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How do you carry your dog on a bicycle?

When you go for a walk, you often enjoy taking your dog with you. It’s understandable and it pleases your companion, especially if you go to a place where he can stretch his legs.

However, you should be very careful how your dog will accompany you on a bicycle.

Accidents don’t just happen to other people. Too often we read about accidents that can be serious, so it’s better to invest in quality equipment, especially if you can’t quietly jog your dog next to you.

A dog is not a tightrope walker, get him off the handlebars!

We were just talking before about accidents that happen during bike rides. Some owners find it interesting to place their four-legged companion on the handlebars of the bike or in the basket at the front of the bike. The problem is that dogs often slip, fall and hurt themselves.

In addition, not only can your pet get hurt badly in the fall, but it can also be hit by a car, motorcycle or your own bike if you fall at the same time. Clearly, this is definitely not the best solution and will cause more damage than any other idea.

A basket suitable for a bike ride

The basket discussed in the first paragraph is the simple basket usually used to store groceries, it is in no way suitable for transporting an animal such as a dog.

However, there are accessories designed specifically for this purpose, which include a cover on top to protect it from the weather and a fastener that works like a seat belt to prevent your pet from jumping or tipping over when braking.

You can find some very nice wicker ones that can be hung directly in front of the handlebars, which is very practical because this way you will always have an eye on your pet.

You can also buy one made of reinforced fabric, which is particularly appreciated by dogs who are used to bike rides and who like to watch what is going on around them but also to be comfortably seated.

There are also baskets to attach to the luggage rack, which can be useful if you are carrying two dogs or a few things with you. Some masters go away for several days on a bike and need to carry a relatively complete set of equipment, so the basket is recommended.

Don’t forget two things in any case :

  • Only small dogs will be able to take advantage of this mode of transportation (12 pounds and less).
  • The leash must be very, very short if you tie your pet up. Indeed, if he jumps over the basket, he might hurt his neck with a leash that is too long, whereas with a 5 cm leash, he will not be able to jump over the edge.

The trailer, the accessory that suits many dogs

Most small bike baskets can accommodate dogs up to 12 lbs on average. On the other hand, the trailer, which attaches to the back of the bike, can allow you to take a dog weighing up to 15 pounds with you, sometimes more depending on the model.

It is a very practical product that allows the dog to sleep, enjoy the landscape, without suffering from potholes and others since the trailer is equipped with shock absorbers. It is advisable to get your dog used to it from an early age if you want him not to move a hair during the trips.

The trailer allows you to transport several dogs, two or three depending on their size and weight. Your dog must be tied up again and you don’t want him to feel the urge to jump every time you come across other dogs on a walk!

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