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Comparison of the best dog bones

Dogs love bones. Everybody knows that. So what could be simpler, to please that cherished doggy you love so much, than to give him one N

We have made for you a comparator of the best dog bones. To eat or chew, these bones keep him busy for hours.

Deer antlers for dog to chew

Deer antlers for dog to chew


  • wood adored by dogs
  • long service life
  • totally natural
  • no risk of choking
  • no smell
  • does not stick



Deer antlers are a great classic for dogs. Particularly robust, these bones can be chewed for weeks or even months for less ferocious animals. For the master, it is ideal to provide his dog with some.

You have the guarantee that it will take him a long time to finish it. A deer antler bone limits his boredom, especially when you are not at home. Of course, the accessory is edible, which is not the case with plastic toys that some dogs end up eating…

Unlike other bones, this one does not stick. So your dog can play with it for an hour, drooling all over it without you finding pieces stuck to the floor. It is perfect for the hygiene of your home.

The bone is odorless and not very greasy. It is a 100% natural product. The manufacturers recover them from the antlers that naturally fall from the deer. The pieces really go away as you go along and your dog can’t choke on them. The low fat content is a good thing, especially if you have a slightly overweight dog that is on a diet.

Deer antlers are sold by weight. The product I have linked to you is often heavier than the advertised quantity. This is good news! The purchase price may seem high when we often think of dog bones as something cheap. However, you have to put this into perspective with the duration of use. If your dog takes three months to finish it and it keeps him busy for several hours a day, the investment is well worth it!

For Jodie and Mookie, I bought one each for them and I give it to them when I’m away from home or on long car trips. They are so hooked that they sometimes end up moaning for it (thanks to their flair for letting them know I put it in a drawer!).


Set of 6 chewable bones of 7-8”

Set of 6 chewable bones of 7-8''


  • positive for dental hygiene
  • long chewing time
  • several sizes available


  • do not last as long as deer antlers

Before buying the antlers, I used to alternate between the Dentastix and these chewable bones (the smaller size). These are quite large since they measure 7-8 inch. They are for medium and large dogs. If you have a small dog, click on the link and look in the suggested products. You will find similar bones suitable for small breeds.

These bones are made of bovine skin and ensure good dental hygiene for your dog. It’s not worth a real tooth brushing, but it’s still better than most canine treats.

My dogs love to chew them and a small bone lasts between 10 and 30 minutes depending on how hard they throw themselves on it. So it’s not like a deer antler that almost becomes a real toy as it lasts so long. This bone is a small snack that keeps your dog busy. It’s still better than most of the references found in pet store shelves.


Puppy and small dog bones

Puppy and small dog bones


  • hard exterior
  • with chicken meat
  • low fat


  • not for large dogs

These bones are perfect treats for puppies and small dogs. With a large animal, they are swallowed in seconds and it is best to choose another type of bone.

Dogs love this product because the taste is very good. They are chewy bones filled with chicken meat. This meat is highly appreciated by dogs and is good for their health (low fat). Moreover, the smell is not bad, even if I’ve never been crazy enough to taste them myself…

The bones are low in fat (2%) and you can give one or two a day without any worries. The outside is quite hard. This increases the chewing time and makes your dog work harder. This is positive for his oral hygiene.

The brand is a specialist in this type of bone. It sells about twenty references. Do not hesitate to look at the suggested bones by following the link to vary the pleasures.


Dental bones Dentastix de Pedigree

Dental bones Dentastix de Pedigree


  • to be included in your dog’s diet
  • good for your health
  • bones for all sizes of dogs


  • are eaten quickly
  • to be accompanied with a real antler bone

Pedigree Dental Sticks are healthy chewing bones for your dog. They are supposed to significantly reduce the formation of tartar on your pet’s teeth.

Since it is not easy to brush teeth properly and tartar is a basis for many diseases, I have made these bones a part of my dogs’ routine. The manufacturer recommends giving one a day. I, on the other hand, tend to go at a rate of three or four a week.

The virtues for the hygiene and health of dogs are not debatable. There are references for small, medium and large dogs, while the capacity of the cans differs. It’s handy to find a dog bone adapted to your doggie and your finances.

My dogs love them and as soon as I give it to them, they go to the basket to chew it quietly. However, its action is very different from a bone like antler. You can’t count on it to keep your dog busy for hours. In three minutes, he will swallow everything. The bone is more doughy than strong.

For the health of your dog, I recommend that you include Dentastix in your dog’s diet unless you wash his teeth very often (which is the case for few owners, including me). As a complement, take a deer antler bone that will allow him to really enjoy himself and spend time with his stick in his mouth.


How to choose a bone for your dog?

The bone is a great classic among dogs. It’s been many years since owners stopped giving the bones of the chicken eaten by the family to the animal… This reflex was not the idea of the century and choking dogs were not uncommon.

On this chew bone comparator page, several products are not competing, but complementary. As you can see, I use several of these regularly for my dogs.

When choosing your chew bone, you need to determine its use and purpose:

  • Should it keep your dog busy for a long time?
  • Do you want an odourless bone?
  • Is it important to have a bone that is good for his oral hygiene?
  • Do you want a hard bone that can be eaten or a soft bone that can be eaten?

Then other criteria come into play such as size, quantity, taste and price.

Answer these questions and choosing the right bone for your doggie will be much easier.

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