as much hair as possible. If the balls cut by the clippers are easily noticed, it is not the case of the small hairs which do not have any more roots, but remain on your dog. Without any action on your part, they will be scattered on the floors of your house for a few days…

How to extend the life of your clippers?

Buying the right dog clippers is the first step. Once you’ve got it, your goal now is to extend its life as much as possible.

To do this, read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to make sure that you do your clipping in a way that respects the dog and the equipment.

After shearing, remember to wash the hoof and the blades. For the latter, there is no need to put oil back very often. Once every two years is enough.

For the well-being of your dog, but also to avoid damaging your clippers, never force on stubborn hairs. Clipping should be easy and smooth. If your dog’s clipper is reluctant to cut a knot, cut it at the base rather than forcing it.

What breeds of dogs need clippers?

All dogs benefit from being groomed from time to time, but some breeds have a short coat that does not require trimming (e.g. a French bulldog).

Therefore, it is the long-haired breeds that are primarily concerned. You can look for your clippers for a Westie, a Shih Tzu, the Lhasa Apso… Groomers also prefer clippers for large breeds such as the Pyrenean Shepherd since they can cut the hair quickly and efficiently.

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