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Comparison of the best leather dog harnesses

Leather has an undeniable charm. But the main reason people love it for dog accessories is because of its comfort and durability.

Today, popular harnesses like the Julius K9 are not made of leather, but there is still a loyal following that swears by leather harnesses. This is not my case, but I have seen with my uncle’s dogs that this coating has nice qualities.

I have compared several models for you. Discover them in this comparison of leather harnesses for dogs.

Choice n°1 : Dog leather harness – many sizes available

Dog leather harness


  • simple and elegant harness
  • beautiful inlaid stones
  • easy size adjustment
  • 3 sizes available
  • exemplary sturdiness

The decline in sales of leather harnesses is clearly visible on Amazon and in pet stores because there are fewer and fewer of them on sale. There are now more canicross harnesses than leather products! Among the few products offered, I found with this model all the qualities of leather.

This top of the line harness is destined to last you for years, a long life expectancy accentuated by the resistance of leather to use.

Simple and elegant, this solid leather dog harness is beautifully finished and the little stones embedded at the top are very cute. The stitching is perfect and the harness holds up despite the wear and tear or strength of the dog. In fact, as I write this, owners who have purchased it have left nothing but positive reviews.

At the top of the harness, a solid steel ring allows you to attach your leash. The chest adjustments are quick and you can increase or decrease the size of the harness in seconds. It’s more convenient than nylon straps where I always get tangled up not knowing if I’ve shortened or not…

Currently, there are three different sizes sold. You can see them by clicking on the previous button “Read reviews on Amazon”. Be sure to check the size chart before ordering.

Durable, beautiful, comfortable for both dog and owner, this leather harness has it all!


Why buy a leather dog harness?

Is a leather harness better than another harness? Personally, I prefer the visual aspect and have always been in the habit of using other materials, even if, like this month, I have to buy another one from time to time because of an unpleasant smell.

This is what made me decide to use a leather harness. In talking with other owners and some dog specialists, leather harnesses are mostly purchased for personal preference and practical reasons:

  • Leather is a noble and elegant covering.
  • The durability of leather has been proven.
  • Harnesses are sober, fine and let the visual beauty fully express itself.

But, a leather harness is also :

  • A harness that does not absorb bad odors.
  • A material that resists perfectly to bad weather.
  • An exemplary resistance to dogs that pull or try to chew their harnesses.
  • An adjustment of the size facilitated functioning like a belt. It can then function as a carrying harness.
  • Straps that do not bend, do not tangle and are comfortable for the dog when wearing the leather harness.

Serious advantages that should please many owners.

How to choose a leather harness?

To choose your leather harness, the first thing to do is to check that you choose the right size (ex: harness for small dogs or for big dogs). This is always an important element…

Then, concerning the leather, make sure that it is real leather and not imitation leather where you will see the thin layer fly away with time. For me, leather is not a material that is abused. If you want an inexpensive harness, get another covering. If you want leather, get quality.

Also, remember to get a leather harness that is well adjustable so that you can adapt to your pet’s weight gain and growth.

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