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Julius K9 Harness – Test & Reviews

It is impossible to have never seen a Julius K9 harness in your life. This dog harness is by far the best selling dog harness currently available. The fashionable Julius K9 can be worn on a small dog as well as a large dog. It has some serious qualities to discover.

My opinion on the Julius K9 from Trixies

Perfect ergonomics

The Julius K9 harness is manufactured by the Trixies brand of dog and cat accessories. Although Trixies is not the best known brand on the online pet store market, it has a positive image especially on the dog collar. The designers of the brand always succeed in offering easy-to-use material. The Julius K9 harness is no exception.

Where other models require several attachments and slow movements to put them on (passing the doggie’s paws through, inserting its head in a ring), the Julius K9 achieves the feat of being put on and taken off in seconds. This is possible thanks to a ventral strap that you can see on the picture of the product. This strap does not disturb the pet in any way.

Made of black nylon, it is resistant and doesn’t get tangled up the first time the dog goes for a walk or as soon as the dog starts chewing it. You even have a handle on top of all this equipment. The master can stop or hold the dog. In dog training, this movement is essential. The Julius K9 harness allows you to do this effortlessly and without hurting the dog, while it is better than a muzzle for the animal or a barbaric choke collar.

A harness with real safety

The handle we just mentioned makes it a perfect safety harness. If your dog wants to cross the road, goes into “nuisance barking” mode, or gets angry at another animal or person, it allows you to stop him.

But the dog harness goes even further in terms of safety. The strap has a reflective stripe. So, if you go outside with your faithful companion on a dark day or at night, the harness increases its visibility. This is very practical to limit the risk of accidents.

It is also a good thing if you untie the dog leash. No matter where the dog is, you can see him with the harness.

A comfortable harness for the dog

Dogs sometimes find it difficult to support a harness or collar. They are less inclined to play or get angry when their movements are randomly stopped. The Julius K9 dog harness is relatively comfortable. Passing under his chest, it ensures a real firmness. When the owner holds the dog, he feels the force without it hurting him.

The material of the harness is made so that perspiration is quickly evacuated, and fortunately! Indeed, the Julius K9 from Trixies is quite imposing, as much as a dog garment, especially on small sizes. In summer, with the heat, without an adequate material, the dog would find it difficult not to get too hot.

This feature makes it ideal for the practice of a canine sport, such as canicross, especially since this harness is easily adjustable. You can also go on a large field with a dog toy, a small bowl so he won’t get thirsty and throw yourself into a large ball game. Use it also when transporting your dog, its comfort allows it to better withstand the road.

A wide variety of Julius K9 harnesses

Trixies knows that he has a classic with this harness. Surfing on its success, the canine brand has multiplied the variants for your greatest pleasure. There is a very large choice of sizes available and you are sure to always have the ideal size for your dog’s size.

Little tip, when you order it from Amazon, take two harnesses of different sizes, try them on and send back the one that fits the least. The sizes of this model are not like the classic size S or size M, which sometimes makes the choice difficult. Returns are completely free of charge so you can be sure you have the right product for your breed of dog.

For larger, hairier dogs, try grooming before putting on the harness, otherwise he may get his hair stuck in it.

There is also a large choice of colors. Each color is neat and succeeds in being sober and elegant, not flashy and flashy.


  • Very practical attachments
  • Good evacuation of perspiration
  • Very low price for this quality


  • A little big for small dogs

Dogs owner’ opinion on the Julius K9

We interviewed several owners who have the Julius K9 for their dog. Here is their feedback. Do not hesitate to give your opinion on this harness by sending us a message via the contact form. This will help other readers to make their choice!

Oriane – owning a 5 year old German shepherd

“I discovered the Julius K9 dog harness when I saw several owners in my neighborhood putting it on their animal. I was seduced by the aesthetic aspect. Such a customizable harness is rare, and being able to display my dog’s first name via velcro was an important criterion.

My shepherd has no discomfort with this harness and has never tried to destroy it like his three previous ones. I take this as an approval from him! »

Mathieu – a 3 year old Cavalier King Charles

“The Julius K9 is more than just a harness. All the accessories that exist, the different colors available and the customizations almost make it a fashion. My girlfriend swears by it and I was pleasantly surprised. The K9 is not only a beautiful harness. It’s also an ergonomic, solid material that does its job. What more could you ask for? »

Lucie – a 6-year old Chihuahua

“I have always taken good care of my Donna. The harness is therefore an obligatory accessory compared to the collar that pulls on her neck. It was not easy to find the right Julius K9 for such a small dog. However, on Amazon, the search is simplified. It is quite imposing on the back of a breed of this size, but it is at the same time very beautiful so it does not bother me. »

Pascal, a 2 year old german shepherd

“Compared to many other dog enthusiasts, I did not come to K9 via the customizable harnesses, but by their excellent terminations for defense dogs. It was only afterwards that I opted for the models with velcro tape. My dog loves to walk with it. I chose a bright color to contrast with his impressive physique. It works because passers-by seem to fear him less and he moves his tail even more when he catches a smile on a stranger’s face! »

Patrick, a 2 year old border collie

“It’s obvious to choose the Julius K9 sling. This brand is the best in this field. Their models are well designed for the dog as well as for the master. I put it on Molly in a few seconds and she wears it proudly. The handle on the top helps me well when she pulls strongly to go see another dog. If I lose the one I currently have, I’ll buy the same one… but I’ll probably go for the pink harness this time! »

pink julius K9 harnessAs you can see from these master comments, the Julius K9 appeals for many reasons: its sturdiness, its sizes available for all sizes, its ergonomics… But, above all, it is its remarkable and noticeable colors and the famous customizable velcro strap that make the difference. With such a harness, your dog is truly unique.

As there are many different models, we have chosen a selection for you. This will help you make your choice among sizes and colors.

How to customize your dog’s velcro tape?

As this question comes up a lot, we are doing a small update of the article. To have a velcro strip with your dog’s name, you have to go to the brand’s website.

I recommend that you wait until you receive the harness purchased on Amazon to be able to measure the size of the band to put on. Indeed, it depends on the models and the size of the animal and it would be a shame to miss the customization of the Julius. Then order the band. It costs about fifteen euros by itself and the shipping takes about 15 days.

For a reduced price and an equally cute effect, it is also possible to put other words on the velcro strip. You can find different examples on Amazon by typing “Julius logo” as “Out of Control”, “Bulldozer”.

However, we remind you that this addition is optional. If we like the Julius K9 so much, it is for these initial qualities. This excellent harness is sure to please your doggie.

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