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Dog heating pad: how it works, advantages and choices

Heated dog pads or beds are absolutely perfect when it’s cold and the dog is uncomfortable.

Indeed, in winter, dogs prefer to relax in a comfortable and soft setting to relieve themselves of the cold and aches and pains. Don’t think they are never cold. With Jodie, I can see the difference. When it’s cold, she tries to sleep under the comforter of the bed or in the plaids of the couch.

Buying a heating pad for dogs can be a great idea to provide a pleasant and healthy sleeping environment. Let’s take a look at the heating pads!

The 3 Best Dog Heating Pads

Electric heating pad for dogs


Large heating pad


Thermo-Pet mat


What is a dog heating pad: what is it?

The heating pad is a dog bed designed to bring warmth to your pet in cold weather. It is an ideal accessory to help your doggie warm up after a winter walk or to keep warm puppies abandoned by their mother.

It can be used to relieve joint pain in older dogs, or simply to comfort and relax your pet.

It is simple to use. For the most recent models, the pad is usually electric and wired. With a small control, you adjust the heating temperatures of the pad. Once the mode is set, the heat is distributed throughout the pad.

What is a dog heating pad

There are also models without electricity where the material and design must ensure a high temperature. The best are as good as or better than electric pads.

What are the advantages of a dog heating pad?

First of all, you must understand that a heating pad for dogs is not a luxury or a simple gadget, it is above all a contribution to the well-being and health of your doggie.

Indeed, heated beds play many roles, so there are many reasons to offer one to your furry companion.

It should be noted that almost all breeds can suffer from the cold. Nevertheless, there are disparities between them, but also according to the character of the animal or its lifestyle habits.

For example, my bitches are used to snow and when they see it, they play in it. On the other hand, when my sister’s dog discovered snow for the first time, he ended up shaking after five minutes outside.

To fight hypothermia and joint pain in the dog’s joints

You should note that older dogs are not always able to regulate their body temperature properly. For this reason, a heating pad may help you keep your older dogs warm, but it may also help ease arthritic pain and relieve joint discomfort.

Some bitches don’t take care of their puppies as they should to ensure their survival after birth, or even neglect them completely. In this respect, heating pads are also excellent for puppies because they are unable to regulate their temperature while providing a comfortable bed.

You must also understand that newborn puppies are prone to hypothermia in both summer and winter. So, if your bitch has just had a litter, pay attention and don’t underestimate nighttime temperature drops.

To improve winter shelter

Dog heating pads are essentially safe alternatives for dogs that prefer to sleep or live outside the house.

The importance of providing your furry companion with an environment where he feels comfortable is paramount for him to develop and maintain stable behaviour. An anxious environment, which causes him to feel languid, can lead him to express his grief through destructive behaviour or disobedience.

The combination of a well-insulated niche + heating pad is ideal for him to sleep outside despite cool temperatures.

To adopt a new puppy

If you have just welcomed a puppy, it is important to provide a place where he will feel comfortable and safe. A heating pad will soften the shock of separation from his former companions, especially at night because he probably used to fall asleep against the other members of the litter.

This type of trick can also make it easier for your dog to adjust to being alone and feel relaxed. In addition, he will be less tempted to cry at your door at night to hope to sleep with you.

How to choose a dog heating pad?

When buying a heating pad for your doggie, you will need to consider the following factors.

The type of energy

The electric heating pad is an excellent choice… if you’re into quality. Low-end models do not offer good heat distribution. So, if you want an electric pad, choose quality over price.

Otherwise, a classic thermal pad is already a very good purchase.

Don’t forget to think about where you are going to put the pad. If it is outside, an electric model will surely not be plugged in and will become useless. On the other hand, if the dog rests at the feet of the sofa when you are in the room, connecting it to a power strip is easy.

It should be noted that the self-heating pad is obviously more adapted in case of displacement.

In spite of the manufacturing technology, you must necessarily check that your heating pad meets European standards.

The size of the pad

Choose a pad that perfectly fits your dog’s size to give him the best comfort. Indeed, if the bed is too small, it will be uncomfortable. And if it’s too big, it may not make your dog feel safe.

puppy heating pad

The smallest models of heating pads measure 30 x 30 cm, and the largest ones are over a meter long.

The comfort

We advise you to wear your choice on a well quilted pad, capable of bringing good comfort to your dog. So it is important to read the instructions of the heating pad you wish to purchase to make sure that its operation meets your expectations.

The opinions of customers who have purchased the product are also a great help. Today, I no longer buy any product for my dogs without reading the feedback from the owners who already use it.

Maintenance of the heating pad

Heated beds must be cleaned regularly. In this respect, we recommend that you use the heating pad, whose cover is easy to clean and can be machine-washed.

Also, the choice of the heating pad strongly depends on its character and needs.

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