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Comparison of the best motorcycle dog carriers

Taking your dog along on your motorcycle trips is not a crazy idea. Today there are many carrying bags that can be used for this purpose. To do so, you should choose the most compact, strong, safe and stable bags.

We have made for you a comparison of the best motorcycle bags for dogs.

Motorcycle carrying bag – multiple colors

Motorcycle carrying bag - multiple colors

  • three straps for stability
  • several possible openings
  • comfortable for the animal
  • presence of a seat belt

This carry bag sells very well on Amazon. It is available in four colors: green, orange, purple and brown. It has three straps, on the shoulders and chest. This ensures perfect stability while you are on the bike, whether in turns or braking.

For you, it’s pleasant because you don’t feel shocks in your back. For the dog, it is more comfortable and it avoids him some fears. In addition, the dog benefits from a safety belt inside the bag so that he is well held.

It is also a very good transport bag if you take the plane and its dimensions respect the demands of the companies. On the other hand, it also means that the bag is made for dogs of 7 kg and less. If you have a larger breed, choose the Trixie bag below.

Several vents are present on the bag. The dog can enter from the top or from the bottom and in front. This second opening is often preferred for cats who have difficulty getting into a motorcycle bag. For the dog, the classic top closure and the front closure are the best choices.

The base of the carrier bag can be removed for quicker washing. The zippers have two “tabs” to open them, which is good in case one breaks.

K9 Dog Motorcycle Bag

K9 Dog Motorcycle Bag

  • comfortable bag for the dog
  • several air vents
  • functional closure
  • is easy to wash
  • light-weight accessory
  • ergonomic straps
  • net a little fragile (cut off the dog’s claws)

This bag for carrying a dog on a motorcycle weighs less than one kilo, which does not bother the biker at all. It allows you to put a dog weighing up to 12 kg. It is a very large capacity for a transport bag. The measurements are 34 x 44 x 30 cm.

This Trixie motorcycle backpack has two straps sufficiently padded so that they are painless and a third strap on the belly ensures support. There are several air vents so that the dog can breathe easily. The top of the bag closes with a zipper. Closed during your trip on the road, it opens during breaks so the dog can get out quickly or just observe the surroundings from your shoulders.

The bottom is padded and removable. This feature has two advantages. First of all, the doggie is comfortable in its bag and can lie down to rest while on the road. Second, the possibility to remove the bottom makes cleaning it quick and easy.

Remember to file your dog’s claws a little bit if they are sharp because the net can quickly scratch if he puts paws in it. If you’re looking for a motorcycle bag for a medium-sized dog, this is the best choice.


Compact motorcycle dog carrier

Compact motorcycle dog carrier

  • innovative style
  • good visibility for the dog
  • numerous air inlets
  • compact bag that moves little during the trip
  • only for small dogs

The style of motorcycle bag for dogs is original. Available in brown and grey, it has a large window in the center. This observation center is adored by the dog who spends his time looking at the surroundings. During a motorcycle ride, his natural curiosity is appeased when he looks at the cars you pass by.

Two portholes/bubbles are present in the package. The first one is closed and can be used in winter since it does not let the cold wind pass through. The second one is open and offers additional ventilation when it is hot.

This motorcycle bag is ideal for a woman because it is small: 29 x 22 x 40 cm. This also means that you can only put small dogs, 6 kg and less.

The different visible holes are ventilation spaces and there are two larger nets on the sides. This means that the animal has many air inlets. A safety leash is in the bag and makes it more secure.

The compact side of the motorcycle carrier bag is pleasant because the wind or gear changes do not compress the edges. There is also a small comfortable mattress at the bottom and it can be removed for washing.

There is no third strap as the first product of this motorcycle bag comparator for dogs. This is a shame and it would be a good addition for the future.


Travel backpack for small dog

Travel backpack for small dog

  • several sizes available
  • comfortable straps for your shoulders
  • bag too soft and the dog moves
  • not enough air inlet
  • uncomfortable bottom

This backpack offers several sizes (M, L, XL) for puppies and dogs under 7 kg. There are also multiple colors and the bag remains aesthetic.

The dog enters through the top of the bag. The opening of the bag remains wide enough even if it does not go all the way to the top of the bag. A small rope allows you to tie the dog inside and prevent him from moving too much while you are on the handlebars. Both straps are wide and padded. The shoulders do not suffer with the weight of the animal.

However, there are several major flaws for this bag to be considered a good choice for riding on a motorcycle. First of all, it is too flexible. The dog is likely to be roughed up during turns and even when you simply carry it outside and walk.

Second, there are few air intakes. With a large dog (relative to the bag), he may not be comfortable breathing, especially if it is very hot. The bottom of the bag is thin and for your doggie’s small hindquarters, it’s not the best motorcycle bag you can give him.

So this bag is not a good alternative. Instead, prefer the three previous models.


How to choose a bag to carry your dog on a motorcycle?

The motorcycle is sometimes a means of locomotion like any other, sometimes your space of freedom. It is normal to want to share these moments with the dog you love. Sturdy carrier bags like the ones above have all the qualities required to be used on a motorcycle or scooter.

The first triage when choosing a dog motorcycle bag is to look at the maximum weight allowed. The biggest ones accept a weight of about 12 kg. Above that, it is not possible to carry your dog on your shoulders and you will have to look for other alternatives such as a sidecar.

Then look at the straps. They must be comfortable and secure. Ventilation is also an important component, even more so if your motorcycle trips are made in high temperatures. The visibility of the dog is a criterion to take into account, but should not be the focus of your decision.

Take a closer look at the comfort of the bottom of the bag so that the dog is comfortable while on the road. Try to have a seat belt for him. While this won’t prevent the bag from falling with you in the event of a fall, it does limit the dog’s sudden movements in the back, which is good for both the driver and the doggie.

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