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How to groom a husky dog?

The quality of life of your adorable Husky depends, apart from his diet, on the body care you provide him.

Grooming him from time to time to get rid of dead hairs, waste and parasites can be very useful. But grooming a dog is not an easy task.

This is why it is often advisable to use the services of professionals. If you prefer to do it yourself, here’s how to do it.

When to groom your Husky?

One of the characteristics of a Siberian Husky is the large amount of hair that covers his body, very important to maintain his body heat.

This thick coat needs to be brushed at least twice in a week. During the moulting period, when your dog’s hair starts to fall out to make room for new hair, daily brushing is recommended.

Most of the time, Siberian Husky stays very clean and does not require regular washing with water. However, it will be necessary to think of doing it sometimes, twice a year for example, in order to avoid ticks, fleas and sometimes skin problems.

The prrofessional canine groomers can help you in this complicated exercise which requires a certain know-how. On the other hand, if you prefer to groom your doggie yourself, make sure you have the necessary accessories before you start.

How to wash your Siberian Husky?

You must wash your pet with water and dog shampoo. Ask about the type of shampoo best suited to his coat before making a choice. Then, here are the steps to follow.

  • Brush the hair so that the water doesn’t knot it during washing.
  • Place your dog in a bathtub (or a large enough tub) and pour warm water into it until his paws are submerged.
  • Wash your dog with your fingers from the neck to the back.
  • Don’t wash his ears and eyes with water, but use products designed for this purpose that you can find in a pet store.
  • Dry your pet with a towel or a dog hair dryer.
  • Gently brush your dog again after washing.

At the end of these different steps, you can try to trim his claws if they are long. It is necessary to go slowly so as not to tear off the pink part, this can be very painful. It is advisable to use a dog nail clipper for this purpose.

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