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Comparison of the best probiotics for dogs

Probiotics greatly help dogs to prevent and cure digestive disorders.

We have made for you a comparison of the best probiotics for dogs and cats.

Dog probiotics and prebiotics

Dog probiotics and prebiotics


  • super efficiency
  • bottle that lasts several weeks or months

This PetHonesty product is much more than just probiotics. This formula positively impacts your dog’s entire gastric system. It is suitable for all dogs.

The manufacturer explains that the Pediococcus acidilactici used in the product works better than lactobacillus, the bacteria usually put in probiotics.

The 270 gram can is given to your dog in 3 gram chews. A single can can last you several weeks or even several months for a small dog. The price of probiotics is therefore quickly amortized and if we calculate the life span of the product, it is even the best ratio of this comparison.

All owners who have tried the probiotic have positive feedback. The results are convincing on the dogs. The instructions are in English, and very easy to understand the dosage.


Probiotics for dogs

Probiotics for dogs


  • suitable for all dogs
  • exclusively natural products


  • bottle quickly finished with the big dogs (6 days)

This bottle of probiotics for dogs contains 80 capsules. They are made from entirely natural substances. Probiotics play an important role in the regeneration of the intestinal flora. We tell you more at the end of the article about the benefits of probiotics for animals.

These probiotics are suitable for all sizes of animals. In fact, the variation is in the number of capsules at each intake according to the weight of your pet (from 1 to 6).

The opinions of owners are very positive. They have noticed clear improvements on dogs suffering from diarrhea and other gastric problems. Moreover, the price of probiotics is low, but this must be put into perspective if your dog is large, and therefore takes 6 tablets a day…


Purina Fortiflora Probiotics

Purina Fortiflora Probiotics


  • Purina quality
  • dogs eat them without worry
  • recommended by vets
  • very effective


  • low capacity for large dogs
  • expensive product

Purina is a well-known brand in the dog world. It has a serious and rather high-end image. These food supplements include 30 sachets of 1 gram. The number of sachets per day depends on the size of the animal.

It is quite possible that your veterinarian will offer you these sachets individually in his practice, which increases the price considerably. Buying the box is an economical solution and without becoming a doctor, you will be able to cure your dog more quickly at the next sign of diarrhea.

The effectiveness is excellent and dogs eat it without difficulty. The instructions are once again in English.

The product is regularly out of stock, so feel free to buy two boxes if you want. Probiotics do not expire in one month and it is best to have a long term treatment to have really positive results.


Nutri-Pet Probiotics for dogs and cats

Nutri-Pet Probiotics for dogs and cats


  • effective when the dog agrees to take it
  • ideal bacteria for the dog’s oral microbiota


  • strong odor

This product has 17 bacterial strains, including the most powerful ones at the dental level (according to the manufacturer). Indeed, it is important to know that, as for humans, probiotics do not only act on the intestinal microbiota even if it is often for it that we buy them.

Probiotics also work on the oral health (better breath, avoids abscesses) and on the intimate parts (less urinary infections).

This bottle contains 120 soft chews. It contains powder and a small spoon for serving.

The powder is whiter than the one in the picture and has a strong smell. This may disconcert some dogs who will not hesitate to refuse to swallow it… even though they sometimes eat everything and anything! If you want probiotics for dogs in powder form, we recommend you to turn to Maxxidog or Purina, higher on this page.


How to choose a probiotic for your dog?

You may not be familiar with the term “probiotics”. Probiotics are a group of positive bacteria that promote the efficiency of your microbiota. These somewhat obscure medical terms basically mean that dogs, like humans, have groups of bacteria within their bodies. These are positive and help his immune system.

A bad diet, a deficiency or an inappropriate lifestyle can weaken the microbiota (groups of bacteria). Probiotics, based on substances that are naturally found in food but never in such high intensity, will then feed the microbiota with positive bacteria. This is why probiotics are said to be food supplements.

A deficiency of the microbiota in the dog can cause problems such as diarrhea, constipation, stomach pain, noisy digestion, occasional gastros…

A treatment with probiotics can last a few days to solve the problem, but it is generally recommended to take a 2/3 week course of treatment several times a year, as soon as you notice digestive problems in your dog.

When choosing your dog probiotics, make sure they are effective and easy for your pet to eat. There’s nothing worse than taking 20 minutes to get supplements into your dog. I had this problem with Jodie on Bravecto (which is not a food supplement, but is also given orally) and I quickly stopped buying it.

The first three products in this probiotic comparison have both of these qualities. Then, see what is easier to make your dog swallow between the tablet and the powder. The latter is put on the kibble and is often ingested without any problem.

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