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How many times a year should you wash a labrador?

Compared to many other breeds, Labradors have a fantastic and beautiful coat. There is no tangling or long hair, it is short and easy to maintain and dense. Their Golden Retriever cousins are not like that …

The importance of good grooming

The better your dog is groomed, the less bathing he needs. That’s because his well trimmed coat catches less dirt on the floor. A good brushing is sufficient, but a little trimming is also possible. To get the necessary equipment, take a look at a pet store online.

How often do labradors need to be bathed?

Bathing a labrador can be scary. In fact, it is a big and dynamic doggie and you can quickly imagine it shaking around as you try, with great difficulty, to keep it in the bathtub…

Don’t worry, labradors don’t need to bathe very often. Their coat is self-sustaining, and a good grooming routine will take care of the rest.

So, in general, you will only need to bathe your labradors when they are dirty, after a walk in a dirty field, after food such as that from the Petsexpert’s store stuck to the hair, or after a trip to the sea (keeping salt on a dog as well as on a human skin is never recommended).

Most of the time, simply moisten your dog with a garden hose or the shower head to get rid of the worst, then brush them and make sure their hair is clean. Be sure to set a comfortable water temperature to prevent him from bouncing from a cold or hot water jet.

If your dog is dirty or has a strong smell, rub it with a good dog shampoo, and make sure to rinse their entire coat afterwards. Dogs should always use a shampoo designed for animals, as products for humans have a Ph that is too high for their physiology.

That’s exactly what you should do!

Remember to rub your dog well afterwards. Dogs hate having a wet coat and they get very excited after a bath, to the point that they are close to a domestic accident…

Final verdict: How often should you wash a Labrador?

Washing a Labrador in the bathtub can be a difficult experience, but with a little practice, love and attention, you and your dog will get used to the process. One to two baths per year are standard.

If you regularly go on messy outings, you can put him under water more often, but avoid using products such as shampoos too often.

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