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Comparison of the best slow feeder bowls for dogs

Eating with proper chewing is very important for your dog. It prevents poor digestion and rejects, while allowing the nutrients to give their full benefit. The anti-swallow bowl is a great way to do this.

To feed a dog that swallows everything, this type of bowl is often the ultimate solution. We have made for you a comparison of the best dog slo-bowls.

Dog bowl for slow feeding

Dog bowl for slow feeding

  • several sizes available
  • does not slip
  • easy to clean
  • solid bowl

This slo bowl is available in several colors and different capacities. It is better to take a slightly larger size than the opposite, otherwise your dog will effortlessly eat the dry food on top, which spoils the usefulness of this accessory a little. However, don’t choose the biggest size for a Yorkshire as he may have trouble catching the deepest dry food.

Made of melamine, the bowl is dishwasher safe or hand washable. The base is anti-slip thanks to several small pads glued underneath.


This is the best slo bowl of this comparison. Perfect for cats and dogs, the variety of sizes makes it accessible to all breeds and sizes.

Once on the floor, it moves very little even if you put the dog’s plate on a floor like tiles. This is a real plus because a dog that eats like an ogre tends to push his bowl with excitement, even more so when some dry food resist him. Thanks to the skids, you won’t find it under the furniture or in the middle of the room.

Visually, this bowl is very beautiful. Its grip by the owner is facilitated by the slightly raised edges. This is not unimportant for people who have difficulty bending down to pick it up. The obstacles in the bowl ensure that your pet can eat slowly and healthily without any dry food getting stuck. It is a very good compromise to make your dog eat more slowly. The eating rhythm is perfect.

The sturdiness is remarkable, while it is quite easy to clean. If you buy this dog bowl, you are not mistaken!


Dog food slo-bowl

Dog food slo-bowl

  • slight inclination
  • removable parts
  • anti-slip
  • large capacity

This elegant dog bowl can hold up to 500 grams of food for your dog. The design is aesthetic and the material, stainless steel, ensures a solid material.

The manufacturer has studied everything to make an effective bowl against the gluttony of the dog. First of all, you will find the unbreakable spikes within the bowl to form obstacles slowing down the dog’s meal.

But that’s not all. The bowl has a slight inclination of 5 degrees. This inclination promotes the dog’s well-being. It reduces the need to bend over to eat and you reduce the air that enters the dog’s stomach and can cause torsion in fragile specimens.

The slow feeder bowl is in 3 removable parts for easy cleaning. On the underside of the bowl, you will find an anti-slip surface to prevent the bowl from moving when the dog tries to eat in it.


All these qualities satisfy the customers as shown by the excellent rating of the product on Amazon. They appreciate having a fixed bowl that stays in place during feeding.

In addition, the large capacity of the bowl is consistent with all dog breeds. The quality is on point. The bowl is a bit heavy, but this is a guarantee of solidity and improves the dog’s diet.

The slo character is effective and manages to be a happy medium: it is a little harder for the dog to eat, but he is not in great difficulty to catch his dry food either.


Large slo bowl

Large slo bowl

  • large bowl
  • solid material
  • shape makes it easy for the dog to work
  • too big for small dogs

This large feeder has a labyrinth design. It is available in several colors. Measuring 20 x 20 cm, it is quite large and is designed for medium and large dogs.

It is dishwasher safe and made of non-toxic, BPA-free material.


If you’re looking to buy this bowl for a small dog, forget it right away. Being deep, the anti-snack bowl will not only slow down the speed at which your dog feeds, but prevent him from grabbing the dry food!

However, for a large dog, this is a good choice. The shapes seriously complicate the task and prevent bulimic dogs from gorging themselves in seconds. The bowl is solid with ideal material. Even if your dog starts to chew on the pins in his excitement, he won’t break them and swallow them.


Slow feeder bowl for small dogs

Slow feeder bowl for small dogs

  • dimensions adapted to small dogs
  • does not slip
  • perfect capacity
  • too small for a big dog

If the previous model of this slo bowl comparison was for large dogs, this one is made for small dogs. It comes in several colors and is differentiated by its rectangular shape.

It has a capacity of 400 ml and is made of melamine for a longer life. It is also dishwasher safe and has some silicone pads under the bowl so that it doesn’t move when the dog plays with its jaw to catch its food.


For small dogs, this is a very good choice. If the bowl is relatively small, the depth is sufficient to put the amount of dry food for one meal, no matter if your dog eats once or twice a day. You’ll also appreciate the small size when you need to carry it on a trip. It takes up little space in a bag.

This bowl is sturdy and won’t move when he eats. Some owners regret receiving a damaged product, but this is very rare and you can always get a free return in this case.

If you have large dogs like a Labrador or German Shepherd, forget about this model. A classic portion would overflow from the bowl. For a small dog, this is a good idea.


Orange slo bowl

  • ecological materials
  • very complicated scheme to eat fast
  • a little expensive product
  • reserved for large dogs

This orange bowl is quite large, which makes it suitable for dogs weighing 15 kg and more. The materials used are natural with bamboo fiber and rice husk. It is guaranteed without plastic.


This large anti-sheep bowl, which can be described as eco-friendly, has some good qualities. First of all, the materials are safe, meaning that if your dog decides to devour his bowl while you’re away, he won’t ingest the wrong things, even if future poop picked up with your bag will look weird.

The bowl pattern works well because it is very complicated for the dog to grab a lot of dry food. This slows down his meals considerably. In the case of a dog that vomits because of his ability to eat quickly, this is excellent. If you just wanted to slow down his dry food intake a bit, the difference may be too great.

Some owners regret that they received a different style of product than the one pictured. However, these opinions are in the minority. We prefer the first model of this comparison, but this one has nice qualities.


How to choose the right dog bowl for your dog?

The price of a dog bowl is low compared to other dog accessories. This is not a reason to choose the first one that comes along or to use it without thinking.

When it comes to choosing a bowl, there are a few things to consider, such as the size of the bowl. If a bowl that is too big is not a problem, one that is too small can ruin the desired effect.

There are sometimes slo bowls that are too deep. This happened to me with Jodie where she could not catch the dry food stuck to the bowl. However, this is quite rare. I took a second one where I did not have this problem and I do not regret it. It completely stopped his vomiting after meals.

The spikes and other obstacles are often well studied. The goal being to not be able to swallow a whole mouthful at once, the different designs do the trick.

Try to get a bowl with skids so that it doesn’t slide around when the dog feeds. The aesthetic aspect also has an interest because we always prefer to have a nice accessory in our room than something hideous. A good grip, like the first product in this comparison, is very practical but we found few models with this quality.

Buying an slow feeder bowl is sometimes recommended by veterinarians and canine behavior. It is used in many cases such as :

  • Treating a dog’s obesity
  • Stopping vomiting in dogs that eat too fast
  • To prevent a dog from choking while swallowing food
  • Limiting air intake during each bite (in this case, also avoid using a bowl holder)
  • Increase a dog’s feeling of satiety
  • Reduce stress levels
  • Take full advantage of nutrients

Don’t forget to clean the bowl regularly because bacteria can quickly become embedded, especially if you use it as a travel bowl. The smell can also be unpleasant if you give your dog pâté.

In addition to the bowl, try not to excite your dog before feeding him. His meal should be a normal time, not a game or activity that gets him excited. Relative calm will limit his desire to jump on the food.

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