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How to remove dog hair in the car?

Dog hair has invaded your car and you end up having a car obsession? As an owner of two dogs, I know this situation from having lived it… before taking things in hand! Now it’s up to you to do the same.

If these tips, tools and tactics work for me, I promise you that they can work for any car. It’s not always fun, but they are the most effective and fastest ways I’ve found to remove dog hair from your car.

Prevention and car protection

Your priority is to protect your car from long-term damage. Indeed, I imagine that your obsession is to see big scratches perforate your leather seat or to have a whole interior that smells like urine following a bladder accident?

The best protection to choose depends on several factors: the size of your dog, the number of dogs you have, the place where they are in the car, etc.

If you have a medium to large dog, you probably put him in the back seat. This is better for his safety and it also allows you to keep your trunk empty to store your belongings. I do this with Jodie and Mookie. For this, I advise you to use a seat protector.

It looks like a hammock. One part attaches to the front seats and the other to the back seatbacks. It stays securely in place while you’re driving and all the dog hair ends up on it. Also, because the material chosen is resistant, your dogs can’t damage the seat with their claws.

These seats covers are designed to be waterproof and can be washed quickly. For mine, I take it out after each long trip and shake it. I wash it two or three times a year and that’s enough.

Otherwise, you’ll want to protect the rear seats, especially if you have a leather interior. Even if you have a cloth interior, you may be interested in protecting them to maintain the resale value of your car.

On the safety side, they have a slot for a seatbelt to pass through. This way your dog is safe in the car during the trip.

If your dog is really very large or if the seat is occupied by passengers, there are trunk protectors with similar characteristics to the covers.

They should only be used in cars that have a large trunk. Once they are in place, they hold well and really give the dog a comfortable space. In addition, the presence of the rear seats, which are quite high, also limits the amount of hair flying to the front of the vehicle.

In addition, you can prevent your dog from soiling the front of the vehicle by installing a separation barrier with the bench seat.

Regular grooming of the dog

A regularly brushed dog has less dead hair in its coat. This means less hair falls out in your car. Brush your dog at least once a week, especially if he is shedding. For Jodie and Mookie, I recently opted for grooming gloves that allow me to remove a few hairs by stroking the animal. This works well, but a curry comb is still more effective.

Caring for the interior of the car

Despite the presence of protection and frequent grooming, you will inevitably have a few hairs in your car.

The first thing to do to remove them is to vacuum. In an ideal world, you will do this step after every trip with your dog to prevent any accumulation. However, if you’re like me, then your frequent trips with dogs to the vet, to walk in the wilderness, with your family and others means that there isn’t always time for that.

Nevertheless, try to vacuum the car at least once a month.

When it comes to vacuuming pet hair, I prefer the vacuuming of a real canister vacuum. Their suction power is important and you catch a lot of hair. So it’s perfect for your benches, seats and floor.

On the other hand, it is less efficient for small areas. In this case, the hand vacuum cleaner is a good complement. In addition, it sometimes has the advantage of being cordless, which is practical if you don’t have a garage or an outside outlet.

It is important to vacuum every nook and cranny.

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