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Comparison of the best grooming gloves for dogs

You don’t know what a grooming glove is yet or you haven’t dared to buy your first one? Try it and you’ll be won over!

For a little more than a year, I have been varying between the brush and the gloves to manage my dogs’ hair. It only takes a few minutes on a regular basis to really sort out the dead hairs in your dog’s coat.

I have compared several models for you. Discover them in this dog grooming glove comparison.

Dog grooming glove

Dog grooming glove


  • two types of pimples for effective grooming
  • dead hair sticks to the glove and falls to the ground very little
  • pleasant caresses for the dog
  • soft material of the glove

This dog grooming glove lives up to the expectations of owners as evidenced by the many positive reviews from customers who have purchased the product.

The spikes are different between the phallanges and the palm. The combination of the two has a double positive effect. On the practical side, they remove dead hair from the animal perfectly. Make a few passes through your pooch’s coat and you’ll come out with some nice clumps.

I discovered these accessories in the middle of Jodie’s moulting period, when I couldn’t stand living in the fur anymore… The surprise was there at my first use. Entire clumps of fine hair came to my hand.

The other advantage is for your companion. The petting that you make with the glove is very pleasant for the animal. Jodie and Mookie (my second dog) love it when I go over their backs and butts. On the other hand, the passages on the not hairy zones are useless and I noticed that my bitches did not seem to appreciate.

The glove is of good quality. I was able to see it at my sister’s house and I’m won over by the hair retention on the glove. You put it on and a clump of hair forms on the glove without necessarily falling off. This is a big plus because it saves you from having to pick them up after the grooming session.

Remove the clumps of hair regularly, form a ball with it and you can throw it away at the end of your grooming.

The material of the glove is a bit warm and it’s quite nice for the owner to have. You’re not left with a sweaty hand after a few minutes.

If you’re looking for a dog hair grooming glove, you won’t make a mistake with this one. It is excellent!


Hair catcher glove for dogs

Hair catcher glove for dogs


  • effective gloves for grooming
  • petting loved by the dog
  • no wear and tear after more than a year


  • the removed hairs do not stick to the glove

I have this model in blue for my bitches and I am very satisfied with it. Unlike the previous model, this glove has all the same pimples. However, since they are well distributed over the whole hand, they are very effective in removing hair. I’m not disappointed in this respect.

Comes in a pair, I like to put the pair on my hands, use my left hand to hold my dog and the other to go through the hair. She enjoys it and often waddles around a bit with her tail wagging.

After more than a year and a half of use, I notice no trace of wear. This is a positive surprise to me because the price of the grooming gloves is low. I use them once every two weeks outside of the moulting periods, and two to three times a week during these periods.

My only complaint is the retention of the hair. They don’t stick to the glove very much and often end up on the ground. This is not a problem if you plan to vacuum after grooming or if, like me, you do it outside (I often brush them on my balcony). On the other hand, if you want to take advantage of a TV evening to brush your dog quietly, it will be a bit annoying to have a lot of hair on your body or on the ground.


How to choose your hair catcher glove?

The more pimples, the better! Actually, there are some exceptions, but it is important to have pimples on the whole hand for an ideal brushing. If you’re not sure which glove to choose, take a look at customer reviews. That’s how I chose my pair and I’m not disappointed.

Try to find out if the gloves are well cut, if they are not too fragile and if they retain the hair well…

When it comes to glove care, they’re all pretty simple. Once you’ve finished grooming, pull out the little tufts of hair. The movement has stuck them well, making them easy to remove. Then you can wash the gloves with water, but in all honesty, I’ve only had to do that twice in a year…

Why should you buy grooming gloves?

Most dog breeds shed a lot. It’s really time consuming to get it off the floor, off the furniture, and I hate to go out with clothes full of hair.

But while it’s impossible to get rid of hair completely (unless you shave your dog completely, but what fool would do that?), simple brushing works wonders. Animals like dogs and cats are constantly full of dead hairs ready to fall out of their coats at the slightest touch. These are the hairs that you find on your floor and that you can remove with a few passes with the anti-hair gloves.

Moreover, the price is so minimal that every owner should try it. For about 10€, I thought that at worst I would waste a little money, but in the end, I completely adopted the grooming glove for my dogs.

Now it’s your turn to do it!

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