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How to teach your dog to go on the training mat?

Potty training is perhaps the most difficult part of the process for the owner. There’s nothing worse than finding that your doggie has urinated on the couch and taken a big poop right in the living room.

However, it is important to understand that a puppy can’t hold back a whole day if you work from 8am to 5pm. His physiology does not allow him to do so, except for a few (happy) exceptions, and this will not happen until the end of his first year of life.

The training pad intervenes at this time so that he can do his business in your absence. Also, don’t forget that as long as a puppy hasn’t had his booster shots, it’s advisable to limit his outings, even more so if you live in a mosquito-infected area.

The educator mat to relieve yourself in the right place

The educator mat is an ideal accessory that takes this constraint into account. They consist of small white pads on which the animal is supposed to urinate. Absorbent, a dog training mat limits leakage and gives a much better result than a sheet of newspaper can do.

When you get home, there’s no need to wash everything. You just peel off the mat, which, if you’ve chosen one of the best mats on our comparison list, won’t even dampen your floor. You put a new one on and that’s it! Since the price of a set of potty training pads is low, the investment is worth it.

Getting the dog to understand that he must go on the training mat

Normally, the dog understands on its own that it should go on the mat. This is not because he is a genius who understands your urges, but because the mats have a special scent that naturally attracts the dog when he wants to urinate.

french bulldog on a training mat

Putting the pad in the right place

If you have a reluctant dog, it may be due to a lack of understanding on his part or because of where the mat is placed. In fact, you should avoid putting it near his food or his basket. The best is to put it at the entrance so that he associates the road to the outside as the right way to urinate. This closeness will help you later when it’s time to relieve yourself outside.

Even if the liquid is well absorbed by the pad, your dog will surely succeed a few times in doing the wrong thing, by directing his pee stream on the wrong side or by putting his body on the mat but his rear end outside… Yes, dogs sometimes seem to do such miracles on purpose! For this reason, make sure that the training mats are far from areas that are difficult to clean or sensitive materials (decorative pads, carpet, sofa…).

Learning to walk on the dog training mat

If the mat is put in a good place, but the dog still doesn’t urinate on it, it’s due to a misunderstanding of the object. This can happen, for example, if you have often argued with the dog the first few times he urinated in the house. He now thinks he’s doing something stupid as soon as he pees in the house and his stress prevents him from logically going on the training pad.

You must then come back to the basis of dog training: make him understand by rewarding him. If you see your dog peeing off the pad, don’t yell at him, even if you’re upset and stunned by the fact that he has no mastery of potty training. Tell him “not here” so he understands the prohibition. It’s essential to always say the same phrase because consistency is key for a dog and he doesn’t have the ability to grasp a multitude of different words.

Next, carry him to the training mat, put him on it and say “Pee here”. Repeat this every time you need to. Better yet, if you’re getting to know your dog’s body language, you can tell when he’s going to pee. In this case, take him to the carpet and try to trigger his pee by saying “Pee, here”. If he does, praise him warmly.

He’ll know he’s done something you like, and since his main goal is to please his owner, he’ll probably do it again.

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