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Slippers for dogs: function, advantages and choice

The idea of making your dog wear booties may seem strange. The debate on the subject is sometimes fierce. For some, they are essential accessories, for others, they are not comfortable for the dog.

Personally, I was not a fan before I moved to Savoie. As soon as it snows, I put booties on my bitches to avoid cracks in the pads. The same care can be taken in the summer when you walk on very hot ground.

You want to do the same and you wonder how to choose shoes adapted to her size? We make you the point!

How do dog socks work?

Also known as socks or shoes, dog socks refer to a garment that covers each of the dog’s paws. The main purpose of these dog accessories is to protect the dog’s paws and pads. The goal is to prevent them from being damaged when walking.

However, their use should be occasional and not permanent. Continuous use of dog booties will quickly lead to their deterioration.

In addition, prolonged use reduces the contact of the dog’s paws with the ground. This limits the natural strengthening process of the dog’s footpads and limits its ability to walk on abrasive floors.

I also noticed that my bitches quickly became accustomed to wearing the booties. At first, they would jump to get them off. Since then, they walk easily, but are less lively and dynamic than without the booties.

Top 3 best dog slippers

Plaid paw protector for floor indoor


Black and grey dog slippers


Dog slippers with adjustable strap


What are the advantages of dog booties?

These accessories for dogs have not only a purely aesthetic goal. On the contrary, they are practical in many situations. Dog booties serve to protect the dog’s paw pads from the summer heat.

In the summer, when the temperature outside rises, the asphalt accumulates a lot of heat that can cause serious burns to the dog’s paws. Sand can also reach high temperatures when it is very hot. If you can’t avoid the asphalt surface or want to take your dog to the beach, dog booties are necessary.

They are also useful to protect the dog’s paws from the cold. When the dog walks on snow in winter, it can cause more or less serious burns and frostbite. It is therefore wise to equip your dog so that he can enjoy the snow in complete safety.

Another advantage of these booties is that they protect the paw pads from injury. Some surfaces can be very abrasive for the dog’s paws (asphalt, tar, gravel…). It is therefore important to use booties if the dog’s paws are sensitive to these surfaces or if he is walking on risky terrain.

Finally, they help the paws to heal. When a dog has a minor paw injury, using booties prevents the dog from licking the wound. They reduce the risk of contact with microbes present in the dog’s saliva and in his environment. They thus help healing.

How to choose dog booties?

The choice of dog booties should be made according to the size of your pet and your needs. As with all dog outfits, there are certain criteria that you should consider before purchasing dog socks.

black dog slippers

We advise you to choose carefully the material that determines the life of the accessory. There are rubber, fabric, nylon and polyester socks for dogs. Rubber and polyester are strong and suitable for dogs that like sports. Fabric and nylon are light and are perfect for occasional use against cold or heat.

Size is also something to consider when choosing dog booties. We recommend comparing booties that fit your pet’s size, based on the length and width of their paws.

Waterproofing is essential to ensure that your dog’s paws are protected during walks in wet weather or during the winter.

Other criteria also come into play when choosing dog booties. These include the way they are attached, the quantity and their usefulness.

A little tip: make sure that the product you order includes 4 booties. It’s silly, but I often see dog booties sold… by 2!


Now you know the basics about dog shoes. These are useful for both indoor and outdoor use, to protect your dog during his various travels. If you want to protect your pooch, consider getting these booties, but only if you choose them carefully.

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