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Dog Toothpaste: advantages and choice

A good oral hygiene of the dogs is necessary to avoid bad breath or the appearance of diseases.

Bacteria in the dog’s oral cavity or even tartar can enter the bloodstream and cause serious illnesses such as respiratory disease. It is therefore crucial to take care of your dog.

In this article we explain what you need to know about dog toothpaste.

How does dog toothpaste work?

Dogs are entitled to good dental hygiene just like their owners. If a dog has to use toothpaste and have a toothbrush, you obviously can’t use the same toothpaste as your dog.

Unlike us, dogs cannot spit out their toothpaste. There are dog toothpastes that are designed for their specific needs. They attack tartar quickly and are easy to digest.

When to use dog toothpaste?

We recommend that you start brushing your dog’s teeth as early as 8 weeks of age. The sooner you start brushing, the sooner your dog will get used to it.

Toothpastes are made in a variety of flavors, so if your dog is picky about one, you can try a different flavor. Just watch his reaction while brushing to see what he tolerates best.

In terms of frequency, veterinarians often recommend brushing once a week. This prevents tartar build-up.


How do you clean your dog’s teeth?

A few steps are necessary to brush your dog’s teeth.

To begin, prepare your equipment: toothbrush, finger bowl and toothpaste. You should choose a time when your dog is calm because he may not let you do it easily. Dogs tend to turn their head or lick their tongue incessantly to get rid of your finger in their mouth.

To help him, you should put a little toothpaste on your finger bowl and run your finger over his teeth. You need to repeat this several times before using the toothbrush. You must place your index finger and thumb to spread his lips.

You can then brush the teeth, from the gum to the tip of the teeth. For the first few brushings, you should avoid the incisors. Once your dog is used to it, you can brush all its teeth.

Don’t press hard on the dog’s teeth to avoid hurting him. Always keep a small amount of toothpaste on the toothbrush and brush tooth by tooth, rather than in large strokes as we usually do when cleaning our own teeth.

Toothpaste for dogs: what are the benefits?

The main advantage of dog toothpaste is that it is made for dogs. It was designed to prevent oral diseases that can appear as early as 3 years old. Regular brushing of their teeth helps prevent heart and kidney disease.

In addition, it is used to prevent liver disease. Brushing is also used to prevent tartar, bad breath and periodontal disease. For a Cavalier King Charles like Jodie, a breed prone to heart disease, brushing can reduce the risk of heart disease.

Note that this is also true for humans. Studies show that tartar increases cardiovascular risk.

However, there are some limitations to dog toothpastes. If you never brushed your dog’s teeth when he was young, it’s hard to get him used to it as an adult.

Late brushing cannot remove tartar, eliminate bad breath or cure gingivitis. In these cases, only medical intervention is required. A veterinarian can perform a scaling, but this requires general anesthesia.

In addition to toothpaste, I recommend chewable hard bones. By chewing, the dog puts in strokes that remove some of the dirt from its mouth.

The 3 best toothpastes for dogs

Virbac Enzymatic Toothpaste for Dogs


Vet’s Best Dog Toothpaste


Petrodex Dog Toothpaste


How to choose a dog toothpaste?

When it comes to dog toothpaste, there is a wide choice between spray toothpaste and powder toothpaste. You can also find on the market the chewable toothpaste or the paste one.

Let’s zoom in on all the types of dog toothpaste that exist.

dog toothpaste

Toothpaste in spray

This is a solution to be sprayed in your dog’s mouth. It protects teeth against the appearance of dental plaque. To be effective, you must leave it on for 30 minutes before giving your dog a meal.

Powdered toothpaste

This is a solution for dogs that can’t stand brushing their teeth. In this case, simply add this powder to their meal. We advise you to do it in wet meals. You can do this on a daily basis for the well-being of your dog. Chewing the food will act as brushing.

Chewable toothpaste

It comes in the form of chewable tablets. You can find them in different flavors, which will please your dog. During chewing, the enzymes contained in the lozenges will act on the oral flora. At the same time, the tartar formed is eliminated.

Toothpaste in paste

This is the usual toothpaste, similar to the one you use. It is recommended for easygoing dogs, those who do not resist brushing. You can find some with a poultry or liver flavor.

Also, be sure to check the manufacturer and other owners’ opinions before choosing your toothpaste. Veterinarians often sell this type of product, but their margins inflate the price. For this reason, don’t hesitate to buy online.

In the end, dog toothpaste is ideal for preventing many diseases.

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