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Comparison of the best Pro Plan dry food: discover the products!

Pro Plan is one of the best selling dry food brands in France. Its wide and complete range allows to find packages for all dogs, while taking into account their particularities: size, age, health…

Pro Plan is 5/5!

If you are familiar with our website, you know that we like to give notes to make your choice of products easier. The Pro Plan are among the best dry food on the market. Dogs love them, the nutrients are good and the range is wide.

Optibalance, Optidigest, Optistart… You are sure to find the perfect packet for your dog!

The different Pro Plan dry food packages for adult dogs

Pro Plan Real Meat dry dog food for small adult dogs

Pro Plan Real Meat dry dog food for small adult dogs

This package of dry food for small dogs is for dogs from 1 to 10 kg. It contains mainly chicken, wheat, poultry protein and animal fat. It is available in 3, 7 and 14 kg sizes. Of course, I can only advise you to take large quantities since it is more profitable in the long term (price per kilo cheaper for a 14 kg package of croquettes than for a 3 kg package).

These dry food are part of the Pro Plan OptiBalance packages. This formula aims at a combination of excellent nutrients with dosages adapted to the small size of your doggie. The objective is that he has what his body needs, while avoiding weight gain. On the back of the packet, you will see tips for quantities. They vary from 35 to 125 grams per day for dogs under 5 kg and from 110 to 200 grams for animals between 5 and 10 kg.

Rich in chicken, the croquettes ensure good oral hygiene and healthy joints.

Protein-rich dry food for large adult dogs Pro Plan

Protein-rich dry food for large adult dogs Pro Plan

This dry food package also comes from the Optibalance range. It contains 14 kg of dry food. With a very big dog, this amount, which looks huge on paper, can go very fast. For example, a lightly active dog weighing 25 kg will eat 350 to 400 grams of food and a 50 kg sporting animal will eat almost 700 grams.

Rich in chicken, these Proplan Optibalance dry food are a classic. They promote the general good health of your doggies. They are therefore suitable for all animals that have no particular health requirements. If your dog doesn’t have any particular health concerns, they will do the job perfectly.

Pro Plan Salmon-rich dry food for medium sized dogs Sensitive Skin

Pro Plan Salmon-rich dry food for medium sized dogs Sensitive Skin

Purina’s second line of Pro Plan dry food is called Optiderma. It contains mainly salmon, rice, salmon protein and corn. While chicken has been known to provide protein to dogs, salmon does as well.

This food has other benefits as it improves the quality of a dog’s skin and coat. It is therefore an excellent dry food for animals with a beautiful coat that needs to be preserved or that suffer from skin problems.

There is no wheat gluten in the composition to avoid possible allergies. After experiencing some problems with its formula in 2015 (some dogs had rashes), Pro Plan has made some changes that satisfy the opinions of the owners, as you can see by looking at the reviews on Amazon.

Pro Plan light dry food for dogs

Pro Plan light dry food for dogs

Spayed or neutered dogs gain weight more easily. This is a biological reaction and veterinarians normally advise a change of dry food. That’s what I did with Jodie and Mookie, my two bitches, when I switched from regular dry food to diet dry food right after their operation.

These Purina Pro Plan dry food for spayed or neutered dogs are very low in fat, which promotes weight stability and even weight loss. It is better to use this composition than to reduce the portion of regular dry food. The dog will be less hungry and will not have any nutrient deficiencies.

Light dry food contain a lot of chicken, wheat and a little rice. This Optiweight range is suitable for all sizes of dogs.

Of course, the amount should be proportioned according to the size of your dog and your objective: to maintain the weight of a sterilized dog or to make an overweight dog lose a little fat. A table on the back of the pack tells you all about the dosage. Look at it before serving your pet.

Pro Plan Probiotics dry food for easy digestion

Pro Plan Probiotics dry food for easy digestion

As with humans, some dogs have difficult digestions. Without an adapted diet, they have episodes of constipation, diarrhea or vomiting. Pro Plan’s Optidigest range aims to solve this problem.

It starts with the meal, since the dry food are highly digestible, which means that they travel easily through your pet’s body and their composition does not cause odours. It is based on chicken, lamb, corn and contains supplements such as dehydrated eggs, fish oil and beet pulp.

These foods are natural prebiotics that help your dog’s intestinal flora. He has fewer intestinal problems with these Pro Plan dry food and his stools are stronger.

If your dog regularly has this type of problem, try these dry food! You won’t be disappointed.

The different packages of Pro Plan puppy food for puppies

Pro Plan High Proteins dry food for small size puppies

Pro Plan High Proteins dry food for small size puppies

It is essential to give your puppy excellent dry food. Pro Plan’s OptiStart line is one of them. Available in 300 gram, 3 or 7 kg formats, these dry food packs ensure your puppy’s immune system develops properly.

The food is rich in protein with almost 20% chicken, rice, soy flour and wheat. This food ensures a good digestion of your dog.

For a small dog, the adult age is between 6 and 10 months (depending on the size of the animal). You should therefore feed these puppy dry food until this age. A chart on the back of the package tells you everything.

Pro Plan Real Meat dry food for medium and large puppies

Pro Plan Real Meat dry food for medium and large puppies

These dry food are the same as the ones above. As part of the Optistart range, they are adapted to be given to medium to large dogs, i.e. specimens that will weigh more than 10 kg as adults.

It should be noted that the dry food contain colostrum from the first breast milk. This allows the animal’s body to wean without any problems. With calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D, these Pro Plan Optistart dry food have a positive effect on the development of your pet’s eyes and brain.

Pro Plan dry food for large active puppies

Pro Plan Optistart dry food for large active puppies

All puppies are active, but some are more active than others. These dry food are intended for those: shepherds spending their days in the mountains, sportsmen and women who constantly accompany their owners on hikes…

These dry food contain a little more starch to provide the puppy’s body with the slow sugars it needs to maintain its high level of activity. Chicken is always present at a level of 19% to help the development of the animal’s muscles.

If you see any surprising slack for an active puppy, test this package to see if it improves the condition of your hairball.

Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach Puppy dry food

Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach Puppy dry food

Digestion problems can quickly occur in puppies. In addition to more frequent poop, their intestines are sensitive and poor quality dry food often result in soft stools.

With Pro Plan’s classic puppy dry food, this is less rarely the case. If this does happen, please go to the Optidigest range. Several additions in its composition and a lamb base guarantee your dog a healthy stomach.

This dry food package is available for all breeds and sizes of puppies. Only the quantity served varies according to his weight.

How can I find my Pro Plan dry food cheaper?

Pro Plan dry food are at a standard price level. As you can see on the price per kilo of Pro Plan dry food, we are between 3 and 6 dollars per kg depending on the capacity and the range.

To get cheap Pro Plan dry food, take the biggest packages. This lowers the price.

I also recommend you to go through Amazon. The prices are almost 30% cheaper than in stores. It’s been 6 months now that I’ve been going through the platform to pick up my dogs’ dry food (I take Ultima) and I’ve never noticed any problems with the delivery time of the dry food or the quality of the product.

A few words about Purina’s Pro Plan brand

Pro Plan is a range of dry food marketed by Purina. In creating it, Purina wanted to offer owners high quality food packages for their dogs. Moreover, it likes to remind that the dry food are designed using technical and scientific knowledge.

If this commercial language is not always convincing, it is clear from the reviews of Pro Plan dry food that they are an excellent food for all dogs. Choosing Pro Plan seems to be the best possible idea for the well-being of your canine.

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