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Comparison of the best car seats for dogs

Do you often take your dog in the car? It is essential to ensure his safety with an accessory such as a car seat during transportation.

For small dogs, the car seat is surely the best alternative. It takes up little space, prevents hair from getting on the seat and guarantees the safety of the animal. We have made for you a comparison of the best car seats for dogs.

Petsafe dog safety seat


  • comfortable seat
  • safety guaranteed
  • machine cleaning possible
  • large capacity

With its two shades of brown, this Petsafe dog car seat is suitable for all dogs and puppies weighing 30 pounds and less. It measures 22 x 17 x 17 inches.

The “cushion” part is slightly raised so that the dog is not hidden in the seat and can see what is going on. A safety belt is directly integrated on the seat.

The assembly does not require the use of tools. It will only take a few minutes to assemble and put it at your dog’s disposal.


This car seat for dogs is a real success. If the visual side is not the most important, it is to be noted that the model is particularly beautiful. These canine transport accessories are sometimes a real drawback in a car, but this one fits perfectly.

The capacity of 15 kg is very appreciable. This is more than many other dog car seats. The shape is perfect for the dog. He can stand up to look at the road or see the driver without being hindered by an overly large ledge. But, he can also lie down quietly to sleep during the ride.

The quality is remarkable. It is not a surprise so much Petsafe is recognized for the quality of its material. The safety of your companion is guaranteed with this seat which knows how to be rigid while remaining comfortable, and with the solid belt to maintain it.

The car seat is easily machine washable. This is perfect in case the dog is put in it while it is dirty or if it urinates. Also remember to shake it out from time to time to prevent too much hair from accumulating.


Car seat with patterns for animals

Car seat with patterns for animals


  • cheap car seat
  • large size
  • strong attachments


  • lacks a bit of rigidity

This car seat alone measures 14.5 x 14.5 x 9.8 inches. It is made of durable polyester, which ensures strength and a complete seal. To attach it, connect the strap to the front headrest and the other to the rear headrest. The seat then gets its rectangular shape while being minimally rigid.

The two side flaps work with a zipper.


This cheap dog car seat cover is perfect for protecting the back seat during a car trip.

The dimensions are large enough for the dog to be comfortable during transportation. The cover is tightly stretched so that it doesn’t wrinkle, which can annoy your dog when he’s looking for the best position.

This size is also good to limit flying hair from getting anywhere else on the seat.

The upholstery is a little lacking in rigidity and heats up quickly when the sun hits hard. It certainly doesn’t have the same quality as the best dog car seat tested on this comparison, the Petsafe, but the price is not the same. On a small budget, this is a good choice. If you have a bigger budget or do a lot of car trips, get the best for your dog!


Car seat cover for dogs

Car seat cover for dogs


  • 2-in-1 function
  • flat, wrinkle-free coating


  • some disappointing finishes

This model has a 2 in 1 function, it can be used as a simple cover to protect the back of the car or as a real car seat. The adjustment is quick to move from one position to another.

A shoulder strap slips around the headrest. Make the right adjustment so the car seat fits properly.

It measures 45 x 45 x 58 cm and is made of Oxford fabric. The filling is made of cotton for a more solid and soft base.


The advantage of this 2 in 1 function is real. It is possible to imagine putting the car seat on when the dog is young and switching to a simple blanket when he grows up or when he becomes wiser during trips in a vehicle.

The attachments are quick to put in place and the adjustments offer enough to properly tighten the seat in all interiors.

Some of the seams are not perfect but the drawback is more aesthetic than practical. It remains a very good car seat for your dog. The cover is ideal for hygiene (waterproof, hair that doesn’t cling much) and comfort (no folds, hard enough).


Carrying bag for dogs in a car

Carrying bag for dogs in a car


  • breathable parts
  • easy to store


  • reserved for small dogs
  • lack of visibility for the animal

This model is also special because it can be used as a dog carrier and a car seat. Indeed, it is possible to put it in a classic cube and leave it open or close it with the upper flap.

When not in use, it folds like a school bag. On the sides, there are two non-opaque lateral parts that allow more air to pass for the dog. Several pockets are present to store some accessories.

The material is water resistant and the large straps secure the seat.


This little carrying bag doesn’t look like much, but it is a nice surprise. The size is relatively small, so we recommend this car seat for puppies or breeds weighing less than 5 kg as adults.

It does come up quite high, which hinders the visibility of curious dogs who want to see everything their owner is doing. For you, if the dog manages to calm down despite the lack of visibility, it becomes a strong point since he will sleep peacefully.

The side parts offer a good air intake and your dog will have no problem to breathe even if the flap closes when braking a bit dry.


Car seat for small dogs

Car seat for small dogs


  • comfortable seat for small dogs
  • storage area available underneath


  • unsuitable for dogs over 11 lbs
  • fragile closures

This car seat booster is 100% synthetic. It has two straps to secure the seat to the bench. If the belt is not provided, a slot, as found on car trunk protectors, allows you to buy an extra one and connect it to the pet during transport.

The part underneath can be opened to store a few accessories such as the leash, the dog’s bowl, toys such as the frisbee…


This booster seat is reserved for small dogs. Above six kilos, the space may be too small for the dog to sit and sleep. For any medium or large breed, look for another model.

If you have a small dog and want a simple seat, then this is a good choice. The square shape and height appeals to dogs who can be a little high to watch the scenery during the ride.

According to owners’ reviews of the product, the closures sometimes lack a bit of strength. Take it easy when opening and closing it. The seat straps seem to be of better quality.


How to choose a car seat for your dog?

First of all, you should think about the road safety rules for your dog. The car seat is not the protection against all dangers. It is important to attach the dog with a leash to prevent it from tipping over from its seat when braking. If possible, use a harness so that the weight of a crash is distributed over the entire body, rather than on the neck.

Also, avoid putting him in the front seat if you have an airbag. As with babies, opening the airbag on the pet’s car seat could have tragic consequences.

Usually, car seats are recommended for small dogs, while for larger dogs, we opt for the place in the trunk or a full cover of the seats in the back of the vehicle.

Nevertheless, be sure to look at the dimensions of the car seat. Some are accessible for dogs weighing around 10 kilos, while others are limited to puppies.

Try to have rigid edges so that they don’t collapse as soon as the dog puts its paw on them. They should not be too high and obscure the pet’s view. Dogs generally enjoy being transported in a car. They are curious and look at other vehicles or the landscape, which calms them down. In an opaque car seat, they may become excited.

Finally, make sure the seat you choose is comfortable, especially if you’re taking long trips. It’s better for your dog to lie down quickly for a nap or chew on a ball than for him to spin around and scratch the seat looking for the perfect position.

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