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5 convenient ways to pick up your dog’s poop!

When you are a master, you always know that you have responsibilities. Among them, the least elegant is surely the collection of your dog’s poop. Bad luck, it happens often!

Indeed, with an adult dog, one to four poops a day is to be expected, while this number sometimes increases with dogs. At the end of the day, a large quantity of dog droppings awaits you.

No one has yet figured out how to remove droppings from the ground with a magic product. However, you do have several accessories that allow you to pick up poop quickly and hygienically.

Here are the 5 most common ones.

Shovel up the droppings

What’s more annoying than picking up dog poop in your garden? Don’t do it and spend your time walking in it?

If with a small dog, other solutions (see below) are preferable, with a large dog, the shovel is often faster. My mother-in-law uses this technique for her Newfoundland that makes poop like a dairy cow. Then, the poop can be put in bags and put in the garbage. But, in this case, make sure the bag goes out quickly to prevent its smell from infecting the yard.

dog poop bagsDog poop bags

What to do if your dog poops, not in your garden, but on the street? If you don’t pick up dog poop, you are being uncivilized and passers-by will hate dogs if they walk in it all the time. You can also be fined…

For everyone’s sake, use poop bags. There are water-soluble poop bags that allow you to flush your dog’s waste down the toilet.

For my part, I opt for traditional plastic bags that I put in the large garbage cans in my building. I’ve told you more about the poop bag buying guide.

Antifreeze spray

Here is a method worthy of the series “The Experts”. An aerosol cools the poop to -62 degrees, which removes the steam and makes it a little less disgusting to pick up. Once it’s hard, everything becomes easier.

Unfortunately, the idea sounds great, especially for picking up diarrhea that sticks to the grass or the ground… Except that the comments I’ve read on the subject suggest that it doesn’t work very well on soft poop.

This method of catching poop is therefore to be tested, but the result is not guaranteed.

poop scooperThe poop scoopers

I love poop catchers! Right now, I don’t see myself walking down the street with this equipment, especially holding a leash in each hand. However, having discovered this material at a friend’s house, I validate the principle 100%. As soon as I become the owner of a house, I take one for my garden.

The poop catcher is shaped like a large shovel with a spout. You catch the poop without bending down, which is handy for people who have difficulty with this gesture, but also for all those who are tired of putting their nose 50 cm from the poop when they usually pick up.

A bag wraps around the shovel so that the poop ends up directly in it. This way, you limit contact with the excrement, a real nest for bacteria.

Dog training pads

Here is an idea. Instead of hunting for your dog’s poop, why not let your dog do half the work? Training pads are great for training puppies to be clean, as the name suggests, but there’s nothing to stop you from using them for dogs of all ages.

The dog, thanks to the smell emitted by the pad, naturally wants to go on it. The process is further explained on this article dedicated to the training pads. Then, for the owner, removing the pad and throwing it away remains hygienic and easy.

The disadvantage of this method is that the dog gets used to doing things constantly on a pad. When you are not at home, it can be disturbing for him to do without. Also, in a garden, weather conditions can affect the pad(ex: a lot of rain).

On the other hand, it is a very useful accessory if your dog is old and has difficulty going outside to relieve himself, or shows incontinence problems.

With these five methods, you no longer have any reason to get dirty by letting your dog pollute all the floors in the neighbourhood. If I chose the bag and hand pickup method, I must admit that my preference is for the poop collector with its integrated shovel.

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