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Comparison of the best Dogtra dog training collar

The Dogtra brand in a few lines

Dogtra Europe is positioned on the high-end market of training collars. The high prices are largely compensated by the excellent performance, as our various tests have shown. The company sells collars for both small dogs and attack dogs. The long ranges seen at the bottom of this page are perfect for hunting.

Among their strong points, we can highlight the Exact-stim stimulation system, a patented in-house innovation. The precision of these stimulations are impressive and unlike many collars on the market, the differences between levels are regular and consistent.

The Dogtra ARC 3/4 miles training collar

The Dogtra ARC 800 training collar


  • All of them!
  • Range, autonomy, efficiency, design…

This Dogtra product has everything you’d want in a training collar and a great range.

Like its sibling, the 620 NCP, the ARC 3/4 mile training collar has 127 levels for sending electrostatic stimulation. Flash, continuous and pager (the brand’s name for vibration) modes also work. The maximum range is extended to 3/4 mile, a significant distance.
The collar comes in a sturdy box and can easily be stored in the hall closet.

Small advice: always store the charger in this case or you will lose it. I speak with knowledge because I am still looking for it!

Our opinion on the Dogtra ARC 3/4 mile

Dogtra still assumes its qualitative positioning. Tested on a Springer Spaniel, this training collar has an ideal size and an ergonomic design allowing it to adapt to all morphologies.
The 700/800 yard range may seem too large for most breeds, but for a hunting dog like the Spaniel, it is a guarantee of safety. He can chase game without fear of getting lost by going too far.

Many levels of stimulation put the barbaric electric collars in the closet. Here, you can dose the warning according to your needs. For my dog, I initially set it at a fairly high level because he didn’t care for my reminders when a hare made eyes at him. Then, as time went by, I was able to lower it to the vibration level.

From now on, it is rare that he doesn’t stop by himself or a simple press of the vibration button is enough to recall him. It stops, looks at me and joins me without any pain. A real pleasure!


Dogtra 400 yards dog collar

Dogtra 400 yards dog collar



  • precise
  • long range
  • 127 (!) stimulation levels


  • the price

This Dogtra 400 yards dog collar is a must. No feature is missing. Better yet, some of them seem unnecessary.

This IQ Plus collar goes up to 127 levels of electrostatic stimulation! An impressive number and perhaps a bit of a gimmick. At least you can be sure to find the right level(s) to train your dog. The stimulations are either “flash” or “continuous”. There is a vibration mode to alert your dog to unwanted behavior.

The product is made for small dogs with a light weight of the receiver collar. The battery is a rechargeable Ni-MH and you can monitor its status with the three bars displayed on the LCD screen, just like any phone. The LCD screen shows you the level of stimulation you are set to and will prevent you from sending too strong or too weak a signal.

Our opinion of this Dogtra collar

This review follows a use with a basset hound who loves, or rather loved, to run away as soon as an opportunity to run away arose. After several intensive search sessions in the nearby forest, the owner decided to try a recall collar. We can now say that she is won over by the Dogtra collars.

The range of 400 yards is more than enough to give the dog freedom without fear of being lost. At the beginning, the electrostatic stimulations were necessary because the basset hound did not listen to the vibrations under the effect of excitement. After a week of use, a vibration of the anti-runaway collar was enough.

The battery has an important autonomy and one charge per week is more than enough for a recurrent use. The price is justified considering the precision of the collar and if you have a product of lower range, you may be surprised of the efficiency that a training collar can reach.


Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar

Dogtra 1900S Remote Training Collar


  • unequalled precision
  • long range
  • great autonomy


  • price

This small dog collar has an impressive accuracy and a range that is ideal for long walks with your four-legged friend.

This collar is designed for calm dogs that do not require strong stimulation. However, the model offers 127 levels of continuous or simultaneous electrostatic stimulation. In addition, there is a vibration function that allows to train a dog gently.

The range is 3/4 mile and charging is done via an external charger. The weight of the collar is light and will be easily assimilated by your dog. It is also waterproof and an LED light will warn you if the battery is low.

Our opinion of this dog collar

The test was conducted with a French bulldog who tends to be very stubborn. While we expected difficulties as the model is designed for calm dogs, it proved to be extremely effective. The 127 levels of stimulation are a trademark of Dogtra and obviously you will never use all the levels. The best thing to do is to do a few trials starting with the lowest level and then find the minimum intensity to which the dog responds. Once found, keep it there as long as the listening goes along.

The range is 3/4 mile is tested and approved. There is no disappointment once the collar in action. I only regret the high price for a decent range, but not crazy either However, if you can afford the expense, go for it with your eyes closed. You won’t find greater precision anywhere else than Dogtra.


Dogtra training collars for use with two dogs

You have two dogs and you don’t want to juggle several remote controls when training them? Dogtra has thought of everything with the xx2 range.

Indeed, for each of their collars, there is an additional reference (622 for the 620 NCP, 802 for the 800 ARC…).

In the case, you will find not one, but two different collars. Connected to the same remote control, they are ideal for training several dogs at the same time. The products are a bit more expensive.

This makes sense since you get one more collar. And if you do the math, you’ll realize that, in addition to being convenient, these products save you money compared to buying two products.


Extra-long range training collars

Extra-long range training collars

For the vast majority of owners, collars with a range longer than a mile will be more than enough to ensure that your pet does not run away. For certain breeds or activities such as hunting, it is necessary to take longer ranges.

Indeed, the dog needs to be able to run without fear of rapid stimulation in order to catch its prey.

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