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Dog collar or dog harness: what to choose?

When a new animal comes into the home, it is important to think about acquiring everything it will need during its lifetime. Its comfort is necessary and has a positive impact on the relationship it will have with its owner. Among the canine accessories, there are those used to walk it.

Many people hesitate between the collar and the harness for the dog and this is understandable because they do not necessarily know what the advantages and disadvantages of one or the other are.

Today, we put our experience at your service with this article will shed light on this subject in order to greatly facilitate your future choice.

The limits of the dog collar

The collar is the object that all dog owners own. The first time, if the puppy is not used to it, it gives funny situations. The poor little hairy beast pulls on the leash and doesn’t understand why it is held by its neck.

Then in a few days, this object that seemed to be a torture becomes normal and the dog gets used to it, even if he often enjoys teething on it when he is still young.

It’s a good tool in itself, but it has many limitations that make it not the best choice for you and your pet. If your dog tends to get excited and pull his leash a lot during walks, wearing a collar can put pressure, sometimes dangerous, on his throat.

In fact, it is not uncommon for a dog to experience difficulty breathing or coughing after pulling on the leash forcefully either to get something to eat on the ground or to party with another dog. However, the dog’s throat is a fragile part of his body and even if, most of the time, wearing the collar does not leave any after-effects on the animal, there have been several occasions when the collar has caused hyperthyroidism or intraocular pressure, as well as risks for the dog’s cervical vertebrae.

Fortunately these are the rarest cases, but this should make you understand how uncomfortable or even painful the collar can be for your pet. Therefore, if you have the chance, choose a harness adapted for your dog rather than a collar.

However, don’t forget that wearing a collar is very useful if you want your pet to wear a tag with its information on it. Moreover, if your dog does not pull during walks, the collar is completely safe for him and you can choose this solution without worrying. With age, your dog becomes calmer and therefore the collar becomes a good solution.

If your choice turns to a collar, favour nylon or leather and keep some slack between the collar and his neck to make him more comfortable.

Advantages of the harness

As you may have understood, it is advisable to acquire a harness for your dog rather than a collar. But why? Well it turns out that a harness has many benefits for your dog that a collar does not have.

To help you understand this, here are some of the advantages of using a harness:

– The harness, if properly adjusted, will prevent the dog from injuring himself when he pulls too hard on his leash. At the same time, when you hold him down, he will be better blocked since the resistance is all over his body.

– The harness will make walking your dog more pleasant for him as well as for you, if your pet tends to pull on his leash a lot. There is less of a duel between handler and dog to move forward.

– The harness allows you to have more control over your dog’s walk, or rather over the direction your dog decides to go. It is easier to redirect your pet with a harness than with a collar. Since the weight of the animal is spread over his entire body, these redirection changes are very simple for him and remain natural.

– The harness is practical when you want to train your dog, especially for walking. Also use the harness when you want to teach your dog to sit or stay still. With a straightforward posture, you are showing him the correct command.

The different dog harnesses

There are different types of harnesses and it is important to know the specifics of each one in order to choose the one that is best suited to your dog. Currently, the best selling model is the Julius K9 harness. There are many different colors and sizes.

If you hesitate between two sizes, our tip is to buy two sizes on Amazon, try them on your dog and return the one that doesn’t fit. The return is completely free of charge. This saves you from disappointment.

Y-shaped harness

The big advantage of this harness is that it is impossible for it to get up on your pet’s throat by accident. However, it is only suitable for certain dog morphologies and is not often recommended by dog training professionals.

T shape harness

It is undoubtedly the most comfortable harness because it gives your pet total freedom without hindering its movements. Therefore, it is the perfect harness if your dog likes to run while walking.

Harness shape H

This is the “classic” type of harness, the one everyone knows. It is a very good first choice if you are unsure of yourself and what is right for your pet. However, with this harness you must be very careful to adjust it properly because it can go off if the animal jerks.

The price of the harnesses

Harnesses can range, in general, from $15 to $30 depending on the type of harness you are looking for and its quality. There are also luxury harnesses that cost much more. They are not necessarily more qualitative but offer features such as pockets to carry the dog’s water. They are reserved for dogs that go on very long walks or hunting trips.

For your comfort, try to find a harness model with the handle on the back. For the safety of the animal and yours, a reflective strip or lights on the harness allow motorists to spot your pet at night.

However, the collar takes the upper hand when…

Many trainers and dog owners recommend alternating the use of a harness with the use of a collar. Harnessing should be a more regular solution because it is more suitable and less dangerous for your pet, but wearing a harness will apparently encourage your dog to pull more frequently.

Therefore, it is advisable to start walks with a collar to instill good manners in your pet before gradually switching to a harness that will be more pleasant for him and will allow him more freedom of movement.

The collar is even necessary for breeds that are difficult to control because of their weight or strength. Choke collars even become a perfect solution for everyone’s safety. Their operation is very simple. If the dog pulls, the space at the neck is reduced. Thus, he quickly associates his discomfort with his action and stops being in such a hurry or aggressive.

The training collar that we highlight on this site is another subject. It can very well be put on with a harness or another collar. It is used to give indications to the dog and not to take him out. We invite you to discover more information on this subject through our other articles.

In conclusion, it is clear that a harness is a better choice, for your animal as well as for you. It allows your dog a great deal of freedom of movement while giving you the possibility to direct him more easily. It is also less dangerous and more practical if your dog pulls a lot or violently on his leash during walks.

However, if your dog is calm while walking, there is no harm in having him wear a collar, he will not risk anything as long as he doesn’t pull too hard and too regularly. Moreover, this way your pet will always be able to keep his tag on him. The choice is entirely up to you according to the character of your dog.

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