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ID tags for Dog : advantages and choice

It is very common to put a tag around the neck of dogs. Even if they have an aesthetic aspect that is pleasing to the eye, they are especially useful in case your dog runs away or gets lost.

They bring many advantages to your pet. But in order for your pet to benefit from them, you must choose the right tag. Here is the essential to know about the dog tag.

How to use a dog tag?

Wearing a dog tag around your dog’s neck is one of the old habits that owners have always adopted. Indeed, it allowed them to find their four-legged companions. This method was the only way to find your dog when it was lost.

But with the advent of electronic chips and tattoos, this method has lost its popularity. However, it is still relevant today.

Indeed, they allow not only to find his dog, but to identify him quickly beforehand. Thus, the use of a specific device is no longer necessary for identification as in the case of electronic chips.

Put your dog’s name and your cell phone number on the tag. This way, a person who picks up your dog can reach you in one phone call. This prevents your dog from ending up in the pound while the municipal services check his chip number.

Moreover, many people do not have the reflex, when they find a dog, to have the chip analyzed. They then put messages on social networks, but it can take time for this to lead to your reunion with the dog.

Dog tags are therefore very useful for those animals that live outside or like to run away.

The 3 best ID tags for dogs

Personalized engraved pet id tags


Stainless steel pet ID tags


Personalized dog tags


What are the advantages and limitations of a dog tag?

A dog tag is an excellent way to identify your four-legged friend. It is very practical, functional and can be considered as an additional asset. You can wear it even if your dog is already chipped.

However, it should be noted that the microchip cannot be substituted for the tag. The microchip remains a safe way (more than the tag) to find your lost dog. Indeed, it can happen that the tag on your dog’s neck gets lost. In addition, the tag can be used to track your dog if it is stolen.

Lost tags usually occur when the tag is of poor quality or has been improperly attached. A fight with another dog, a bump or a branch can also result in the tag falling off.

blue id tags

How to choose a dog ID tag?

Choosing the right tag is a guarantee of safety and durability. In order to get your hands on a good tag, certain criteria must be respected.

First of all, you need to choose a good quality collar that can receive the tag. You will need to check that the tag’s frames are made of stainless steel, as these are strong.

The appearance of the tag is also important. It should be bright, legible and durable. Poor quality dog tags quickly lose their appearance and the numbers become illegible.

Secondly, make sure that your dog’s new tag fits his body. It should be perfectly designed so that it does not cause discomfort to your pet. However, be sure that it is large enough and that the font is large enough to ensure good readability. If your dog is picked up by someone with poor eyesight, it would be a shame if they couldn’t read your details…

In order to use your tag properly, it is essential to write down essential information such as the dog’s name, owner’s name and phone number. You don’t need to put any other information. Less is more.

Tip that may seem silly: remember to change your tag if your phone number changes! It is common to forget to make this change. By the way, do the same with your dog’s microchip service.

You now know all the information about the importance of the dog tag. Don’t hesitate to get one and use it to identify your pet in case of emergency.

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