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Comparison of the best Hills dry food: for puppies

With a worldwide reputation, Hill’s is the world leader in pet nutrition. We offer a wide range of quality, therapeutic dry food for all conditions that help keep your pet in excellent health.

Hill’s is 4.5/5

With Hill’s, you can be sure you’re giving your dog the best in pet food.

The top-of-the-line brand offers a wide variety of premium-quality veterinary dry food, adapted to the age, size and health of your small companion (senior dogs, sterilized dogs, puppies, diabetics, etc.).

Prescription Diet, Science Plan, Nature’s Best are among its most recognized ranges.

Hill’s dry food: for a healthy dog!

Hills weight reduction dry food for easy weight loss

Hills weight reduction dry food for easy weight loss


  • appetizing dry food
  • promote fat burning
  • reduce diabetes

Hill’s Prescription Diet has been specially developed to promote weight loss in small dogs.

The dry food size has been designed to fit the jaws of small breed dogs. Rich in fiber and low in fat, they also contain a high content of L-carnitine (one of the highest on the market), which promotes fat burning while building muscle mass. Made from chicken and turkey, they are very appetizing.

They are available in 3 lbs and 25 lbs bags. They are ideal if your dog is on a low-calorie diet or suffers from weight problems and/or diabetes.


Hills dry food for sensitive stomach

Hills dry food for sensitive stomach


  • easy digestion even for complicated stomachs
  • eliminates gastros
  • diarrhea and vomiting

With Prescription Diet Digestive Health, dogs suffering from gastrointestinal disorders (pancreatitis, bloating, gastritis, diarrhea …) also have the right to enjoy without risk.

Its formula based on egg and rice, enriched with fiber and antioxidants, has highly digestive properties that facilitate intestinal transit and help eliminate painful symptoms such as vomiting, regurgitation, constipation or stomach aches.

Recommended by the vast majority of veterinarians, these therapeutic dry food guarantee your pet better gastrointestinal health and general well-being. They are available in bags of multiple sizes.


Hills sensitive skin dry food for allergic dogs

Hills sensitive skin dry food for allergic dogs


  • reduces allergies
  • delicious chicken flavor

Hair loss, itching, redness, …dogs sensitive to environmental allergies have many symptoms that need to be treated quickly to keep your pet in good general health.

Hill’s has developed here a product specially designed to reduce the risk and symptoms of environmental allergies in dogs; a subtle blend of polyphenols, vitamin A, zinc, essential fatty acids and phytonutrients.

These chicken-flavoured dry food create an immune defence mechanism against environmental stimuli (dust, pollen, fleas, etc.), while reducing the allergic response of your dog’s body and promoting healthy skin and hair.

They come in packages of 2, 5 and 12 kilos according to your dog’s needs and morphology.


Hills metabolic and mobility dry food for healthy joints

Hills metabolic and mobility dry food for healthy joints


  • relieve the joints
  • promotes mobility

Hill’s Healthy Mobility has been specially developed for large adult dogs (over 25 kilos) that may suffer from joint pain and/or mobility problems.

Thanks to its formula enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids and antioxidants, these dry food can be used for prevention as well as to relieve and maintain the good health of your companion’s joints, so that he regains full mobility.

Their delicious chicken flavor also makes them particularly appetizing dry food. They come in 24 lbs packages.


Hills urinary care dry food for incontinent dogs

Hills urinary care dry food for incontinent dogs


  • fight against urinary disorders
  • control the progression of diseases

As the name implies, Hill’s Urinary Care dry food are designed to help reduce symptoms in dogs with kidney failure, fight stones and urinary disorders, and better control the overall progression of the disease.

The highly effective dry food contains a reduced concentration of protein, salt and nucleic acids to reduce protein waste that can accumulate in the kidneys and reduce fluid retention. Urinary Care dry food are available in 8 and 28 lbs bags.

How do I find my Hill’s dry foodcheaper?

Hill’s dry food is a premium dry food that dogs love and is good for their health. However, such quality obviously comes at a cost. To limit the cost, you should look for cheaper Hill’s dry food.

To get the best value for money, take the larger packages. This lowers the price.

I also recommend that you go through Amazon. The prices are almost 30% cheaper than in stores. I’ve been using the platform to pick up my dogs’ dry food for 6 months now (I now use Pro Plan) and I’ve never had any problems with the delivery time or the quality of the dry food.

A few words about the hills brand

Hill’s is a global leader in the pet nutritional care market and is widely known for its therapeutic dry food for dogs with a wide range of ailments.

Weight problems, digestive disorders, joint pain, kidney failure and other common diseases in adult dogs find a suitable nutritional response at Hill’s, to enable your pet to improve its overall health and well-being through gentle, non-invasive manufacturing methods.

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With a worldwide reputation, Hill's is the world leader in pet nutrition. We offer a wide range of quality, therapeutic dry food for all...