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Comparison of the most beautiful dog boots

Simple desire to dress your pet to be elegant or a necessary accessory to protect its paws, dog boots are very cute. As beautiful as those for children, doggie boots are simple to put on.

We have chosen for you a ranking of the best boots on the market.

Breathable boots for dogs

Breathable boots for dogs

  • elegant
  • anti-slip
  • comfortable
  • perspiration that evacuates quickly
  • reflective stripes

These black boots are very elegant and sober. Black with a trace of paws, these dog boots are anti-slip. This is a strong point since it prevents the dog from slipping on wet floors and in winter.

The opening is wide enough so that the boot can easily be put around the dog’s paw. Initially, your companion will be surprised or even embarrassed, but with such a model, its comfort guarantees that he gets used to it quickly.

Petacc offers this model in 5 different sizes. Of course, each set contains 4 boots. They are fastened with two velcro straps. Tightly fastened, they prevent your dog from losing them while running. However, don’t tighten them too much either, otherwise it can hurt him.

In any case, if your dog can’t stand them, you’ll soon notice: either he’ll sit up and refuse to move forward or he’ll limp.

Summary of customer reviews

On this model of dog boots, owners appreciate the comfort of the mesh material. The dog feels comfortable, perspiration drains off quickly and if the ground is wet, water does not end up clogging the shoe.

Putting on the boots is very easy. With the habit, a few seconds are enough per leg.

The non-slip sole is particularly reassuring for the animal who can run without fear in all weather conditions. The reflective stripes signal its presence to motorists and cyclists.

Thanks to the sizing table, finding the right size boots for the dog is not difficult.


Waterproof dog boots

Waterproof dog boots

  • practical closures
  • beautiful boots
  • inconvenient size table

This second model of the Petacc brand is very close to the previous one. Visually, there is the addition of the brand name.

Petacc proposes on this model a second system to choose the size based on the weight of the dog. We rather prefer the technique of deciding based on the measurements of the animal’s paw.

The soles of the boots are waterproof. You can walk your dog in the rain without his paws getting wet and confined. On the other hand, they should not be immersed, i.e. if you go to the beach with your doggie, don’t let him get into the water with his boots on.

Your canine boots are fastened with two reflective velcro strips.

When the boots are dirty, clean them by hand and let them dry in the open air. This will remove all traces of mud, empty your dog’s hair stuck inside and reduce odours.

Summary of customer reviews

Owners love how easy it is to put them around the animal’s paws. The well worked sole of the boots is really waterproof and all the garbage doesn’t stick to them. It’s really nice to keep dirt out of the house.

Some people buy them for this hygienic side, others for snowy periods or when the animal has a problem with its paw.

Cleaning is mandatory every month or so. However, because of the boot construction and the quality material, it is hassle-free.

The only criticism comes from the difficulty in finding the right size. For this reason, we prefer the first model where the choice is made according to the measurements of your furry companion’s paw.


High boots for dogs perfect in the snow

High boots for dogs perfect in the snow

  • go up high
  • thick
  • conserve heat
  • a little difficult to put on

Snow is aggressive to your pets’ paws. Not all dog breeds are trappers at heart. Prolonged exposure and no drying after the outing will eventually cause painful frostbite for your pet.

These red Pettac boots are specially designed for winter. In fact, you will notice that they rise higher on the leg and are thicker. In the snow, the dog’s paw pads are completely protected as well as a good part of the paws.

They retain a maximum of heat. As for the soles, they do not slip, which is very practical on ice patches that never miss an opportunity to appear.

These winter boots for puppy and dog exist in four sizes.

Summary of customer reviews

Once again, nothing to say about the ergonomics of the boots. Before and after outings, you can easily put them on your pet.

The thickness can be seen at a glance and the dog is well protected from cold and humidity.

On the other hand, because this model is high and slightly padded, it is more difficult to put them on the dog. It is therefore even more important than traditional boots to choose the right size.


Protective boots for dogs

Protective boots for dogs

  • reflective stripes
  • go up high
  • flashy (if you like)
  • difficult to put on

The first product that is not Petacc’s brand, this model of animal boots is flashy. Black with a fluorescent green/yellow, they have reflective stripes to ensure the safety of the animal during outings.

So you can untie your dog in the evening or at night and spot him from far away thanks to these little boots.

They are made to resist water and are perfectly adapted for snow, even if they don’t go up on the leg as high as the previous boots.

Once again, four different boot sizes ensure you find the right size for your pet.

Summary of customer reviews

Magic Zone is a little known brand. However, the boots are very popular. The sizes are well respected which makes the choice easier for the owners.

The boots are high enough to protect the dog, while the reflective stripes manage to increase its visibility. They even make a great effect on the public. Chances are that your doggie’s outings will be noticed by the whole neighborhood.

If you want discretion, don’t choose this model. If you want a fun canine accessory, this is really the best choice.

It takes a little practice to put it on the paws, but after about ten tries, you will master the gesture while your dog will be used to walking with it.


Trixies dog boots

Trixies dog boots

  • sober
  • easy to put on
  • boots sold in pairs!
  • average overall quality

This model of boots is low compared to the products shown on this dog boots comparison. Particularly sober, black and white, the boot has two bands on the top to tighten around the dog’s paw.

It is also the best boot for small dogs since there is a very large choice of sizes with seven measurements.

Summary of customer reviews

Even if, as with all boots, the dog often has difficulty at first, the pair is quick to put on.

Once he accepts it, he walks without any difficulty.

However, there are two major drawbacks to this pair. First, if the price is attractive, it quickly turns out to be a worse deal than expected when we realize that the boots are sold in pairs and not in fours.

Then, quality problems were noted by the owners. For example, the velcro straps wear out quickly. Once they don’t fasten very well, the usefulness of the boot is reduced.

It is therefore a very interesting product for small dogs who will not damage the sole very much and for whom it is sometimes difficult to find the right size. But, do not expect to keep them for long because they will be quickly damaged.


What are the best dog boots?

All the products tested on this boot comparator are worth the effort and the cost. The first two of the Petacc brand seem to us to be very effective for both the owner and the dog.

Quick to put on, waterproof, comfortable, solid, these qualities help your dog to accept them, to evolve with them, and to keep them for many years. This concept of solidity is important because dogs like to have their own habits.

They feel better in boots that have their own scent and are made to fit the shape of their paw.

For the winter, high boots and a good dog coat are preferable if you are going to the mountains. For a few outings under the snow, the classics are enough, but not for two weeks at the ski resort. Don’t forget that the price of dog boots will be quickly amortized if you avoid the cost of a consultation at the veterinarian to treat problems with the pads.

Finally, when you see the last product tested, it seems important to us to recommend that you always buy your dog boots in fours. Can you imagine yourself with a barefoot shoe to walk outside?

Consistency assures the dog a normal gait. He doesn’t limp and each muscle or joint provides the same effort.

So, even if it’s recurrent to switch to buying dog boots when your dog has just had surgery on one leg, use all four of them.

How do I find the right size for my dog?

There is no such thing as a “shoehorn”. However, it is quite easy to find the right size for your pet. Put one of its paws on a white sheet of paper, then with a pencil, go around it. The drawing then allows you to measure the size of your pet’s paws with a ruler.

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