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Training collar: 7 owners give their opinion!

The training collar is an accessory that often provokes debate. For canine educators (who defend their bread because the collar can be used to replace lessons with them), it is a horrible torture.

For others, it is a fantastic tool. I have already summarized a little bit my opinion on the training collar comparator.

This time, I will leave the floor to readers who have tested the training collars on their dogs. Here are their opinions and I specify each time for which dog they used the collar.

The opinions of 7 owners on the training collar

Charles, 4 year old chow-chow :

“I was warned when I was adopted that chow chow was a difficult breed to train. Before, I had only had Westies and they were very docile. At first I didn’t want to hear about the training collar. One episode made me change my mind: Nala ran away without listening to me and almost got run over by a car.

Since then, the necklace has helped me to call her to order when she doesn’t follow my orders. It can help with recall or to calm her aggressiveness when I meet other dogs. She doesn’t like stimulation but has never complained excessively. Anyway, I don’t use strong intensities. »

The best training collar

training collar


Alex, a 4 year old husky :

“Josky listens to me very well when I’m with him on the street. He doesn’t sniff every tree, doesn’t bark, stops at the curb… as long as he’s on a leash! Otherwise, he tries to run away. But a dog of his size and breed needs to expend his energy to flourish.

So I use the collar as an anti-runaway accessory when I let go of it in an open space. When he doesn’t come back or when he sprints out, I activate it. Since then, I’ve never had to run after him again…”.

Oscar, a 6 years old cross between a Labrador and a German Shepherd:

“I got Oscar back at one year old and he was showing inappropriate aggressive behavior. He didn’t understand the hierarchy in the house, whereas I am used to having dogs recovered from shelters. The choice of the training collar was not a happy one and I never stopped accompanying the speech to the stimulation via the collar.

At first, each time the collar worked, the dog became more and more excited, but after a month, he started to calm down. He was a great help in finalizing his education. Now I don’t need him anymore because he listens to me very well. His aggressiveness has decreased and I share moments of tenderness with him when it seemed unthinkable at first. »

Mary, a 3 years old Argentinean great dane :

“The training collar is a training accessory that I have been buying for years. I love big dogs and I don’t have the physical grip to hold them when he pulls or when they don’t want to listen to me to stop feeling something on the ground.

Hating choke collars, the training collar offers me an effective alternative. The remote control is like an extension of my voice. Low vibrations are often enough after a few weeks, then after a few months, I always notice a better reaction to the commands. »

Cory, a 3 years old French bulldog :

“Loutchi is a real ball of excitement and I didn’t know how to react when he started barking in the street or growling at small dogs. I was a bit ashamed and I could shout at him to stop, he didn’t care.

A friend told me about the training collar and I soon tried it. At first, I set the level high, thinking that because of his muscles, he wouldn’t feel anything. He screamed in pain and I blamed myself… So I advise you to set low levels at first.

With low levels, he doesn’t seem to be in pain anymore and he respects when I press the button. I still can’t get him to listen to me without it, but I don’t despair! »

Jonas, three hounds of 2, 4 and 5 years old :

“For hunters like me, discussions about the training collar are bullshit. The “so-called” dog enthusiasts criticize them as if they were electrocuting the dog like a condemned man, whereas on the contrary, it provides them with a great deal of security.

When I am in the middle of a hunt, the collar is the only contact I keep with my animals despite the distance. Pain only occurs if you don’t know how to manage the stimulation. I see them on my side as a very useful pager. »

Karen, a 2 year old German shepherd :

“For a dog, the first years are decisive. When I noticed that Micha was reluctant to every order or even didn’t care at all, I decided to take lessons with a canine behaviorist.

In total, I paid nearly $400 for the course. I followed the recommended exercises to the letter, but I never got the expected feedback. During classes or even when she is calm, she listens to me. As soon as something disturbs her (ex: the sight of a cat), she ignores me completely. She may throw herself behind a prey or decide to run to the other end of a park whereas fifteen minutes before, she was docile.

The collar helps me in these difficult situations. I feel safer with it because I know that if she gets excited all of a sudden, I will be able to call her to order. I don’t see myself going out without it anymore! »


Global synthesis of the owners’ opinions

In total, I have exchanged with 18 owners who have tried in the past or use a training collar today. If I put only the complete reviews on this page, I was greatly surprised to have only one negative review.

It came from Clothilde who felt that the collar was giving out incorrectly dosed stimuli and that her dachshund seemed to be suffering from it. So the problem was the product she chose, rather than the concept…

When we compare to the general opinion of animal lovers, we are far from a bad training accessory, on the contrary.

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