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How to personalize your dog’s urn?

When a dog dies, it is often cremated. Owners may then decide to keep the ashes of their deceased dog in order to keep it by their side despite the death. In this case, the ashes are put in an urn.

Let’s find out how best to personalize it so that it looks like who your companion was.

What do dog urns look like?

To see different models, go to our dog urns comparison page. As you will see, there are many varieties. It is possible to have an urn made of wood, plastic, pewter, brass or even marble. For the shapes, it can be classic with a box, a vase or more original.

Unless you have a huge budget for your urn and have it custom made, you will always have an impersonal product. The urn is not meant to be a decorative object, but a small memorial for your pet.

In this case, personalize it.


What personalization is possible with an urn?

The list below is not exhaustive. It also depends on the urn chosen.

Attach a personalized plaque

Have a plaque engraved with your dog’s name in an elegant and durable material such as silver. Attach it to your urn either by gluing it on or, if the material of the urn allows, by using small screws.

Add an epitaph

An epitaph is a funerary inscription that is placed on tombstones. There is nothing to stop you from doing the same on your dog’s urn. Write a message or your dog’s nickname.

It is best to do this via an additional plaque attached to the urn, rather than attempting to write or engrave the urn directly.

Putting “canine” designs

On the urn comparison site, you can see that several examples already have dog paw designs. It’s not the greatest personalization possible, but it’s understated and elegant. Displaying an epitaph may seem like too much. Simple designs, using quality stickers or well-pasted paper, are a reminder that the urn contains a dog’s ashes without going into great detail.

Put a picture of your dog

There are some urns that have a place to put a picture of your dog. This is a very good idea. Sometimes you will be sad to see a picture of your deceased doggie, but other times seeing him happy with his mouth wide open will remind you of the good times you had with him.

Personalizing the urn with a picture of your dog as a puppy is a good choice to regularly remember the first moments with him, when he was a little crazy and full of mischief.

Personalize the space where your dog is laid to rest

Personalizing the urn, like engraving, can be expensive. If you don’t have the finances, consider personalizing the space where the urn is placed instead.

For example, you could:

  • Put frames with pictures of your dog around it
  • Add some decorative accessories such as a pillow with your dog’s name or, again, his picture
  • Put some candles around it

There is no wrong way to honor the memory of your beloved dog. Your dog is and will remain in your memory, and that’s where the best tribute is. The urn and its personalization are extras that can sometimes do the whole family good.

Personalization is a plus. If you are stuck on the style to give to this memorial because you are in mourning, wait and decorate its space in a few weeks.

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