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Dog cap: how it works, advantages and choices

Like coats, caps are a popular item of dog clothing these days. Designed to protect the dog’s head and eyes from the sun’s rays, this accessory is both simple and aesthetic.

Perfect for sun-sensitive animals, the dog hat must be well chosen to be effective.

How do I use a dog cap?

Hats and caps for dogs are accessories specially made to suit their physique. It is therefore a garment that is easy to wear and comfortable for the dog when it is well chosen.

To have the cap worn, simply place it on the animal’s head, taking care to let the ears stick out through the holes provided. Indeed, if dogs often wear the cap on the top of their head, they are very sensitive to the ears. If the cap hinders this part of their body, they will do everything they can to make it fall off.

The strap under the doggie’s neck must then be tightened so that the cap stays securely in place, even when he walks or runs. This also prevents the dog from removing the cap if he is not used to it.

Also, be careful not to tighten the strap too much so as not to interfere with your pet’s windpipe. Then make sure that the cap is firmly in place at the top of the skull and don’t hesitate to readjust it regularly at the beginning to understand the best settings for its comfort.

What are the advantages of a dog cap?

The main advantage of a dog cap is no different from a human cap: it serves to protect the doggie’s head from the sun’s rays. Very effective, when worn properly, it protects the animal’s eyes from the intensity of the sun while avoiding direct exposure to the sun.

When it is very heavy in summer, a breathable cap reduces the risk of sunstroke.

Apart from these different points, the dog cap has the advantage of being aesthetic and decorative. It is therefore ideal for those who want to have a stylish dog.

Dog cap: what are its drawbacks?

The cap can be cumbersome and embarrassing for the animal after a while or if it is too big for him.

You must understand that it is not an essential accessory for the dog’s development. It should only be put on when the sun is hitting hard.

Similarly, it may happen that the animal is allergic to the material used to make the cap, but this is very rare.

Finally, if you choose a cap of poor quality, it may be too hot and increase the dog’s sweating.

How to choose a dog cap?

You will find at the time of purchase of this accessory a wide range of caps for dogs. To avoid getting lost in them, we recommend that you take the following criteria into account when choosing a dog cap.

Weight and ergonomics

It is advisable to opt for light and easy to put on caps. The aim is to avoid making the dog feel uncomfortable. The lighter the cap, the more likely he will want to keep it on.

The size

There are a variety of sizes of caps for dogs. So it is not difficult to find one, whether your companion is large or small. However, make sure that the cap you choose for your pet is large enough for your pet.

When I order small accessories such as caps, I often take two and keep only the one that fits the best. With Amazon, returns are free, so I might as well take advantage of it.

The quality of the strap

We recommend a dog cap with an adjustable strap. It’s easier to use and it takes the hassle out of picking up and putting the cap back on each time it falls off.

The Design

We generally find on the market canine caps with camouflage patterns, sequins or simple and sober models. Favour a dog hat with patterns and colors that you like.

Care and maintenance

Opt for a cap that is easy to clean and machine washable. This way you don’t have to waste time getting it clean.

In the summer, it is common to wash the cap every ten wears because the dog sweats quickly and its smell permeates the material.

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