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Comparison of the best dry food for puppies

Good nutrition is the key to a healthy and energetic puppy. Indeed, at only a few weeks or months, the puppy needs special food for its awakening and growth.

At the same time, he is still particularly fragile in terms of digestion, while his small windpipe can make it difficult for him to swallow dry food that are too big for him.

To get all the benefits of a good diet, you must choose puppy food and of course, not all are the same! In this puppy food comparison, you’ll find a range of products adapted to the age, size and lifestyle of your hairy companion.

Hills Junior puppy food

Hills Junior puppy food

  • high quality dry food
  • easy to digest and swallow
  • rich in chicken
  • development of muscles and bones

Perfect Fit Junior is typically the type of high-end kibble that will bring only benefits to your dog.

This package is intended for puppies under 10 kg, which corresponds to small and medium breeds.

With a rich, crunchy texture, it is delicious for the puppy who has no difficulty in chewing and swallowing them. They are complete with a good dose of chicken, a food that is always rich in protein and promotes muscle development.

Developed in collaboration with nutritionists and veterinarians, these Perfect Fit Puppy dry food ensure the common needs (good digestion, oral health, better natural defenses, healthy skin and coat, maintaining a healthy weight) and aim for three other benefits (healthy growth, brain development, prevents eating problems).

If the price of Perfect Fit Junior dry food is not within the reach of all budgets, its quality is no longer contradictory. I have always thought it was important to start on a good basis and am therefore willing to make financial efforts on the dry food during the first months of my puppies’ life, before opting for slightly cheaper manufacturers when they reach adulthood.


Dry food Acana Puppy and Junior

Dry food Acana Puppy and Junior

  • healthy food
  • rich in vegetables and fruits
  • customer satisfaction
  • several quantities available

Let’s continue this tour in puppy food keeping in mind that the quality of the food is an essential element for the good development of the dog.

The Acana brand is not the one most easily found in stores, but it is nevertheless of a very high quality. Acana surfs on an image of healthy food and respecting an ethic close to organic.

In these Acana puppy dry food, you will find a large variety of fresh meat, some fruits and vegetables.

All owners who try the Acana adventure end up satisfied. It already starts with dry food with pleasant aromas, then continues with food that is easily digested by the dog and which seems to give him a real boost of energy.

These Acana Puppy dry food are sold in packages of 2, 6 and 11.4 kg. Take a look at the price per kg to know which one is the most interesting.

Eukanuba Lamb Puppy dry food

Eukanuba Lamb Puppy dry food

  • large packet and small price
  • promotes a shiny coat
  • easy and quick digestion

Eukanuba is another brand of kibble that has a good reputation but is difficult to find in veterinarians. That’s why I always used to buy my dry food online… Veterinarians often only have one or two brands, the ones that pay them the best commission on sales.

Let’s stop the disgression and go back to the dry food that will make your little puppy salivate: Eukanuba Lamb & Rice dry food. This combination limits the risk of diarrhea, a problem that often occurs in young dogs.

With a little prebiotics to boost the dog’s immune system, the kibble also has a good dose of fatty acids and omega to help promote a shiny coat.

The price of the dry food is particularly attractive. It is constantly changing on websites such as Amazon, but it is commonly below $5 per lbs when you take a 12lbs pack of puppy food.

If you do not find the quality of Acana or Perfect Fit, real references, you keep good dry food at an accessible price. If your dog has no particular digestive problems, you will make a good choice with this brand.


Eukanuba Large Puppy food for Large Puppies

Eukanuba Large Puppy food for Large Puppies

  • excellent quality/price ratio
  • rich in animal proteins
  • improve the animal’s learning process

Larger puppies have special needs. First of all, they reach adulthood later than small dogs, so they eat puppy food for a longer period of time.

Secondly, their longer and more “intense” growth requires a specific food. If you have a large breed, it is therefore imperative that you orient yourself towards large-sized puppy food in order to really give it what it needs.

Eukanuba puppy food is rich in animal protein to effectively nourish your puppy’s muscles. Calcium ensures strong bones.

At the same time, prebiotics are there to ensure a healthy gut flora for the puppy and Omega 3 is there to enhance the dog’s learning ability.

The dry food smell quite strongly, but the smell is not unpleasant. Nevertheless, if you make a change of food, a recalcitrant puppy could be difficult for a few days.

For the price, the rate approaches $3 per kg when you take a large package of puppy food of 15 kg. An excellent quality/price ratio!


How can I find my puppy food cheaper?

For all my dry food, I use Amazon. At first, I was surprised to see that the online platform was selling dry food, but their prices are really attractive. On average, I see a 15% discount compared to the prices in pet shops, and more than 25% compared to the prices at the vet.

This is the way I do it for my companions’ sterilized dog dry food.

In addition, you have a lot of choices. This allows you to find the right puppy food for your pet!


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