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Comparison of the best thermometers for dogs

Does your dog look sick and you want to take his temperature? This is perfectly possible by taking a thermometer specially designed for dogs.

We have made a comparison of the best dog thermometers for you.

Digital dog thermometer for anal passages

Digital dog thermometer for anal / oral passages


  • accurate thermometer
  • easy temperature measurement
  • great autonomy
  • inexpensive equipment
  • clear display



This dog thermometer works in anus, not in ear or mouth. Veterinarians always recommend taking your dog’s temperature through the anus, as the measurement is closer to the truth.

Dogs don’t like it, but they are more surprised than aggressive. In order to limit discomfort, this model, which is not far from being the best dog thermometer, takes the measurement in about 6 seconds.

The accuracy is 0.05 degrees and it is possible to measure a temperature between 32 and 43 degrees. The small package you receive when ordering this product contains the basal thermometer, a box to store it and a manual explaining how it works.


This cheap dog thermometer is very accurate. It is important to know that the body of a doggie is a little warmer than that of a human. A temperature between 38 and 39 degrees is normal.

This electronic thermometer is quite small, which is handy to store or use on small dogs. Taking the temperature is quick, which is good for both you and your pet. The display on the screen is clear and big enough to be seen by everyone.

The design of the thermometer facilitates the mission. The handle is large enough to be held firmly and the tip is the right size to avoid possible injury if your dog struggles. Indeed, the animal could suffer if a very long tip is pushed in. This is not the case with this product. This thermometer is suitable for both small and large dogs.

The canine digital thermometer works with two batteries and has a long autonomy. Unless you take the temperature ten times a day, which would be horrible for your pet, it will last for months. The thermometer conveniently shuts itself off after one minute with no action on your part, a perfect feature to reduce unnecessary battery consumption.

A great purchase, no doubt about it!


Infrared forehead thermometer for dogs

Infrared forehead thermometer for dogs


  • excellent thermom√®tre frontale
  • affichage de la temp√©rature lisible


  • less precise than the straight track

This dog thermometer, unlike the previous one, works on the forehead of the animal. The measurement is instantaneous.

Simply place the canine thermometer on your dog’s head, press the button and a small sound will tell you that the temperature reading has been successful. The number is then displayed on the large screen.


Taking your dog’s temperature through the forehead is less accurate than taking it through the anus. Already for a human, there is a larger margin of error, but for a dog with hair, it is even larger.

However, it is easy to understand that you can be disturbed by the idea of sticking a thermometer in the small buttocks of your doggie and that you are afraid of hurting him. It’s better to buy a forehead thermometer and have a less accurate reading than to do nothing at all when you think your pet is sick or has an infection.

To increase accuracy, do not calculate its heat while it is wet or when it is coming in from outside. The sun heats the hair, just as the cold cools it, which can distort the result.

At least wait at least 30 minutes after he’s been indoors, pull the hair away from his forehead to try to get the thermometer as close to his skin as possible.

This equipment is easy to handle, works well and the display is perfect. It is the best forehead thermometer for dogs, although we prefer models that are used rectally.


Digital thermometer for animals

Digital thermometer for animals


  • high precision
  • lubricant pouch


  • accessory small
  • medium screen

This small size thermometer comes with 100 lubricant pouches. So you’ll understand: it works rectally. These pouches are very good for not hurting the animal, even if for most dogs, you just have to wet the tip of the thermometer a little so that it doesn’t hurt.

It comes with a box to store and protect it. A battery indicator is directly on the display to warn when the batteries are empty. The set measures about twenty centimeters.


This animal thermometer is also very accurate. The temperature is displayed on an LCD screen. One regrets a little the size of this screen. If you miss a little brightness or the batteries start to tire, the measurement becomes difficult to decipher.

Lubricant pouches are a definite plus. For masters who are afraid of hitting their doggie, it offers them extra security and gives them confidence. This doesn’t prevent you from washing the mouthpiece thoroughly after each use.

Don’t forget that the anus is a nest of germs and it would be a shame to keep a lot of them on an accessory that will enter your pet’s body again. Even more so if he is sick and already has a virus!

The pocket size of this small dog thermometer is not necessarily an advantage. It is more difficult to handle than the first model of this thermometer comparator. With a dog that moves, you will have difficulty.

It takes about ten seconds to take the measurement. This is a reasonable time, but it is possible to find quicker vet equipment.

All in all, it is a good model in terms of accuracy and the additions in the package (pouches, storage bag) are welcome. The shape of the canine thermometer and the screen remain average. You can hope for better.


How to choose your thermometer to take your dog’s temperature?

Taking your dog’s temperature is quite rare. Nevertheless, having a device in your home to check your doggie’s health is a great security. If you notice an abnormal temperature, make an appointment with the veterinarian.

to choose your thermometer

If there are no other symptoms (dog is not tired, no vomiting, no diarrhea, he is eating normally), there is no emergency. If any of the above symptoms are noticed, ask for an appointment during the day. An infection sometimes expresses itself by a fever and dogs tolerate even less a high temperature than we do.

The accuracy of the measurement is obviously the number one criterion when choosing your dog thermometer. It is important to have the right measurement. For this reason, we recommend that you take the anal route. The frontal way is correct if you are afraid of injuring your companion.

However, avoid the oral route. A dog salivates a lot and may eat the mouthpiece and therefore break it quickly.

If possible, use an ergonomic model that allows you to hold the attachment firmly. It is therefore better to have a somewhat large piece of equipment for this. Thermometers with a handle and a slightly slanted tip like the first one in this buying guide are great to help you hold it. The display should be easy to read.

As for the autonomy of the thermometer, unless you choose a low-end model, it is good. The price of a quality dog thermometer is between $15 and $40. Below that, you will either have problems of solidity or a too high margin of error.

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